Sumner County Archives

Sumner County Tax Lists 1802-1870 C

NameAcreagePageYearCompany or District
C ? , John17111827Captain Safforence
C(?), George17215911825Captain Martin
C?, John028251868District No. 10
C?ger, Adam25261836District No 19
C?ws, Rainney3407861812Captain Blakemore
C….n, William2034131802Captain Neelie
Ca(?), Wm7461811Captain Shaw
Cabian, Currley1008031812Captain Edward
Cacanep, William10012471817Captain Martin
Cado,704451807Captain Blakemore
Caedwell, Thomas11023971836District No 1
Caffrey, John6405741809Captain Walton
Caffrey, William4321802
Caffrey, William4471807Captain Blakemore
Caffrey, William6931811Captain Blakemore
Cagbell, Charles C8710631815Captain Seawell
Cage & Black4681807Captain McCall
Cage & Davis1 lot25491837District No 4
Cage & Davis1 lot26971844District No 4
Cage & Davis(warehouse)25491837District No 4
Cage & Wise1.52898?District No. ?
Cage & Wise10529081862District No. 6
Cage ? Winchester19811831Captain Andrews
Cage Cook & Co13511820Captain Martin
Cage Junior, John F02898?District No. ?
Cage Sen, Jno F3627881868District No. 6
Cage Senior, John F453.52898?District No. ?
Cage Vaughan & Winchester0.7522151834Captain Bill
Cage Vaughan Winchester21791833Captain Wheelock
Cage, Clint Col902898?District No. ?
Cage, Edward2004471807Captain Blakemore
Cage, Edward1965491809Captain McMurry
Cage, J F26851844District No 7
Cage, Jabob col030281867District No. 5
Cage, Jack col030281867District No. 5
Cage, James265301809Captain McCall
Cage, James26.56431810Captain McCall
Cage, James10261815Captain Green
Cage, James11311816Captain Green
Cage, James12251817Captain Ferrell
Cage, James97514951823Captain Rutherford
Cage, Jesse8121812Captain D Green
Cage, Jesse8171812Captain David Green
Cage, Jesse10261815Captain Green
Cage, Jesse11311816Captain Green
Cage, Jesse42712251817Captain Ferrell
Cage, Jesse31013211820Captain Ferrell
Cage, Jesse97514031822Captain Ferrell
Cage, Jesse77017891829Captain Green
Cage, Jesse77019021830Captain Green
Cage, Jesse80321131833Captain Green
Cage, Jesse54423451835Captain Green
Cage, Jesse5442429-311836District No 6
Cage, Jesse54525891837District No 6
Cage, Jesse27031844District No 6
Cage, Jessee6681810Captain Payton
Cage, jessee7091811Captain Green
Cage, Jessee9431813Captain Green
Cage, Jessee77015731825Captain McCain
Cage, Jessee76020291831Captain Green
Cage, Jessee030421870District No. 5
Cage, Jim83222371834Captain Green
Cage, Jno F63.529081862District No. 6
Cage, Jno F3629091869District No. 6
Cage, Jno O22151834Captain Bill
Cage, Joel col9127881868District No. 6
Cage, John3951802Captain Green
Cage, John12020791831
Cage, John Jr.5331809Captain Charlton
Cage, John O25491837District No 4
Cage, Loflen10261815Captain Green
Cage, Loftan8111812Captain D Green
Cage, Loftan3008161812Captain David Green
Cage, Loften3209431813Captain Green
Cage, Lofton6301810Captain Cook
Cage, Marcus W22151834Captain Bill
Cage, Mary C4629091869District No. 6
Cage, Mrs Julia02898?District No. ?
Cage, Mrs Julia5929161869District No. 7
Cage, Mrs Julia G029081862District No. 6
Cage, Mrs Mary C4627881868District No. 6
Cage, O John4 lots24131836District No 4
Cage, O John & Co2 lots24131836District No 4
Cage, Orvel27031844District No 6
Cage, Pulaski8111812Captain D Green
Cage, R6626681810Captain Payton
Cage, Reuben1563961802Captain Green
Cage, Reuben9773961802Captain Green
Cage, Reuben1565661809Captain Rawling?
Cage, Reuben2125661809Captain Rawling?
Cage, Reuben25014031822Captain Ferrell
Cage, Reuben25020291831Captain Green
Cage, Reuben25021131833Captain Green
Cage, Reuben23061834
Cage, Reuben25025891837District No 6
Cage, Reuben27031844District No 6
Cage, Reubin8111812Captain D Green
Cage, Reubin2208151812Captain David Green
Cage, Reubin2308151812Captain David Green
Cage, Reubin52010261815Captain Green
Cage, Ruben4507091811Captain Green
Cage, Ruben2209431813Captain Green
Cage, Ruben52011311816Captain Green
Cage, Ruben22012251817Captain Ferrell
Cage, Ruben25013211820Captain Ferrell
Cage, Ruben25015731825Captain McCain
Cage, Ruben25017891829Captain Green
Cage, Ruben25019011830Captain Green
Cage, Ruben22011833
Cage, Ruben25022371834Captain Green
Cage, ruben25023451835Captain Green
Cage, Rubin25014951823Captain Rutherford
Cage, Rubin2502429-311836District No 6
Cage, Warner col030281867District No. 5
Cage, Warren col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Cage, William3204551807Captain Charlton
Cage, William3307911812Captain Blythe
Cage, William9051812
Cage, William3309211813Captain Blythe
Cage, William332.510071815Captain Blythe
Cage, William332.3311391816Captain Key
Cage, William31012251817Captain Ferrell
Cage, William332.512471817Captain Martin
Cage, William33213511820Captain Martin
Cage, William332.514991823Captain Taylor
Cage, William15311825Captain Byrns
Cage, William16441827Captain Blakemore
Cage, William10717981829Captain Haines
Cage, William421791833Captain Wheelock
Cage, William322151834Captain Bill
Cage, William23451835Captain Green
Cage, William2002429-311836District No 6
Cage, William10028401856District No. 17
Cage, William10028801849District No. 17
Cage, William3003971802Captain Green
Cage, William & Co15311825Captain Byrns
Cage, William Jr3305331809Captain Charlton
Cage, William Junr330.756231810Captain Charlton
Cage, William Senr3206671810Captain Payton
Cage, William Senr3007091811Captain Green
Cage, Wilson11011921816Captain White
Cage, Wilson38415231825Captain Branham
Cage, Wilson38416771827Captain Jordan
Cage, Wilson38417981829Captain Haines
Cage, Wilson38419381830Captain Daniels
Cage, Wilson58020541831Captain McDaniel
Cage, Wilson65021121833Captain Gray
Cage, Wilson68122351834Captain Gray
Cage, Wilson60823151835Captain Bell
Cage, Wilson23624091836District No 3
Cage, Wilson40024131836District No 4
Cage, Wilson11625451837District No 3
Cage, Wilson25491837District No 4
Cage, Wilson12626151837District No 11
Cage, Wilson27171844District No 11
Cage, Wm7019391830Captain Daniels
Cage, Wm7019811831Captain Andrews
Cage, Wm G20025891837District No 6
Cage, Wm G27031844District No 6
Cage, Wm Junr330.756871811Captain Barrot
Cage, Wm Sr.3205661809Captain Rawling?
Cages, Hardy M20813611820Captain Saurey
Cages, Jessee77016931827Captain McKarns
Cages, John94.513611820Captain Saurey
Cages, Mary12913611820Captain Saurey
Caggrey?, Wm5261809Captain Blakemore
Cagle, Preston02898?District No. ?
Cahon, Christian10011621816Captain Rice
Caimon, Archibald15020791831
Cain, James16591827Captain Dunn
Cain, James18051829Captain Joyner
Cain, James20441831Captain Jones
Cain, Jas2550018088th District
Cain, Jas2528051868District No. 8
Cain, Josia8401812Captain McCall
Cain, Josia8411812Captain McCall
Cain, Josiah4.29481813Captain McCall
Cain, Nancy0.525641837District No 5
Cairley, William6551810Captain McKleberrey
Cairy, Mary10525411837District No 2
Cairy, Richard8225411837District No 2
Cairy, Thos7025411837District No 2
Calaway, David18631830Captain Anderson
Calder, Wm10020621831Captain McCullough
Caldwall, Hardey9518851830Captain Duffer
Caldwall, William18851830Captain Duffer
Caldwel, Hardy5714341823Captain Davis
Caldwel, Rahab5723421835Captain Groves
Caldwell & Wilks8127441856District No. 3
Caldwell Sr, H64028191856District No. 15
Caldwell, Chas21101833Captain Gray
Caldwell, F P21627721868District No. 3
Caldwell, F T37930161870District No. 3
Caldwell, Hardey10017651829Captain Davis
Caldwell, Hardy13811820Captain Davis
Caldwell, Hardy5614311823Captain Davis
Caldwell, Hardy9520241831Captain Duffer
Caldwell, Hardy9521081833Captain Gilliam
Caldwell, J W10728191856District No. 15
Caldwell, James13151820Captain Bandy
Caldwell, James14151822Captain Bandy
Caldwell, James14911823Captain Preston
Caldwell, James16041825Captain Preston
Caldwell, John22511101816Captain Armfield
Caldwell, Mrs Rahab5725291836District No 20
Caldwell, Rahab5516291826Captain McGlothlin
Caldwell, Rahab5516351827Captain Bradley
Caldwell, Rahab5517521829Captain Anderson
Caldwell, Rahab5521731833Captain Turner
Caldwell, Rahab5725331836District No 20
Caldwell, Rahab5726771837District No 20
Caldwell, Rahal5020371831Captain Turner
Caldwell, Ruben C5515841825Captain McGlothlin
Caldwell, Seath8951812Captain Simpson
Caldwell, Sindarilla25451837District No 3
Caldwell, William17651829Captain Davis
Caldwell, William20241831Captain Duffer
Caldwell, William5021081833Captain Gilliam
Caldwell,John22512101817Captain Armfield
Calender, C W13627511856District No. 7
Calender, C W32227971868District No. 7
Calender, C W32429161869District No. 7
Calga, Hugh152 & 12.5 lots25851838District No 5
Calgah, Hue heirs22029181862District No. 17
Calgak, Hugh heirs22031131870District No. 17
Calgay, Dan030131866District No. 5
Calgay, Mary364 & 5 lots30131866District No. 5
Calgay, Willi030131866District No. 5
Calgy, Bob col028331868District No. 11
Calgy, D & Wcalgy, Mrs Mary364 & 6 lots29581865District No. 5
Calgy, Dan030421870District No. 5
Calgy, Dan ?8029581865District No. 5
Calgy, Daniel027951856District No. 14
Calgy, Hugh027951856District No. 14
Calgy, Hugh23028801849District No. 17
Calgy, Hugh heirs25028401856District No. 17
Calgy, M N027951856District No. 14
Calgy, Marey36527951856District No. 14
Calgy, Mrs Mary365 & 1 lot30421870District No. 5
Calgy, William030421870District No. 5
Calhoun, Ewing F10022151834Captain Bill
Callas, William10023431835Captain Groves
Callaway, David14191823Captain Blakemore
Calles, Daniel G26031837District No 9
Callies, Daniel22891834Captain Watkins
Calling, Abner5621809Captain Preston
Callis, Daniel20991833Captain Clindining
Callis, Daniel24531836District No 9
Callis, James23891835Captain Watkins
Callis, James028181868District No. 10
Callis, Janice028161868District No. 9
Callis, John50718088th District
Callis, John028171868District No. 10
Callis, John030691870District No. 9
Callis, William19331830Captain McCullough
Callis, William10025181836District No 18
Callis, Wm17591829Captain Brizenden
Callis, Wm10021401833Captain McCullough
Callis, Wm10022751834Captain Spradling
Callon, Alexander4016931827Captain McKarns
Calloway, Davd13341820Captain Horsley
Calloway, David16771827Captain Jordan
Calloway, Jas22251834Captain Dickerson
Callus, Daniel G20441831Captain Jones
Cally, Joseph22071834Captain Baskerville
Cally, Joseph10023181835Captain Baskerville
Caloway, David21681833Captain Smith
Caloway, David10024021836District No 2
Caloway, David10025411837District No 2
Calsen, Frances11236601810Captain Montgomery
Calvin, Frances83410511815Captain Montgomery
Calwell, Hardy9771813Captain Simpson
Calwell, James9771813Captain Simpson
Calwell, John2255441809Captain Greer's old
Cambbell, Colen17471826Captain McNeil
Cambbell, James5017461826Captain McNeil
Cambel, Collen11211816Captain Dobbins
Cambell Snr, John25519911831Captain Baskerville
Cambell, Coleman20871833Captain Baskerville
Cambell, Colin9551813Captain McMurry
Cambell, Colin15516971827Captain McNeil
Cambell, Colin15519911831Captain Baskerville
Cambell, Colin Senr25514481823Captain Freeland
Cambell, David9831813Captain Thompson
Cambell, David10721815Captain Thompson
Cambell, James15871825Captain McNeal
Cambell, Joseph9431813Captain Green
Cambell, Margaret15019911831Captain Baskerville
Cambell, Robert9421813Captain Green
Cambers, Elisha605391809Captain Geo Black
Cambill, David7061811Captain Cantrell
Camel, James5018091829Captain Key
Cammel, William309631813Captain Lauderdale
Cammit, Thomas9211813Captain Blythe
Camp, Nancy623671835Captain Parker
Camp, Sarah5.519411830Captain Rascoe
Camp, William17081827Captain Rucker
Campbel, Colen8471812Captain McMurry
Campbel, George030131866District No. 5
Campbel, Thos col030421870District No. 5
Campbell Jr, Colin15522071834Captain Baskerville
Campbell Jr, Colin15523171835Captain Baskerville
Campbell Sr, Colin25519511830Captain Tinnen
Campbell Sr, Colin40522071834Captain Baskerville
Campbell, Colen23312211817Captain Dobbins
Campbell, Colen15518291829Captain Turner
Campbell, Colen25521121833Captain Gray
Campbell, Colen25026671837District No 18
Campbell, Colin25513311820
Campbell, Colin14501823Captain Freeland
Campbell, Colin25515811825Captain McGlothlin
Campbell, Colin25516991827Captain McNeil
Campbell, Colin25518381829
Campbell, Colin15519511830Captain Tinnen
Campbell, Colin40523661835Captain Parker
Campbell, Colin15524741836District No 12
Campbell, Colin25525181836District No 18
Campbell, Colin15526181837District No 12
Campbell, Colland15871825Captain McNeal
Campbell, Collin22528801849District No. 17
Campbell, Colon15527791856District No. 12
Campbell, Daniel14341823Captain Davis
Campbell, Daniel030041866District No. 12
Campbell, Daniel028541868District No. 12
Campbell, Daniel029231869District No. 12
Campbell, David6181810Captain Cantrell
Campbell, David030041866District No. 12
Campbell, David028541868District No. 12
Campbell, David029231869District No. 12
Campbell, Ethel029231869District No. 12
Campbell, Ethelbert030041866District No. 12
Campbell, Ethelbert028541868District No. 12
Campbell, Geo029581865District No. 5
Campbell, George3931802Captain Bruce
Campbell, Hugh504371807Captain Anderson
Campbell, J H029091869District No. 6
Campbell, James1004681807Captain McCall
Campbell, James5016311826Captain McGlothlin
Campbell, James027441856District No. 3
Campbell, James15528541868District No. 12
Campbell, James15529231869District No. 12
Campbell, James adm13029231869District No. 12
Campbell, Jas15530041866District No. 12
Campbell, Jehosephat5016991827Captain McNeil
Campbell, Jehoshaphat5015811825Captain McGlothlin
Campbell, John028321868District No. 11
Campbell, Joseph10131815Captain Crockett
Campbell, Joseph11311816Captain Green
Campbell, Joseph12271817Captain Ferrell
Campbell, Littleton col030421870District No. 5
Campbell, Margaret15018381829
Campbell, Margaret16621121833Captain Gray
Campbell, Margaret15025181836District No 18
Campbell, Margaret15028401856District No. 17
Campbell, Margaret15028801849District No. 17
Campbell, Margeret15019511830Captain Tinnen
Campbell, Margret5029181862District No. 17
Campbell, Mary15026671837District No 18
Campbell, Owen44681807Captain McCall
Campbell, Owen45301809Captain McCall
Campbell, Robert6341810Captain Edwards
Campbell, Robert15391825Captain Duffer
Campbell, Robert17731829Captain Duffer
Campbell, Thomas4681807Captain McCall
Campbell, Thomas1 lot7651810
Campbell, William4681807Captain McCall
Campbell, William308271812Captain Lauderdale
Campbell, William8311812Captain Lauderdale
Campbell, William3010381815Captain Lauderdale
Campbell, William3011451816Captain Lauderdale
Campbell, William5912851817Captain Lauderdale
Campbell, William13311820
Campbell, William030041866District No. 12
Campbell, Wm6441810Captain McCall
Campbell, Wm028241868District No. 10
Campbell, Wm C4628541868District No. 12
Campbell, Wm C2629231869District No. 12
Campble, Hugh6301810Captain Cook
Campble, Hugh7011811Captain Cook
Campble, Robert4831807Captain Montgomery
Campble, Thomas7041811Captain Cook
Camplin, Henry10024591836District No 10
Campling, Henry21201833Captain Hollis
Campling, Henry22451834Captain Jackson
Can ? , James15519971831Captain Brown
Canada Jr, William031321870District No. 16
Canada, Samuel029181862District No. 17
Canada, Samuel031321870District No. 16
Canaday, Wm15023731835Captain Peters
Canawy, Patrick029651869District No. 19
Candler, Anderson11261816Captain Elliott
Cane, Nancy0.2524191836District No 5
Canel, James8591811Captain Seual
Canida, John030131866District No. 5
Caniday, Jr, William029441869District No. 16
Caniday, Samuel029441869District No. 16
Canile, Robert10012471817Captain Martin
Cann, W B2 lots28321868District No. 11
Cannon, Arch7030161870District No. 3
Cannon, Archy5029781865District No. 13
Cannon, Archy5030411867District No. 13
Cannon, Berry030411867District No. 13
Cannon, D estate3129861865District No. 15
Cannon, David18801830Captain Carr
Cannon, David10019991831Captain Brown
Cannon, David10020031831Captain Brown
Cannon, David10022671834Captain Rickman
Cannon, David10023781835Captain Rickman
Cannon, David10024961836District No 15
Cannon, David10026391837District No 14
Cannon, David est3731001870District No. 15
Cannon, Simon19991831Captain Brown
Cannon, Tilford & Amun D17031827Captain Marlin
Cannon, Tilmon18801830Captain Carr
Cannon, Tilmon720671831Captain Robertson
Cannon, Tilmon24961836District No 15
Cannon, Tilmon2529791865District No. 13
Cannon, Tilmon2530411867District No. 13
Cannon, William6431810Captain McCall
Cannon? est3728711868District No. 15
Canon, Arch027721868District No. 3
Canon, James1004041802Captain Hankin
Canter, Benjeman8821812Captain Sowell
Canter, Ritchard2513461820Captain Sarver
Canthy, Alexander8591811Captain Seual
Cantrel, Levie20029181862District No. 17
Cantrel, Stanton26229181862District No. 17
Cantrel, Steven O02898?District No. ?
Cantrel, William6002898?District No. ?
Cantrele, Stephen5004951807Captain Walton
Cantrele, Stephen3204951807Captain Walton
Cantrell & Allen, J D1629101869District No. 6
Cantrell Z F12728051868District No. 8
Cantrell Z P21131833Captain Green
Cantrell, Allen (col.)50718088th District
Cantrell, Allen col028031868District No. 7
Cantrell, Bill col028031868District No. 7
Cantrell, C029581865District No. 5
Cantrell, C C029081862District No. 6
Cantrell, C C030421870District No. 5
Cantrell, C George60022711834Captain Shannon
Cantrell, Clinton64021201833Captain Hollis
Cantrell, D H40025891837District No 6
Cantrell, D H28327601856District No. 8
Cantrell, D H36328051868District No. 8
Cantrell, Darby F324.522371834Captain Green
Cantrell, Darby H17891829Captain Green
Cantrell, Darby H14419021830Captain Green
Cantrell, Darby H14320291831Captain Green
Cantrell, Darby H324.7521131833Captain Green
Cantrell, Darby H36223451835Captain Green
Cantrell, Darby K3632429-311836District No 6
Cantrell, Frank col030281867District No. 5
Cantrell, G C32519021830Captain Green
Cantrell, Geo C64024491836District No 8
Cantrell, Geo C27011844District No 8
Cantrell, George C64023821835Captain Shannon
Cantrell, H C13929101869District No. 6
Cantrell, J F12127601856District No. 8
Cantrell, J W14829101869District No. 6
Cantrell, J.F.12750018088th District
Cantrell, Jno50014931823Captain Rutherford
Cantrell, Levi10028401856District No. 17
Cantrell, Levi20031131870District No. 17
Cantrell, Many32519021830Captain Green
Cantrell, Marry75017901829Captain Green
Cantrell, Nathan (col.)50718088th District
Cantrell, Nathan col028031868District No. 7
Cantrell, Ned (col.)50718088th District
Cantrell, Ned col028031868District No. 7
Cantrell, Oaty8981812Captain Cantrell
Cantrell, S O029091869District No. 6
Cantrell, Stanton7528401856District No. 17
Cantrell, Stanton25331131870District No. 17
Cantrell, Stephen5004281802Captain Whitsitt
Cantrell, Stephen3204281802Captain Whitsitt
Cantrell, Stephen8205741809Captain Walton
Cantrell, Stephen8206171810Captain Cantrell
Cantrell, Stephen8207061811Captain Cantrell
Cantrell, Stephen8981812Captain Cantrell
Cantrell, Stephen8008991812Captain Cantrell
Cantrell, Stephen8209841813Captain Thompson
Cantrell, Stephen102013411820Captain Hogan
Cantrell, Stephen75014651823Captain Kennedy
Cantrell, Stephen95015991825Captain Perry
Cantrell, Stephen90016731827Captain Joiner
Cantrell, Stephen heirs15017891829Captain Green
Cantrell, Stephen Senr104011771816Captain Thompson
Cantrell, Stephen Senr104012771817Captain Patton
Cantrell, Trav (col.)50718088th District
Cantrell, Trav col028031868District No. 7
Cantrell, William16951827Captain McKarns
Cantrell, William50017891829Captain Green
Cantrell, William50019021830Captain Green
Cantrell, William50020291831Captain Green
Cantrell, William53021131833Captain Green
Cantrell, William53022371834Captain Green
Cantrell, William53023451835Captain Green
Cantrell, William5102429-311836District No 6
Cantrell, William60025891837District No 6
Cantrell, Wm13751820Captain Winham
Cantrell, Wm27031844District No 6
Cantrell, Wm60029081862District No. 6
Cantrell, Wm. (col.)50718088th District
Cantrell, Z P22371834Captain Green
Cantrell, Z P23451835Captain Green
Cantrell, Z P27011844District No 8
Cantrell, Z P24127601856District No. 8
Cantrell, Z P & D H16027601856District No. 8
Cantrell, Z P & G C79625991837District No 8
Cantrell, Zebulon P2429-311836District No 6
Cantrill, C C & H C admin027881868District No. 6
Cantrill, H C9227881868District No. 6
Cantrill, Stephen C027881868District No. 6
Cantrill, Wm dec41827881868District No. 6
Cape, Ritchard23713481820Captain Kirby
Capi, Ritchard22012301817Captain Harris
Capp, James1608811812Captain Sowell
Capps, Willie12019601830Captain Vinsin
Caps, Ewington26711837District No 19
Caps, Joel27411101816Captain Armfield
Caps, John26711837District No 19
Caps, Nancy12026711837District No 19
Caps, Nancy12028501856District No. 18
Caps, William208211812Captain Henry Hamilton
Caps, William8231812Captain Henry Hamilton
Caps, William209451813Captain Hamilton
Caps, William2010341815Captain Hamilton
Caps, William2011101816Captain Armfield
Caps, William2012101817Captain Armfield
Caps, William7015331825Captain Dickey
Caps, William12016631827Captain Frazor
Caps, William12017951829Captain Guthrey
Caps, William12020341831Captain Guthrey
Caps, William12821321833Captain Jackson
Caps, William12022451834Captain Jackson
Caps, Willm2013071820Captain Armfield
Caps, Wm2014071823Captain Armfield
Caps, Wm2014111823Captain Armfield
Car(?), James9010631815Captain Seawell
Car, Aaron adm029441869District No. 16
Car, Jas030951870District No. 14
Car, John18091829Captain Key
Car, John G20481831Captain Keys
Car, Ruben col030281867District No. 5
Carah, Sarah5029441869District No. 16
Card, John17031827Captain Marlin
Carder, Lewie19141830Captain Jackson
Carder, William11817091827Captain Rucker
Carder, William5019141830Captain Jackson
Cardewell, Wilson4312801817Captain White
Cardle, Thos20191831Captain Byrn
Cardwall, Thomas6951811Captain Black
Cardwall, Wilson6951811Captain Black
Cardwell, (?)6141810Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, D029391862District No. 19
Cardwell, D5329461862District No. 19
Cardwell, Dudley10029651869District No. 19
Cardwell, James5391809Captain Geo Black
Cardwell, James6091810Captain Black
Cardwell, James9011812Captain William Alexander
Cardwell, James9171813Captain Blackemon
Cardwell, Nelson13331820Captain Horsley
Cardwell, Nelson14221823Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Nelson15071823Captain Wallace
Cardwell, Nelson15531825Captain Haynie
Cardwell, Nelson15651825Captain Lauderdale
Cardwell, Nelson18741830Captain Byrn
Cardwell, Richard W9171813Captain Blackemon
Cardwell, T029391862District No. 19
Cardwell, T G22251834Captain Dickerson
Cardwell, Tho11022251834Captain Dickerson
Cardwell, thomas5391809Captain Geo Black
Cardwell, Thomas7901812Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Thomas9171813Captain Blackemon
Cardwell, Thomas11012791817Captain White
Cardwell, Thomas11013331820Captain Horsley
Cardwell, Thomas11014251823Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Thomas11015531825Captain Haynie
Cardwell, Thomas11017231827Captain Turner
Cardwell, Thomas11018621830Captain Anderson
Cardwell, Thomas11019931831Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Thos6091810Captain Black
Cardwell, Thos10051815Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Thos11014201823Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Thos11017531829Captain Anderson
Cardwell, Thos11021671833Captain Smith
Cardwell, Thos110.2525371837District No 1
Cardwell, Thos4228601856District No. 19
Cardwell, Thos5129461862District No. 19
Cardwell, Thos10029651869District No. 19
Cardwell, W W71.527881868District No. 6
Cardwell, W W7129091869District No. 6
Cardwell, William7901812Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, William17231827Captain Turner
Cardwell, William N18631830Captain Anderson
Cardwell, William N22211834Captain Bryson
Cardwell, Wilson9011812Captain William Alexander
Cardwell, Wilson10051815Captain Blakemore
Cardwell, Wm17531829Captain Anderson
Cardwell, Wm21681833Captain Smith
Cardwell, Wm25371837District No 1
Cardwell, Wm027511856District No. 7
Cardwell, Wm029651869District No. 19
Cardwell, Wm M20201831Captain Byrn
Cardwell, Wm N15531825Captain Haynie
Careaness, William10011731816Captain Swainey
Carel, ?22751834Captain Spradling
Careless, Benjamin11212441817Captain McElurath
Careley, Wm7411811Captain Seawell
Careter, Carles T19931831Captain Blakemore
Carethers, Hugh1004681807Captain McCall
Carethers, Hugh1006301810Captain Cook
Carethers, James1004221802Captain Vinson
Carethers, James1006301810Captain Cook
Carethers, Robert3726301810Captain Cook
Carethers, Robert J6301810Captain Cook
Carethers, Thomas1006301810Captain Cook
Carethers,William C6301810Captain Cook
Carethurs, Joseph030141866District No. 5
Carey James7901812Captain Blakemore
Carey, B B027621868District No. 2
Carey, Betsey7217231827Captain Turner
Carey, G C2830031870District No. 2
Carey, J G1627621868District No. 2
Carey, J H D17231827Captain Turner
Carey, James4404451807Captain Blakemore
Carey, James4405251809Captain Blakemore
Carey, James4406911811Captain Blakemore
Carey, James44010031815Captain Blakemore
Carey, James44012811817Captain White
Carey, James44014241823Captain Blakemore
Carey, James14527521868District No. 1
Carey, John13361820Captain Horsley
Carey, John14241823Captain Blakemore
Carey, John H D44015511825Captain Haynie
Carey, Marey7223861835Captain Taylor
Carey, Nancy11017231827Captain Turner
Carey, Nancy7217561829Captain Anderson
Carey, Nancy7018611830Captain Anderson
Carey, P H2127621868District No. 2
Carey, Polley3617231827Captain Turner
Carey, Polly7422251834Captain Dickerson
Carey, Richard7901812Captain Blakemore
Carey, Richard10041815Captain Blakemore
Carey, Richard15511825Captain Haynie
Carey, Richard8717231827Captain Turner
Carey, Richard22251834Captain Dickerson
Carey, Richard8224011836District No 2
Carey, Tho7022251834Captain Dickerson
Carey, Thomas7901812Captain Blakemore
Carey, Thomas14241823Captain Blakemore
Carey, Thomas15511825Captain Haynie
Carey, Thomas7217231827Captain Turner
Carey, Thomas7018611830Captain Anderson
Carey, Thomas7019931831Captain Blakemore
Carey, Thomas7024011836District No 2
Carey, Thos10041815Captain Blakemore
Carey, Thos13361820Captain Horsley
Carey, Thos7021681833Captain Smith
Carithers, James heirs10012371817Captain Hodge
Carithers, James heirs10013311820
Carithers, James heirs10016111825Captain Tompkins
Carithers, Robert heirs10016111825Captain Tompkins
Carithers, Robt heirs10012371817Captain Hodge
Carithers, Thomas10012371817Captain Hodge
Carkin, Newton9711813Captain Servor
Carland, John10071815Captain Blythe
Carle, D R25211836District No 19
Carle, James H25211836District No 19
Carle, John N25211836District No 19
Carless, Benjamin8213731820Captain Winham
Carless, Benjamin12016181825Captain Wallace
Carless, Benjamin12016551827Captain Douglass
Carless, Benjamin31018261829Captain Rasco
Carless, Benjamin34320661831Captain Rascoe
Carley, Henrey11171816Captain Carr
Carley, Henry9312141817Captain Carr
Carlisle, Thomas9301813Captain Crocket
Carlisle, Thomas10731815Captain Wallace
Carloss, Benjamin W34621291833Captain Ireland
Carloss, T C028251868District No. 10
Carly, James35526471837District No 15
Carman, Archibald13871820Captain Watkins
Carman, Archibald10015591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Carman, Archibald15016731827Captain Joiner
Carman, Cyrus col027581868District No. 1
Carman, John col027581868District No. 1
Carman, Jonathan R26031837District No 9
Carmichal, Archy9721813Captain Servor
Carmon, H ?028051868District No. 8
Carmon, John24531836District No 9
Carmon, R50018088th District
Carmon, R028051868District No. 8
Carn, James8591811Captain Seual
Carn, John8591811Captain Seual
Carn, King8591811Captain Seual
Carnel, Colin7810431815Captain McMurry
Carney Jnr, Joshua17018611830Captain Anderson
Carney Jr, John25451837District No 3
Carney Jun, Joshua13018891830Captain Duffer
Carney Senr, Joshua13019731831Captain Alexander
Carney Sr, John25451837District No 3
Carney, Chilton17531829Captain Anderson
Carney, Daniel15391825Captain Duffer
Carney, Daniel17731829Captain Duffer
Carney, Daniel18891830Captain Duffer
Carney, Daniel19731831Captain Alexander
Carney, Daniel24321751833Captain Walton
Carney, Daniel24322851834Captain Walton
Carney, Daniel24323971836District No 1
Carney, Danniel25371837District No 1
Carney, Danul24323571835Captain Walton
Carney, F G18891830Captain Duffer
Carney, F G19731831Captain Alexander
Carney, F J027971868District No. 7
Carney, F J029161869District No. 7
Carney, Francis G15391825Captain Duffer
Carney, Francis G17731829Captain Duffer
Carney, Francis G21751833Captain Walton
Carney, Francis G22851834Captain Walton
Carney, Francis G23571835Captain Walton
Carney, J25371837District No 1
Carney, Jasckerd23971836District No 1
Carney, Jasua11691816Captain Smith
Carney, John23881835Captain Taylor
Carney, John2024091836District No 3
Carney, John229581865District No. 5
Carney, Joshua12671817Captain Smith
Carney, Joshua17017231827Captain Turner
Carney, Joshua17017531829Captain Anderson
Carney, Joshua17019951831Captain Blakemore
Carney, Joshua10021691833Captain Smith
Carney, Joshua10022251834Captain Dickerson
Carney, Joshua2830031870District No. 2
Carney, Joshua Junr15391825Captain Duffer
Carney, Joshua Senr13015391825Captain Duffer
Carney, Josiah13017731829Captain Duffer
Carney, Marey10524011836District No 2
Carney, Mary10525411837District No 2
Carney, Saml24091836District No 3
Carney, Saml1225451837District No 3
Carney, Samuel23881835Captain Taylor
Carney, Shelton33.3315521825Captain Haynie
Carney, Shelton18611830Captain Anderson
Carney, Shelton19951831Captain Blakemore
Carney, Shelton21751833Captain Walton
Carny, Joshua13831820Captain Walton
Carothers heirs10017851829Captain Fulton
Carothers, Ezekial16810791815
Carothers, Ezekial1681103C1815
Carothers, Hugh1007011811Captain Cook
Carothers, James1007011811Captain Cook
Carothers, Robert2727011811Captain Cook
Carothers, Robert Jr.7981812Captain Cook
Carothers, Thomas1007011811Captain Cook
Carothers, Thomas1681103C1815
Carothers, Thos16810791815
Carothhers, William7981812Captain Cook
Carpenter, C027801868District No. 4
Carpenter, C029011869District No. 4
Carpenter, Loucinda1 lot30331870District No. 4
Carpy, Joshua13014391823Captain Donoho
Carr Jr, Richard20681831Captain Robertson
Carr Jr, Richard7324961836District No 15
Carr Jr, Wm12523731835Captain Peters
Carr Junr, John15026391837District No 14
Carr King22310111815Captain Carr
Carr Senr, Richard7122591834Captain Pyles
Carr senr, Richd15026391837District No 14
Carr Snr, John22022341834Captain Gray
Carr Sr, Richard13720681831Captain Robertson
Carr Sr, Richard13023731835Captain Peters
Carr Sr, Richard15024961836District No 15
Carr Sr, William47517031827Captain Marlin
Carr, A M15024961836District No 15
Carr, A M15026391837District No 14
Carr, And M15021521833Captain Meador
Carr, Anderson6871811Captain Barrot
Carr, Anderson col030491867District No. 13
Carr, Anderson col028621868District No. 12
Carr, Andrew13591820Captain Rhoads
Carr, Andrew26391837District No 14
Carr, Andrew M10014831823Captain Martin
Carr, Andrew M10015911825Captain Martin
Carr, Andrew M10017061827Captain Marlin
Carr, Andrew M10018211829Captain Robertson
Carr, Andrew M10019461830Captain Robertson
Carr, Andrew M10020681831Captain Robertson
Carr, Andrew M15022591834Captain Pyles
Carr, Andrew M15023731835Captain Peters
Carr, Ann15920901833Captain Rickman
Carr, Ann15922671834Captain Rickman
Carr, Ann15923781835Captain Rickman
Carr, Anna15926391837District No 14
Carr, Anny15924961836District No 15
Carr, Brice M26181837District No 12
Carr, Bruce M24741836District No 12
Carr, C W25424131836District No 4
Carr, Cage17891829Captain Green
Carr, Cage19021830Captain Green
Carr, Cage21961833Captain Wilkerson
Carr, Cage6523131835Captain Bell
Carr, D M030041866District No. 12
Carr, D M028541868District No. 12
Carr, D M029231869District No. 12
Carr, Elisha18221829Captain Robertson
Carr, Elisha19461830Captain Robertson
Carr, Elizabeth027671856District No. 10
Carr, Golbert1450018088th District
Carr, J C28017981829Captain Haines
Carr, J C29719381830Captain Daniels
Carr, J C24131836District No 4
Carr, J D029781865District No. 13
Carr, J S21527791856District No. 12
Carr, J T38426391837District No 14
Carr, J W029861865District No. 15
Carr, James1605511809Captain Mickbarey
Carr, James1606551810Captain McKleberrey
Carr, James1609671813Captain Seawell
Carr, James16010631815Captain Seawell
Carr, James16011651816Captain Seawell
Carr, James16012631817Captain Seawell
Carr, James21514631823Captain Glover
Carr, James21515551825Captain Keesee
Carr, James21516511827Captain Carr
Carr, James21517621829Captain Carr
Carr, James21518781830Captain Carr
Carr, James19281830Captain Fulton
Carr, James21519971831Captain Brown
Carr, James21520011831Captain Brown
Carr, James027981868District No. 7
Carr, James029161869District No. 7
Carr, James C14831823Captain Martin
Carr, James C15911825Captain Martin
Carr, James C29719811831Captain Andrews
Carr, James C21801833Captain Wheelock
Carr, James C23151835Captain Bell
Carr, James D14831823Captain Martin
Carr, James Jr1604441807Captain Ball
Carr, Jas C25491837District No 4
Carr, Jason15551825Captain Keesee
Carr, Jason16511827Captain Carr
Carr, Jason17621829Captain Carr
Carr, Jason18781830Captain Carr
Carr, Jason112.520011831Captain Brown
Carr, Jekamean23971836District No 1
Carr, Jewel16051825Captain Robertson
Carr, Jno5714201823Captain Blakemore
Carr, Jno20011831Captain Brown
Carr, Jno22021091833Captain Gray
Carr, Jno T15017061827Captain Marlin
Carr, Johan4705511809Captain Mickbarey
Carr, John2004371807Captain Anderson
Carr, John2006551810Captain McKleberrey
Carr, John200771a1811
Carr, John2008811812Captain Sowell
Carr, John2009671813Captain Seawell
Carr, John20010111815Captain Carr
Carr, John20011171816Captain Carr
Carr, John20012141817Captain Carr
Carr, John21313311820
Carr, John6714231823Captain Blakemore
Carr, John22016121825Captain Tompkins
Carr, John16511827Captain Carr
Carr, John22016991827Captain McNeil
Carr, John17621829Captain Carr
Carr, John22017861829Captain Fulton
Carr, John18781830Captain Carr
Carr, John22018981830Captain Fulton
Carr, John22019271830Captain Fulton
Carr, John19971831Captain Brown
Carr, John5522671834Captain Rickman
Carr, John22023181835Captain Baskerville
Carr, John5523781835Captain Rickman
Carr, John22024741836District No 12
Carr, John15024961836District No 15
Carr, John10524961836District No 15
Carr, John21426181837District No 12
Carr, John10526401837District No 14
Carr, John6526971844District No 4
Carr, John029161869District No. 7
Carr, John Capt2007411811Captain Seawell
Carr, John D43030411867District No. 13
Carr, John F12013591820Captain Rhoads
Carr, John G19251830Captain Key
Carr, John junior9671813Captain Seawell
Carr, John S4720861833Captain Baskerville
Carr, John S23526181837District No 12
Carr, John S45027791856District No. 12
Carr, John S12027901856District No. 13
Carr, John S63029781865District No. 13
Carr, John S030411867District No. 13
Carr, John T3411171816Captain Carr
Carr, John T1412141817Captain Carr
Carr, John T22014831823Captain Martin
Carr, John T10015571825Captain Keesee
Carr, John T5316971827Captain McNeil
Carr, John T14018221829Captain Robertson
Carr, John T14019461830Captain Robertson
Carr, John T15020681831Captain Robertson
Carr, John T27821521833Captain Meador
Carr, John T28022591834Captain Pyles
Carr, John T28023731835Captain Peters
Carr, John T23524741836District No 12
Carr, John T28424961836District No 15
Carr, John T & Jam Cronn22071834Captain Baskerville
Carr, Jomdin17641829Captain Carr
Carr, Jonathan23731835Captain Peters
Carr, Jonathan24181836District No 5
Carr, Jonathen22591834Captain Pyles
Carr, Jordan112.520021831Captain Brown
Carr, Jordan22522671834Captain Rickman
Carr, Jorden112.519991831Captain Brown
Carr, Josiah7191811Captain McCall
Carr, Jourdan18801830Captain Carr
Carr, Jourdan22520901833Captain Rickman
Carr, Jourdan22523781835Captain Rickman
Carr, Jourdan27524961836District No 15
Carr, Jourdan23426391837District No 14
Carr, Junr, Richd7126391837District No 14
Carr, King1754371807Captain Anderson
Carr, King2205511809Captain Mickbarey
Carr, King2236551810Captain McKleberrey
Carr, King1607411811Captain Seawell
Carr, King2238811812Captain Sowell
Carr, King2239671813Captain Seawell
Carr, King22313591820Captain Rhoads
Carr, King21313661820Captain Seawell
Carr, King22314831823Captain Martin
Carr, King22315911825Captain Martin
Carr, King29817031827Captain Marlin
Carr, King29818221829Captain Robertson
Carr, King30018801830Captain Carr
Carr, King Jun11171816Captain Carr
Carr, King Jun12141817Captain Carr
Carr, King Sen22311171816Captain Carr
Carr, King Sen22312141817Captain Carr
Carr, Manerva6525491837District No 4
Carr, Minerva6524131836District No 4
Carr, Reuben col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Carr, Richard1794371807Captain Anderson
Carr, Richard2575511809Captain Mickbarey
Carr, Richard2576551810Captain McKleberrey
Carr, Richard2578821812Captain Sowell
Carr, Richard2579671813Captain Seawell
Carr, Richard25710111815Captain Carr
Carr, Richard25711171816Captain Carr
Carr, Richard25712141817Captain Carr
Carr, Richard25713591820Captain Rhoads
Carr, Richard12514831823Captain Martin
Carr, Richard13015911825Captain Martin
Carr, Richard15017031827Captain Marlin
Carr, Richard15018211829Captain Robertson
Carr, Richard18231829Captain Robertson
Carr, Richard19461830Captain Robertson
Carr, Richard13719461830Captain Robertson
Carr, Richard7121511833Captain Meador
Carr, Richard15721511833Captain Meador
Carr, Richard15722591834Captain Pyles
Carr, Richard23731835Captain Peters
Carr, Richardson125451837District No 3
Carr, Richd2577411811Captain Seawell
Carr, Robert20681831Captain Robertson
Carr, Robert22591834Captain Pyles
Carr, Robert23731835Captain Peters
Carr, Robt3324961836District No 15
Carr, Robt427521868District No. 1
Carr, Robt C5026391837District No 14
Carr, S H25491837District No 4
Carr, Samuel6941811Captain Blakemore
Carr, Samuel7891812Captain Blakemore
Carr, Samuel5009211813Captain Blythe
Carr, Sarah5031321870District No. 16
Carr, Sewell5317451826Captain McNeil
Carr, Stephen col1 lot28321868District No. 11
Carr, Stephen col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Carr, Susan112.519971831Captain Brown
Carr, Syntha23871835Captain Taylor
Carr, T John3410111815Captain Carr
Carr, Talbert H027511856District No. 7
Carr, Thomas24131836District No 4
Carr, Thos26971844District No 4
Carr, Thos H23131835Captain Bell
Carr, Tolbert1428051868District No. 8
Carr, William1356371810Captain Cowden
Carr, William165.57551811Captain Simpson
Carr, William189.58691812Captain Simpson
Carr, William8951812Captain Simpson
Carr, William340.59771813Captain Simpson
Carr, William20110111815Captain Carr
Carr, William12518211829Captain Robertson
Carr, William41518221829Captain Robertson
Carr, William37519471830Captain Robertson
Carr, William38120681831Captain Robertson
Carr, William12520681831Captain Robertson
Carr, William32121511833Captain Meador
Carr, William32122591834Captain Pyles
Carr, William32123731835Captain Peters
Carr, William28724961836District No 15
Carr, William28726391837District No 14
Carr, William Jun11171816Captain Carr
Carr, William P10014831823Captain Martin
Carr, William P10015911825Captain Martin
Carr, William P12519461830Captain Robertson
Carr, William P12522591834Captain Pyles
Carr, William Sen20111171816Captain Carr
Carr, William Sen26314831823Captain Martin
Carr, William Sen26315911825Captain Martin
Carr, William T12517031827Captain Marlin
Carr, Wilson25023161835Captain Bell
Carr, Wilson
Carr, Wilson L17221827Captain Thompson
Carr, Wilson L17861829Captain Fulton
Carr, Wilson L25425491837District No 4
Carr, Wilson L25026971844District No 4
Carr, Wilson S18981830Captain Fulton
Carr, Wilson S19271830Captain Fulton
Carr, Wm1355371809Captain Cowden
Carr, Wm13591820Captain Rhoads
Carr, Wm027801868District No. 4
Carr, Wm029011869District No. 4
Carr, Wm H13624961836District No 15
Carr, Wm H13626391837District No 14
Carr, Wm Jun12141817Captain Carr
Carr, Wm P12521521833Captain Meador
Carr, Wm P12524961836District No 15
Carr, Wm P12526391837District No 14
Carr, Wm Sen27712141817Captain Carr
Carrathues, Robert heirs10014541823Captain Giles
Carrel, James354441807Captain Ball
Carrel, James355511809Captain Mickbarey
Carrel, James1316551810Captain McKleberrey
Carrel, James1317411811Captain Seawell
Carrel, James318811812Captain Sowell
Carrel, James909671813Captain Seawell
Carrel, James9011651816Captain Seawell
Carrel, James9012631817Captain Seawell
Carrington, John8111812Captain D Green
Carrington, John8151812Captain David Green
Carrol, Solomon20261831Captain Frazor
Carrothers, Hugh1007951812Captain Cook
Carry heirs027331856District No. 1
Carry, James4407851812Captain Blakemore
Carsin, C1327331856District No. 1
Carson heirs2205741809Captain Walton
Carson, D heirs2207061811Captain Cantrell
Carson, David2204031802Captain Hankin
Carson, David027671856District No. 10
Carson, David027711856District No. 11
Carson, David heirs2208991812Captain Cantrell
Carson, David heirs2209841813Captain Thompson
Carson, J L8527611868District No. 2
Carson, James5212671817Captain Smith
Carson, James5213651820Captain Seawell
Carson, James5214611823Captain Glover
Carson, James10517621829Captain Carr
Carson, James10518781830Captain Carr
Carson, James10818891830Captain Duffer
Carson, James10819731831Captain Alexander
Carson, James15520011831Captain Brown
Carson, James10021751833Captain Walton
Carson, James5022671834Captain Rickman
Carson, Joshua027611868District No. 2
Carson, Rachael10011691816Captain Smith
Carson, Rachal1006581810Captain McKleberrey
Carson, Rachal1008811812Captain Sowell
Carson, Rachel1009671813Captain Seawell
Carson, Rachel10010631815Captain Seawell
Carson, Saml9671813Captain Seawell
Carson, Widow3811802
Carson?, Rachel1005521809Captain Mickbarey
Carsons, David, heirs4871807Captain E. Sanders
Carter & Thomas027511856District No. 7
Carter Jr, James3031011870District No. 15
Carter Jr, Jas028201856District No. 15
Carter Jr, Jo028201856District No. 15
Carter Jr, John5022111834Captain Boyle
Carter Jr, Joseph16811827Captain Key
Carter Jr, Joseph W3519251830Captain Key
Carter Jr, Joseph W22111834Captain Boyle
Carter Jun, Joseph3518091829Captain Key
Carter Jun, Joseph20481831Captain Keys
Carter Jun, Joseph21011833Captain Davis
Carter Junr, Joseph17420471831Captain Keys
Carter Junr, Joseph36423211835Captain Boyle
Carter Sen, James17029861865District No. 15
Carter Senr, Joseph23423211835Captain Boyle
Carter Sr, James17028701868District No. 15
Carter Sr, James17031011870District No. 15
Carter Sr, Joseph27421011833Captain Davis
Carter Sr, Joseph27422111834Captain Boyle
Carter, (?)15221825Captain Branham
Carter, Alexander5271809Captain Bridger
Carter, Alexander6201810Captain Bradley
Carter, Alfred031011870District No. 15
Carter, Banjamin12851817Captain Lauderdale
Carter, Barot030951870District No. 14
Carter, Bengerman5020241831Captain Duffer
Carter, Benj9671813Captain Seawell
Carter, Benj11471816Captain Lauderdale
Carter, Benj3028191856District No. 15
Carter, Benj029861865District No. 15
Carter, Benj030951870District No. 14
Carter, Benjaman2521081833Captain Gilliam
Carter, Benjamin3026551837District No 16
Carter, Benjamin028711868District No. 15
Carter, Benjamin029311869District No. 14
Carter, Benjamin9231011870District No. 15
Carter, Benjamon15451825Captain Gilliam
Carter, Benjeman37.525031836District No 16
Carter, Calvin029861865District No. 15
Carter, Calvin028701868District No. 15
Carter, Calvin031011870District No. 15
Carter, Charles4341802Captain Alderson
Carter, Charles13461820Captain Sarver
Carter, Charles F37.517261827Captain Turner
Carter, Charles T14991823Captain Taylor
Carter, Charles T37.515221825Captain Branham
Carter, Charles T18621830Captain Anderson
Carter, Eaton21021833Captain Davis
Carter, Eaton23221835Captain Boyle
Carter, Eaton027901856District No. 13
Carter, Edmund13831820Captain Walton
Carter, Frank heirs9027901856District No. 13
Carter, Garret17671829Captain Davis
Carter, Garret5022291834Captain Gilliam
Carter, Garret26551837District No 16
Carter, Garrot5025031836District No 16
Carter, George18671830Captain Brizendine
Carter, George col030491867District No. 13
Carter, George col028621868District No. 12
Carter, Gideon14881823Captain Meador
Carter, Gideon1016051825Captain Robertson
Carter, Gideon1016811827Captain Key
Carter, Gideon R3518091829Captain Key
Carter, Gideon R3521031833Captain Davis
Carter, Gideon R3522111834Captain Boyle
Carter, Gideon R3523211835Captain Boyle
Carter, Gideon R16824821836District No 13
Carter, Gideon R17226261837District No 13
Carter, Gidion7901812Captain Blakemore
Carter, Gidson1020481831Captain Keys
Carter, Granville031001870District No. 15
Carter, Hanes14421011833Captain Davis
Carter, Haris14021081833Captain Gilliam
Carter, Harman027901856District No. 13
Carter, Harman22428191856District No. 15
Carter, Harris7901812Captain Blakemore
Carter, Harris9171813Captain Blackemon
Carter, Harris11651816Captain Seawell
Carter, Harris12831817Captain Lauderdale
Carter, Harris3313271820Captain Fleming
Carter, Harris3116051825Captain Robertson
Carter, Harris8218091829Captain Key
Carter, Harris14522111834Captain Boyle
Carter, Harris14424971836District No 15
Carter, Harris14426471837District No 15
Carter, Henry029311869District No. 14
Carter, Henry031001870District No. 15
Carter, J A029781865District No. 13
Carter, J C3028701868District No. 15
Carter, J C031011870District No. 15
Carter, J M14991823Captain Taylor
Carter, J W10523161835Captain Bell
Carter, J W25491837District No 4
Carter, J W58029291862District No. 13
Carter, James18341829Captain Trout
Carter, James5021011833Captain Davis
Carter, James22111834Captain Boyle
Carter, James25031836District No 16
Carter, James26581837District No 16
Carter, James029861865District No. 15
Carter, James20241831Captain Duffer
Carter, James5020481831Captain Keys
Carter, Jarat20241831Captain Duffer
Carter, Jared028201856District No. 15
Carter, Jarret21081833Captain Gilliam
Carter, John1513261820Captain Fleming
Carter, John1514871823Captain Meador
Carter, John6516051825Captain Robertson
Carter, John16731827Captain Joiner
Carter, John16811827Captain Key
Carter, John17651829Captain Davis
Carter, John20018091829Captain Key
Carter, John18871830Captain Duffer
Carter, John21519251830Captain Key
Carter, John1520471831Captain Keys
Carter, John21081833Captain Gilliam
Carter, John5023381835Captain Gilliam
Carter, John24971836District No 15
Carter, John26471837District No 15
Carter, John027901856District No. 13
Carter, John028401856District No. 17
Carter, John029861865District No. 15
Carter, John C028711868District No. 15
Carter, John M16521021833Captain Davis
Carter, John M15022111834Captain Boyle
Carter, John M16523221835Captain Boyle
Carter, John M16524821836District No 13
Carter, John M16526261837District No 13
Carter, John M26951844
Carter, John T14251823Captain Blakemore
Carter, John T25827901856District No. 13
Carter, John T40430041866District No. 12
Carter, John T40428531868District No. 12
Carter, John T40429231869District No. 12
Carter, John W10521441833Captain McDaniels
Carter, John W10522831834Captain Taylor
Carter, John W12527441856District No. 3
Carter, John W027951856District No. 14
Carter, John W028701868District No. 15
Carter, Josep15021823Captain Trout
Carter, Joseph11651816Captain Seawell
Carter, Joseph12631817Captain Seawell
Carter, Joseph17416051825Captain Robertson
Carter, Joseph17116811827Captain Key
Carter, Joseph10018341829Captain Trout
Carter, Joseph17419261830Captain Key
Carter, Joseph36024821836District No 13
Carter, Joseph39026261837District No 13
Carter, Joseph029861865District No. 15
Carter, Joseph028701868District No. 15
Carter, Joseph031001870District No. 15
Carter, Joseph ?8018091829Captain Key
Carter, Joseph A7527901856District No. 13
Carter, Joseph A030411867District No. 13
Carter, Joseph W20824821836District No 13
Carter, Joseph W20826261837District No 13
Carter, Joseph W68027901856District No. 13
Carter, Joseph W53729781865District No. 13
Carter, Joseph W53730411867District No. 13
Carter, Kinchen8001812Listed by John Cryer
Carter, L J10028191856District No. 15
Carter, L W10520531831Captain McDaniel
Carter, Landon J24821836District No 13
Carter, Landon J26261837District No 13
Carter, Landon J1029861865District No. 15
Carter, Malinda9029781865District No. 13
Carter, Malinda9030411867District No. 13
Carter, Richard20051831Captain Brizendine
Carter, Richard21231833Captain Hodges
Carter, Richard21881833Captain Hodges
Carter, Robert19171830Captain Jordan
Carter, Robert20531831Captain McDaniel
Carter, Robert21441833Captain McDaniels
Carter, Robert22831834Captain Taylor
Carter, Robert10624131836District No 4
Carter, Robert105.525491837District No 4
Carter, Robert10526971844District No 4
Carter, Robert col028621868District No. 12
Carter, Saml T027441856District No. 3
Carter, Sarah22327901856District No. 13
Carter, Sarah22529291862District No. 13
Carter, Sarah22829781865District No. 13
Carter, Sarah22830411867District No. 13
Carter, T10028191856District No. 15
Carter, Thomas17671829Captain Davis
Carter, Thomas20231831Captain Duffer
Carter, Thomas22211834Captain Bryson
Carter, Thomas21629861865District No. 15
Carter, Thomas24628701868District No. 15
Carter, Thomas24031001870District No. 15
Carter, Thos23291835Captain Bryson
Carter, Thos26471837District No 15
Carter, W J24131836District No 4
Carter, William13831820Captain Walton
Carter, William31216811827Captain Key
Carter, William1.519261830Captain Key
Carter, William M16051825Captain Robertson
Carter, William M1.520471831Captain Keys
Carter, William M1.7522111834Captain Boyle
Carter, William M187.524741836District No 12
Carter, William M18726181837District No 12
Carter, William M & N17024821836District No 13
Carter, Wm028321868District No. 11
Carter, Wm M18091829Captain Key
Carter, Wm M1.7521011833Captain Davis
Carter, Wm M18523211835Captain Boyle
Carter, Wm M70027791856District No. 12
Carterm Bengurman18871830Captain Duffer
Carthers, Robert3717951812Captain Cook
Carthey, Alexander8811812Captain Sowell
Carthey, Alie1308811812Captain Sowell
Carthey, Monthay1208811812Captain Sowell
Carthright, David15711825Captain McCain
Carthright, James15515711825Captain McCain
Carthright, William15711825Captain McCain
Cartor, Morton2504801807Captain Mithel?
Cartor, Wm W14631823Captain Glover
Cartright, ?69.526601837District No 17
Cartright, Jacob16391827Captain Alderson
Cartright, James1406681810Captain Payton
Cartright, James15510261815Captain Green
Cartright, M. (col.)50718088th District
Cartright, Mathew4831807Captain Montgomery
Cartright, Thomas1006171810Captain Cantrell
Cartrite, Wm6406661810Captain Moore
Cartwrigh, Nelson4025411837District No 2
Cartwright, David14961823Captain Rutherford
Cartwright, David16931827Captain McKarns
Cartwright, David20311831Captain Green
Cartwright, David21181833Captain Hollis
Cartwright, David22171834Captain Briggance
Cartwright, David24591836District No 10
Cartwright, David26121837District No 10
Cartwright, David029941865District No. 18
Cartwright, David028831868District No. 18
Cartwright, J P23029581865District No. 5
Cartwright, J P22030131866District No. 5
Cartwright, Jacob119.7515761825Captain McCraw
Cartwright, James1405271809Captain Bridger
Cartwright, James1407101811Captain Green
Cartwright, James8111812Captain D Green
Cartwright, James1408171812Captain David Green
Cartwright, James1409441813Captain Green
Cartwright, James15511311816Captain Green
Cartwright, James15512261817Captain Ferrell
Cartwright, James15513211820Captain Ferrell
Cartwright, James15014031822Captain Ferrell
Cartwright, James15014961823Captain Rutherford
Cartwright, James15516941827Captain McKarns
Cartwright, James15517521829Captain Anderson
Cartwright, James15519021830Captain Green
Cartwright, James15520311831Captain Green
Cartwright, James15521131833Captain Green
Cartwright, James15522381834Captain Green
Cartwright, James15523461835Captain Green
Cartwright, James1552429-311836District No 6
Cartwright, James1 lot25641837District No 5
Cartwright, James15525891837District No 6
Cartwright, James1 lot27951856District No. 14
Cartwright, James029941865District No. 18
Cartwright, James028171868District No. 10
Cartwright, James030701870District No. 9
Cartwright, Jas1 lot25581837District No 5
Cartwright, Jas1 lot25851838District No 5
Cartwright, Mathew2204041802Captain Hankin
Cartwright, Matthew2004251802
Cartwright, Mose col028031868District No. 7
Cartwright, Nelson17731829Captain Duffer
Cartwright, Nelson18801830Captain Carr
Cartwright, Nelson19991831Captain Brown
Cartwright, Nelson20021831Captain Brown
Cartwright, Nelson D4024011836District No 2
Cartwright, Patienc69.7520561831Captain McGlothlin
Cartwright, Patience17721829Captain Denning
Cartwright, Patience69.7518831830Captain Duffer
Cartwright, Patience69.7522531834Captain McGlothlin
Cartwright, Patience69.7523561835Captain McGlothlin
Cartwright, Patience69.525081836District No 17
Cartwright, Prisey(colrd)1 lot25851838District No 5
Cartwright, Robert1004961807Captain Walton
Cartwright, Thomas1007091811Captain Green
Cartwright, Thomas10010711815Captain Thompson
Cartwright, Thomas10012511817Captain Montgomery
Cartwright, Thos1005271809Captain Bridger
Cartwright, Thos1009831813Captain Thompson
Cartwright, Thos20011991816
Cartwright, William2964031802Captain Hankin
Cartwright, William6404801807Captain Mithel?
Cartwright, William6407301811Captain Moore
Cartwright, William6408071812Captain Groves
Cartwright, William6409371813Captain Graves
Cartwright, William16951827Captain McKarns
Cartwright, William col030281867District No. 5
Cartwright, Wm8191812Captain Grooves
Cartwrit, James3971802Captain Green
Cartwrit, Robert3003971802Captain Green
Cartwrite, Patinee69321481833Captain McGlothlin
Caruth, James S5027441856District No. 3
Caruthers heirs10017111827Captain Safforence
Caruthers, Henry J10014441823Captain Durham
Caruthers, Hugh1005691809Captain Turner
Caruthers, Hugh1009251813Captain Cook
Caruthers, Hugh10011141816Captain Anderson
Caruthers, J P028801849District No. 17
Caruthers, James1005691809Captain Turner
Caruthers, James heirs10011141816Captain Anderson
Caruthers, Jane1009251813Captain Cook
Caruthers, Jane (widow)1007951812Captain Cook
Caruthers, Jas10019271830Captain Fulton
Caruthers, Jas col430421870District No. 5
Caruthers, Marion030041866District No. 12
Caruthers, Osman20651831Captain Rascoe
Caruthers, Polly1009251813Captain Cook
Caruthers, R C22427971868District No. 7
Caruthers, R L25931837District No 7
Caruthers, Robert3725691809Captain Turner
Caruthers, Robert Ju heirs10011141816Captain Anderson
Caruthers, Thomas1005691809Captain Turner
Caruthers, Thomas1009251813Captain Cook
Caruthers, Thomas heirs4527791856District No. 12
Caruthers, William2719251813Captain Cook
Caruthers, Wm3026971844District No 4
Carver, C3028201856District No. 15
Carver, H028201856District No. 15
Carver, James5216511827Captain Carr
Carver, James17091827Captain Rucker
Cary, J G6030031870District No. 2
Cary, James4404321802
Cary, James4409171813Captain Blackemon
Cary, James44013361820Captain Horsley
Cary, James44014211823Captain Blakemore
Cary, James R10029871870District No. 1
Cary, John14211823Captain Blakemore
Cary, Thos14211823Captain Blakemore
Cashen, Martin12271817Captain Ferrell
Cashon, Martin13691820Captain Looney
Cashon, Pleasant13691820Captain Looney
Cason, J T027611868District No. 2
Cason, James9131813Captain Alexander
Cason, James10051815Captain Blakemore
Cason, Jasper027921856District No. 13
Cason, Seth14681807Captain McCall
Cason, Thos Sr.5671809Captain Rawling?
Cassaday, A6027721868District No. 3
Cassidy, A A6030161870District No. 3
Cate, Geo18171829Captain McCullough
Cate, James2013421820Captain Hogan
Cate, John1007471811Captain Shoulders
Cates, Abner1007081811Captain Edwards
Cates, Abner1008051812Captain Edward
Cates, E.1105301809Captain McCall
Cates, Ephraim1006431810Captain McCall
Cates, Ephraim1107191811Captain McCall
Cates, Ephraim11011831816Captain Vinson
Cates, Ephram1108371812Captain McCall
Cates, Ephram8411812Captain McCall
Cates, John5301809Captain McCall
Cates, John6441810Captain McCall
Cates, John6491810Captain McCall
Cates, John1008051812Captain Edward
Cates, Joseph11831816Captain Vinson
Catha, Matha14717561829Captain Anderson
Catha, Mathew15018621830Captain Anderson
Catha, Matthew B16015531825Captain Haynie
Cathey, James2505391809Captain Geo Black
Cathey, James2506091810Captain Black
Cathey, James2506951811Captain Black
Cathey, Matthew12011691816Captain Smith
Cathey, Matthew12012671817Captain Smith
Cathey, Matthew12013831820Captain Walton
Cathey, Matthew14814251823Captain Blakemore
Cathey, W decd706091810Captain Black
Cathey, Will decd706951811Captain Black
Cathey, Wm dec'd by Jas Cathey705391809Captain Geo Black
Cathy, Alex'r Junr913811802
Cathy, Alex'r Jun'r3003811802
Cathy, Ch1209131813Captain Alexander
Cathy, Ely13010001815Captain Alexander
Cathy, G???3811802
Cathy, Jno743811802
Cathy, Mathew1309131813Captain Alexander
Cathy, Matthew148.514211823Captain Blakemore
Cathy, Matthw12010001815Captain Alexander
Cathy, Wm703811802
Cathy, Wm heirs7010001815Captain Alexander
Cato, Auston14651823Captain Kennedy
Cato, Ephraim1109471813Captain McCall
Cato, George11716471827Captain Brown
Cato, George E19531830Captain Tinnen
Cato, Robert5301809Captain McCall
Cato, Robert6441810Captain McCall
Cato, Robert8371812Captain McCall
Cato, Robert8411812Captain McCall
Cato, Robert9471813Captain McCall
Cato, Robt7171811Captain McCall
Caton, Abner14981823Captain Taylor
Caton, Abner19381830Captain Daniels
Catren, Christly heirs5018931830Captain Frazor
Catren, Peter34618941830Captain Frazor
Catrin, Frances11235531809Captain Montgomery
Catrin, Frances11237571811Captain Straton
Catrin, Frances11238831812Captain Straton
Catrin, Frances63911531816Captain Montgomery
Catrin, Francis10734831807Captain Montgomery
Catrin, Francis11609801813Captain Stratton
Catrin, Peter8831812Captain Straton
Catrin, Peter2010511815Captain Montgomery
Catrin, Peter19511531816Captain Montgomery
Catrin, Peter19512511817Captain Montgomery
Catrin, Peter19513871820Captain Watkins
Catrin, Phillip10013871820Captain Watkins
Catrin, Widdow46013871820Captain Watkins
Catriun, Frances73812511817Captain Montgomery
Catron, Chrisley10013691820Captain Looney
Catron, Christey1007081811Captain Edwards
Catron, Christian1005751809Captain Watkins
Catron, Christian1009341813Captain Edwards
Catron, Christian10010171815Captain Edwards
Catron, Christian10012561817Captain Rice
Catron, Green col030771870District No. 9
Cattren, Crestely1006341810Captain Edwards
Cattren, Frances8453941802Captain Bruce
Cattron, Chri…1004751807Captain Marlin
Caudle, Thomas2218091829Captain Key
Caugar, Asy26121837District No 10
Cauldwell, Hardy9951815Captain Alderson
Cauley, Nancy7528601856District No. 19
Cauley, W G029391862District No. 19
Caulley, N029651869District No. 19
Cavaness, John20541831Captain McDaniel
Cavaness, William12515211825Captain Branham
Cavaness, William12521791833Captain Wheelock
Cavaness, Wm12518011829Captain Jordan
Cavaness, Wm12523861835Captain Taylor
Cavaness. ?18520541831Captain McDaniel
Cavangh, William12415001823Captain Taylor
Cavatt, John38012531817Captain Montgomery
Caveness23861835Captain Taylor
Caveness, William13191820Captain Bate
Caveness, William12516781827Captain Jordan
Caveness, William12018471829Captain Winn
Caveness, Wm12522831834Captain Taylor
Caveness, Wm12524091836District No 3
Caveneys, William4551807Captain Charlton
Cavenigt, William10011391816Captain Key
Cavenis, Wm12519171830Captain Jordan
Cavenist, William77011811Captain Cook
Cavenugh, William10013111820Captain Bates
Cavet, Gorge11671816Captain Sarver
Cavet, Joseph4725441809Captain Greer's old
Cavet, Michael1465431809Captain Greer's old
Cavet, Michal14611671816Captain Sarver
Cavet, Richard3305431809Captain Greer's old
Cavett, Alexmer14617151827Captain Smith
Cavett, George10341815Captain Hamilton
Cavett, George13071820Captain Armfield
Cavett, John7451811Captain Shaw
Cavett, John F10013091820Captain Armfield
Cavett, Joseph54710341815Captain Hamilton
Cavett, Joseph61013091820Captain Armfield
Cavett, Joseph14081823Captain Armfield
Cavett, Michael14610341815Captain Hamilton
Cavett, Michal14613071820Captain Armfield
Cavett, Richard3357451811Captain Shaw
Cavett, Richard1467451811Captain Shaw
Cavette, John4571807Captain Greene
Cavette, Joseph3004571807Captain Greene
Cavette, Michael1464571807Captain Greene
Cavette, Richard3304571807Captain Greene
Cavey, B B4030031870District No. 2
Cavey, P K5030031870District No. 2
Caviness, Wm12525451837District No 3
Cavinest, William5691809Captain Turner
Cavinish, William1007951812Captain Cook
Cavit, Joseph3004111802Captain McKee
Cavit, Joseph4567861812Captain Blakemore
Cavit, McKee1468541812Captain Preston
Cavit, Michel1464111802Captain McKee
Cavit, Moses32710321815Captain Harris
Cavit, Richard3304111802Captain McKee
Cavit, Richard3358541812Captain Preston
Cavit, Richard, Jun'r2504111802Captain McKee
Cavitt, Abn14616091825Captain Smith
Cavitt, Alexander14617941829Captain Guthrey
Cavitt, Alexander1419061830Captain Guthrie
Cavitt, Andrew10011101816Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Andrew10012101817Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Catharine14614081823Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Catharine14614121823Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Claborn10020341831Captain Guthrey
Cavitt, Claburn5019061830Captain Guthrie
Cavitt, George12101817Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Joseph420773a1811
Cavitt, Joseph5179451813Captain Hamilton
Cavitt, Joseph54711101816Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Joseph55812101817Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Joseph6315971825Captain Parnell
Cavitt, Michael1406011810Captain Allen
Cavitt, Michael1469451813Captain Hamilton
Cavitt, Michael14612101817Captain Armfield
Cavitt, Moses2329451813Captain Hamilton
Cavitt, Richd3306011810Captain Allen
Cavitt, Thos19061830Captain Guthrie
Cavness, William10010671815Captain Key
Cavonist, William1009211813Captain Blythe
Cavson, J L8530031870District No. 2
Cavson, J T4?30031870District No. 2
Cawkins, Jas13511820Captain Martin
Cawley, Bartle H5528501856District No. 18
Cay, James M12691817Captain Swainey
Cearson, James5215551825Captain Keesee
Ceen, Elisha5025031836District No 16
Ceen, Mastin25031836District No 16
Celly, Edward4571807Captain Greene
Ceningham, Alexander7061811Captain Cantrell
Cenler, Frimon4611807Captain Lauderdale
Center, Freeman1006391810Captain Lauderdale
Center, Freeman20010391815Captain Lauderdale
Center, Freeman52025081836District No 17
Center, Freeman52026611837District No 17
Center, Freman20011421816Captain Lauderdale
Center, Izeman?1005471809Captain Lauderdale
Center, Luke18301829Captain Turner
Center, Richard5010391815Captain Lauderdale
Center, Richard5011421816Captain Lauderdale
Center, Richard6015431825Captain Gilliam
Cerley, Warner030951870District No. 14
Certain, AsaCloar, Elijah20012691817Captain Swainey
Challton, Isaac15011823Captain Trout
Chalmers, Wm W19751831Captain Alexander
Chalton, Abraham13291820Captain Bennet
Chalton, Abraham16020421831Captain Jackson
Chalton, Fanney4919941831Captain Blakemore
Chalton, Isaac B16151825Captain Troutt
Chamberlin, Hudson6405131809Captain Alderson
Chamberlin, Hudson3205131809Captain Alderson
Chambers John030131866District No. 5
Chambers Jr, W P6430421870District No. 5
Chambers, (?)22811671816Captain Sarver
Chambers, Alexander25030031870District No. 2
Chambers, Dalton693811802
Chambers, Elexander2930081870District No. 2
Chambers, George col027851868District No. 4
Chambers, Jesse3027721868District No. 3
Chambers, Jesse6630161870District No. 3
Chambers, John26024181836District No 5
Chambers, John316.525581837District No 5
Chambers, John257.525641837District No 5
Chambers, John37525851838District No 5
Chambers, John39027951856District No. 14
Chambers, John H027951856District No. 14
Chambers, John heirs39030131866District No. 5
Chambers, P Elisha636091810Captain Black
Chambers, Roly col030281867District No. 5
Chambers, Walter030131866District No. 5
Chambers, Walter5530421870District No. 5
Chambers, William B15391825Captain Duffer
Chambers, William W25222851834Captain Walton
Chambers, William W12523971836District No 1
Chambers, Wm H32623571835Captain Walton
Chambliss, Joshua4311802
Chambliss, Joshua4451807Captain Blakemore
Chance, William1010111815Captain Carr
Chance, William1011171816Captain Carr
Chance, William8314831823Captain Martin
Chance, Wm1116661810Captain Moore
Chandler, Anderson12441817Captain McElurath
Chandler, David029941865District No. 18
Chandler, F A6529651869District No. 19
Chandler, Francis028601856District No. 19
Chandler, William4881807Captain E. Sanders
Chaney, Elisha14551823Captain Gwin
Chaney, Elisha15841825Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, James20791831
Chaney, James5021491833Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, James5022531834Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, James10225081836District No 17
Chaney, John R23091835Captain Orman
Chaney, John R24181836District No 5
Chaney, Moses16014551823Captain Gwin
Chaney, Moses161.515831825Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, Moses161.516291826Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, Moses161.516351827Captain Bradley
Chaney, Moses16119551830Captain Turner
Chaney, Moses7521491833Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, Moses7522531834Captain McGlothlin
Chaney, Moses21225081836District No 17
Chaney, Washington031341870District No. 16
Chaney, William1205531809Captain Montgomery
Chany, James10226601837District No 17
Chany, Moses161.518151829Captain Lovell
Chany, Moses7523561835Captain McGlothlin
Chany, Moses13726601837District No 17
Chany, Wm2626601837District No 17
Chapell, John5391809Captain Geo Black
Chapell, John6091810Captain Black
Chapin, Benjamin10617861829Captain Fulton
Chapin, Moses030421867District No. 13
Chapman Jnr, Philip21551833Captain Ormand
Chapman Jnr, Philip22571834Captain Ormands
Chapman, Benj16525581837District No 5
Chapman, Benj16525641837District No 5
Chapman, Benj32525851838District No 5
Chapman, Benjamin8381812Captain McCall
Chapman, Benjamin8411812Captain McCall
Chapman, Benjamin9481813Captain McCall
Chapman, Benjamin10491815Captain McCall
Chapman, Benjamin11831816Captain Vinson
Chapman, Benjamin12731817Captain Vinson
Chapman, Benjamin13771820Captain Vinson
Chapman, Benjamin14581823Captain Glover
Chapman, Benjamin15471825Captain Glover
Chapman, Benjamin17311827Captain Vinson
Chapman, Benjamin10618981830Captain Fulton
Chapman, Benjamin10019091830Captain Hamilton
Chapman, Benjamin10619771831Captain Allin
Chapman, Benjamin10621551833Captain Ormand
Chapman, Benjamin10622571834Captain Ormands
Chapman, Benjamin15623091835Captain Orman
Chapman, Benjamin15024181836District No 5
Chapman, Clark col030281867District No. 5
Chapman, George3931802Captain Bruce
Chapman, George4831807Captain Montgomery
Chapman, George5531809Captain Montgomery
Chapman, H est37030131866District No. 5
Chapman, J W10029441869District No. 16
Chapman, J W031321870District No. 16
Chapman, James6441810Captain McCall
Chapman, James7191811Captain McCall
Chapman, James8371812Captain McCall
Chapman, James8411812Captain McCall
Chapman, James9471813Captain McCall
Chapman, James10491815Captain McCall
Chapman, Jamy2005311809Captain McCall
Chapman, Jno15015121823Captain Weathered
Chapman, Jno col930421870District No. 5
Chapman, John4221802Captain Vinson
Chapman, John1004681807Captain McCall
Chapman, John25291809Captain McCall
Chapman, John1505311809Captain McCall
Chapman, John6431810Captain McCall
Chapman, John1506441810Captain McCall
Chapman, John1507191811Captain McCall
Chapman, John1508381812Captain McCall
Chapman, John8411812Captain McCall
Chapman, John1509481813Captain McCall
Chapman, John18010491815Captain McCall
Chapman, John15011831816Captain Vinson
Chapman, John15012731817Captain Vinson
Chapman, John15013771820Captain Vinson
Chapman, John15015641825Captain Lauderdale
Chapman, John15016871827Captain Lauderdale
Chapman, John15918461829Captain Winn
Chapman, John15018741830Captain Byrn
Chapman, John15020181831Captain Byrn
Chapman, John15020961833Captain Bryson
Chapman, John15022211834Captain Bryson
Chapman, John15023291835Captain Bryson
Chapman, John15024821836District No 13
Chapman, John24971836District No 15
Chapman, John15026281837District No 13
Chapman, John col030281867District No. 5
Chapman, John Taylor4681807Captain McCall
Chapman, Logan col030281867District No. 5
Chapman, Martha2005311809Captain McCall
Chapman, Martha2006441810Captain McCall
Chapman, Martha2007181811Captain McCall
Chapman, Martha2009481813Captain McCall
Chapman, Martha20010491815Captain McCall
Chapman, Martha20011831816Captain Vinson
Chapman, Martha20012731817Captain Vinson
Chapman, Martha20013771820Captain Vinson
Chapman, Martha20014581823Captain Glover
Chapman, Martha20015471825Captain Glover
Chapman, Martha20017311827Captain Vinson
Chapman, Martha20018371829Captain Vinson
Chapman, Martha20019091830Captain Hamilton
Chapman, Martha20519771831Captain Allin
Chapman, Martha20521551833Captain Ormand
Chapman, Martha20622571834Captain Ormands
Chapman, Martha10023091835Captain Orman
Chapman, Marthan2008371812Captain McCall
Chapman, Mrs Mary9323091835Captain Orman
Chapman, Philip936441810Captain McCall
Chapman, Philip938391812Captain McCall
Chapman, Philip8411812Captain McCall
Chapman, Philip9310451815Captain McCall
Chapman, Philip9311831816Captain Vinson
Chapman, Philip9312731817Captain Vinson
Chapman, Philip9314591823Captain Glover
Chapman, Philip9315471825Captain Glover
Chapman, Philip9318371829Captain Vinson
Chapman, Philip9319091830Captain Hamilton
Chapman, Philip9319771831Captain Allin
Chapman, Philip9321551833Captain Ormand
Chapman, Philip9322571834Captain Ormands
Chapman, Philip9324181836District No 5
Chapman, Phillip925301809Captain McCall
Chapman, Phillip937181811Captain McCall
Chapman, Phillip739481813Captain McCall
Chapman, Phillip9317311827Captain Vinson
Chapman, Phillip23091835Captain Orman
Chapman, Richard02898?District No. ?
Chapman, Sam'l4681807Captain McCall
Chapman, W H37029581865District No. 5
Chapman, W H35430421870District No. 5
Chapman, William14581823Captain Glover
Chapman, William15471825Captain Glover
Chapman, William18371829Captain Vinson
Chapman, William19771831Captain Allin
Chapman, William21551833Captain Ormand
Chapman, William22571834Captain Ormands
Chapman, William5523091835Captain Orman
Chapman, Wm11831816Captain Vinson
Chapman, Wm12731817Captain Vinson
Chapman, Wm17311827Captain Vinson
Chapman, Wm19091830Captain Hamilton
Chapman, Wm25524181836District No 5
Chapman, Wm15525581837District No 5
Chapman, Wm15525641837District No 5
Chappall, Ann16011391816Captain Key
Chappel, Ann16012471817Captain Martin
Chappel, Robt22151834Captain Bill
Chappell, Ann13214991823Captain Taylor
Chappell, Ann13615241825Captain Branham
Chappell, Ann16781827Captain Jordan
Chappell, Robert14521823Captain Giles
Chappell, Robert23161835Captain Bell
Chappell, Robt15241825Captain Branham
Chappell, Robt19401830Captain Daniels
Chappell, Saml14201823Captain Blakemore
Chappell, Samuel15521825Captain Haynie
Chappell, Samuel18011829Captain Jordan
Charles, Turner13616051825Captain Robertson
Charlton, A J030171870District No. 3
Charlton, Abner16771827Captain Jordan
Charlton, Abner24131836District No 4
Charlton, Abner25491837District No 4
Charlton, Abr18017991829Captain Haines
Charlton, Abraham15221825Captain Branham
Charlton, Abraham13616441827Captain Blakemore
Charlton, Abram14211823Captain Blakemore
Charlton, Abram3514251823Captain Blakemore
Charlton, Abreham16019131830Captain Jackson
Charlton, Edmind9051812
Charlton, Edmon4551807Captain Charlton
Charlton, Edmond6231810Captain Charlton
Charlton, Edmond6871811Captain Barrot
Charlton, Edmond10071815Captain Blythe
Charlton, Edmund7911812Captain Blythe
Charlton, Edmund9211813Captain Blythe
Charlton, Edmund12471817Captain Martin
Charlton, Edwd13511820Captain Martin
Charlton, Fanny8514251823Captain Blakemore
Charlton, Fanny8418631830Captain Anderson
Charlton, Fanny5024011836District No 2
Charlton, Francis25013341820Captain Horsley
Charlton, Francis8415521825Captain Haynie
Charlton, Francis83.317231827Captain Turner
Charlton, Francis5023101835Captain Orman
Charlton, Francis5025411837District No 2
Charlton, G W029311869District No. 14
Charlton, Isaac17081827Captain Rucker
Charlton, Isaac10018331829Captain Trout
Charlton, J I J4528201856District No. 15
Charlton, J I J13329861865District No. 15
Charlton, J J J13328711868District No. 15
Charlton, J J J13331011870District No. 15
Charlton, Jack027721868District No. 3
Charlton, James4551807Captain Charlton
Charlton, James5341809Captain Charlton
Charlton, James6231810Captain Charlton
Charlton, James6301810Captain Cook
Charlton, James2307961812Captain Cook
Charlton, James2309251813Captain Cook
Charlton, James23010671815Captain Key
Charlton, James25414521823Captain Giles
Charlton, James25415301825Captain Byrns
Charlton, James25416441827Captain Blakemore
Charlton, James25417981829Captain Haines
Charlton, James25419381830Captain Daniels
Charlton, James31219811831Captain Andrews
Charlton, James25021801833Captain Wheelock
Charlton, James15023161835Captain Bell
Charlton, James15024131836District No 4
Charlton, James15025491837District No 4
Charlton, James15026971844District No 4
Charlton, Jas25413511820Captain Martin
Charlton, Jas40022161834Captain Bill
Charlton, Jennings13341820Captain Horsley
Charlton, Jennings24091836District No 3
Charlton, Jennings25451837District No 3
Charlton, Lycurgus027951856District No. 14
Charlton, Solomon028711868District No. 15
Charlton, Tanny8414211823Captain Blakemore
Charlton, Washington6871811Captain Barrot
Charton, Fanney8617531829Captain Anderson
Chary, Elisha14710561815Captain Preston
Chaston, James7011811Captain Cook
Chatman, Benjemin32527951856District No. 14
Chatman, R A027951856District No. 14
Cheak, Frances11413081820Captain Armfield
Cheak, James23891835Captain Watkins
Cheak, James24531836District No 9
Cheak, Robert24531836District No 9
Cheatam, Thomas13014081823Captain Armfield
Cheatham, Adelicia192829091869District No. 6
Cheatham, Mrs Adalicia192827881868District No. 6
Cheatham, Thos17013071820Captain Armfield
Cheatham, Thos13014121823Captain Armfield
Cheek, Abraham decd19410361815Captain Hamilton
Cheek, Abram deceased1941093C1815
Cheek, Adam1899341813Captain Edwards
Cheek, Elijah5311251816Captain Elliott
Cheek, Elisha22010361815Captain Hamilton
Cheek, Elisha2281093C1815
Cheek, Elisha22811251816Captain Elliott
Cheek, Francis11415031823Captain Turner
Cheek, Francis10015971825Captain Parnell
Cheek, Francis10618141829Captain Lovell
Cheek, Francis5022451834Captain Jackson
Cheek, James22891834Captain Watkins
Cheek, James56028501856District No. 18
Cheek, Randel20991833Captain Clindining
Cheek, Randl20251831Captain Frazor
Cheek, Randle5718051829Captain Joyner
Cheek, Randle5618951830Captain Frazor
Cheek, Robert22891834Captain Watkins
Cheek, Silas16391827Captain Alderson
Cheek, William028181868District No. 10
Chenalt, David14030031870District No. 2
Chenault Jr, David027901856District No. 13
Chenault Jr, David42427711868District No. 3
Chenault Jr, David42030161870District No. 3
Chenault Sr, David35727901856District No. 13
Chenault Sr, David94027711868District No. 3
Chenault Sr, David96930161870District No. 3
Chenault, Coby22330161870District No. 3
Chenault, Colby027441856District No. 3
Chenault, Colby21527711868District No. 3
Chenault, David80024821836District No 13
Chenault, David59526261837District No 13
Chenault, David26891844District No 2
Chenault, David1053.527431856District No. 3
Chenault, David5027791856District No. 12
Chenault, David5029781865District No. 13
Chenault, F0.517851829Captain Fulton
Chenault, F0.518971830Captain Fulton
Chenault, F21121833Captain Gray
Chenault, F2 lots24191836District No 5
Chenault, Harey16030161870District No. 3
Chenault, Harvey027711868District No. 3
Chenault, W? col027761868District No. 3
Chennault, F0.520761831Captain Word
Chennault, F22351834Captain Gray
Chennault, John22351834Captain Gray
Chennault, Stephen22351834Captain Gray
Cherry, Daniel1007471811Captain Shoulders
Cherry, Danul9481813Captain McCall
Cherry, Ezekiel5012871817Captain Winham
Cherry, Ezekil5011881816Captain Wallace
Cherry, Joshua1123791802Captain Black
Cherry, Joshua1124391807Captain Baker
Cherry, Joshua1125181809Captain I. Baker
Cherry, Joshua1126061810Captain Baker
Cherry, Joshua1127471811Captain Shoulders
Cherry, Joshua1128621812Captain Sholders
Cherry, Joshua8651812Captain Sholders
Cherry, Joshua1129871813Captain Wallass
Cherry, Saml317211811Captain McCall
Cherry, Thomas66.517591829Captain Brizenden
Childers, Alsey16931827Captain McKarns
Childers, Joel2004281802Captain Whitsitt
Childress, Francis37.517261827Captain Turner
Childress, Francis23161835Captain Bell
Childs, Robert18029181862District No. 17
Chiles, R E15031131870District No. 17
Chip, D J15027901856District No. 13
Chipmon, Joseph est4031011870District No. 15
Chism, Wm G029391862District No. 19
Chittewood, George10629441869District No. 16
Chitwood, George10631321870District No. 16
Chitwood, Pleasant504171802Captain Snoddy
Choat, John P13421820Captain Hogan
Choat, Thos8991812Captain Cantrell
Chondree, James M35015031823Captain Turner
Chote, Thomas6171810Captain Cantrell
Chrisman, John1 lot30421870District No. 5
Christman, Albert1128241868District No. 10
Christman, Joseph027671856District No. 10
Chumney, Clabourn25451837District No 3
Chun, Nathaniel16010041815Captain Blakemore
Chuny, James102.523551835Captain McGlothlin
Church, Cumberland Presbyterian1 lot24191836District No 5
Church, Union1 lot24191836District No 5
Cilburn, Cusley20671831Captain Robertson
Cisna, Stephen64018251829Captain Rasco
Cisney64026671837District No 18
Cisney, Stephen64020641831Captain Rascoe
Cisney, Stephen64021591833Captain Rascoe
Cisney, Stephen64022631834Captain Rascoe
Cisney, Stephen64025181836District No 18
Cisny, Stephen64017391827
Cisny, Stephen64023651835Captain Parker
Cissna, Wm21101833Captain Gray
Cittral, George7815731825Captain McCain
Clack Jun, Starlin23541835Captain McGlothlin
Clack, Eligah M C10023541835Captain McGlothlin
Clack, Elijah230.525081836District No 17
Clack, Elijah230.526601837District No 17
Clack, Elijah M10021491833Captain McGlothlin
Clack, Elijah M C10019281830Captain Fulton
Clack, Elijah M C10020571831Captain McGlothlin
Clack, Elizabeth C10022531834Captain McGlothlin
Clack, Starling10015771825Captain McCraw
Clack, Starling10016391827Captain Alderson
Clack, Sterling20571831Captain McGlothlin
Clack, Sterling21881832Captain Hodges
Clack, Sterling C19281830Captain Fulton
Clackston, Jeremiah6406301810Captain Cook
Cladk, William12511051816Captain Alderson
Claeston, Anson4551807Captain Charlton
Clampet Senr, William17691829Captain Denning
Clampet Senr, William20571831Captain McGlothlin
Clampet, Francis9031321870District No. 16
Clampet, James17016391827Captain Alderson
Clampet, James25081836District No 17
Clampet, James26611837District No 17
Clampet, Johnithan031321870District No. 16
Clampet, Jonathan11916391827Captain Alderson
Clampet, Jonathan11917691829Captain Denning
Clampet, Jonathan11918841830Captain Duffer
Clampet, Jonathan11925081836District No 17
Clampet, Jonathan11926611837District No 17
Clampet, Jonathan C11920561831Captain McGlothlin
Clampet, Jonathen8951812Captain Simpson
Clampet, William16391827Captain Alderson
Clampet, William17691829Captain Denning
Clampet, William18831830Captain Duffer
Clampet, William20561831Captain McGlothlin
Clampet, William25081836District No 17
Clampet, William27131844District No 16
Clampet, Wm26611837District No 17
Clampett, James3529651869District No. 19
Clampit, Francis9029441869District No. 16
Clampit, James E21481833Captain McGlothlin
Clampit, Jnothan8691812Captain Simpson
Clampit, Johathan4371807Captain Anderson
Clampit, Johnathan5371809Captain Cowden
Clampit, Johnathen9771813Captain Simpson
Clampit, Jonathan6371810Captain Cowden
Clampit, Jonathan5012141817Captain Carr
Clampit, Jonathan5013591820Captain Rhoads
Clampit, Jonathan119.2521491833Captain McGlothlin
Clampit, Jonathan029441869District No. 16
Clampit, Nathan4371807Captain Anderson
Clampit, Nathan5371809Captain Cowden
Clampit, Nathan6371810Captain Cowden
Clampit, Nathen8691812Captain Simpson
Clampit, William21491833Captain McGlothlin
Clampitt, Frances8728301856District No. 16
Clampitt, James17015751825Captain McCraw
Clampitt, Jonathan5011171816Captain Carr
Clampitt, Jonathen7551811Captain Simpson
Clampitt, Jonathen5010111815Captain Carr
Clampitt, Jonathin11915751825Captain McCraw
Clampitt, Nathen7551811Captain Simpson
Clampitt, Nathen8951812Captain Simpson
Clampt, James22541834Captain McGlothlin
Clampt, James23561835Captain McGlothlin
Clampt, Jonath11923561835Captain McGlothlin
Clampt, Jonathan11922541834Captain McGlothlin
Clampt, Wm22541834Captain McGlothlin
Clampt, Wm23561835Captain McGlothlin
Clandining, Wm028401856District No. 17
Clanton, Ansor5701809Captain Turner
Clanton, Jeremiah6405701809Captain Turner
Clanton, John D29912691817Captain Swainey
Clanton, Joshua2749171813Captain Blackemon
Clanton, Thomas259211813Captain Blythe
Clarck, David156551810Captain McKleberrey
Clark at Dr Heads029241869District No. 12
Clark, Charley027971868District No. 7
Clark, David154441807Captain Ball
Clark, David1005341809Captain Charlton
Clark, David1005491809Captain McMurry
Clark, David19991831Captain Brown
Clark, David20031831Captain Brown
Clark, David20891833Captain Rickman
Clark, David8022681834Captain Rickman
Clark, David8023781835Captain Rickman
Clark, David82.524961836District No 15
Clark, David91.2526391837District No 14
Clark, David16529311869District No. 14
Clark, E P17981829Captain Haines
Clark, E P23151835Captain Bell
Clark, E P24131836District No 4
Clark, E P25491837District No 4
Clark, E P26971844District No 4
Clark, Ed F030421867District No. 13
Clark, Emma36028251868District No. 10
Clark, Ephraim P15301825Captain Byrns
Clark, Frank18528601856District No. 19
Clark, Frank17829461862District No. 19
Clark, Georg S029161869District No. 7
Clark, George J027981868District No. 7
Clark, H82.526391837District No 14
Clark, Hasikiah20891833Captain Rickman
Clark, Hesakiah8023781835Captain Rickman
Clark, Hezakiah8022681834Captain Rickman
Clark, Hezekiah82.524961836District No 15
Clark, Isaac32011531816Captain Montgomery
Clark, Isaac32012511817Captain Montgomery
Clark, Isaac32013871820Captain Watkins
Clark, Isaac32215991825Captain Perry
Clark, Isaack33014901823Captain Preston
Clark, J A031001870District No. 15
Clark, J C029781865District No. 13
Clark, J R029781865District No. 13
Clark, James03741802
Clark, James4221802Captain Vinson
Clark, James4441807Captain Ball
Clark, James2004551807Captain Charlton
Clark, James1005491809Captain McMurry
Clark, James027901856District No. 13
Clark, Jas26971844District No 4
Clark, Jas R030421867District No. 13
Clark, John2 lots30421870District No. 5
Clark, John F15381825Captain Dickey
Clark, John T9614351823Captain Dickey
Clark, John T18411829Captain Vinson
Clark, Jos6405611809Captain Preston
Clark, Jos2745611809Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph32011531816Captain Montgomery
Clark, Joseph32012511817Captain Montgomery
Clark, Joseph32013871820Captain Watkins
Clark, Joseph32014901823Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph23516041825Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph32016591827Captain Dunn
Clark, Joseph35017781829Captain Dunn
Clark, Joseph & Isaac6404031802Captain Hankin
Clark, Joseph & Isaac6404871807Captain E. Sanders
Clark, Joseph & Isaac9146721810Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph & Isaac6408511812Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph & Isaac6409611813Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph & Isaac6409801813Captain Stratton
Clark, Joseph & Wm403.258511812Captain Preston
Clark, Joseph, Wm & Isaac1043.3310511815Captain Montgomery
Clark, Mary1007011811Captain Cook
Clark, Mary1008341812Captain McCall
Clark, Mary11512371817Captain Hodge
Clark, Mrs Emily027511856District No. 7
Clark, Reah8001812Listed by John Cryer
Clark, Richard5271809Captain Bridger
Clark, Richard6201810Captain Bradley
Clark, Richard15431825Captain Gilliam
Clark, Richard028711868District No. 15
Clark, Rich'd4911807Captain Wells
Clark, Saml027441856District No. 3
Clark, Saml027801868District No. 4
Clark, Samuel030331870District No. 4
Clark, Stephen col028331868District No. 11
Clark, W H1 lot30331870District No. 4
Clark, W S25931837District No 7
Clark, W T24381836District No 7
Clark, Widow3012631817Captain Seawell
Clark, William4034031802Captain Hankin
Clark, William4034871807Captain E. Sanders
Clark, William406551810Captain McKleberrey
Clark, William403.56721810Captain Preston
Clark, William8601811Captain Seual
Clark, William8821812Captain Sowell
Clark, William9671813Captain Seawell
Clark, William403.259801813Captain Stratton
Clark, William10631815Captain Seawell
Clark, William11651816Captain Seawell
Clark, William S F23261835Captain Brigance
Clark, William S P22181834Captain Briggance
Clark, William T21191833Captain Hollis
Clark, Willis029181862District No. 17
Clark, Wm4037331811Captain Preston
Clark, Wm7411811Captain Seawell
Clark, Wm4039611813Captain Preston
Clark, Wm1259961815Captain Alderson
Clark, Wm027801868District No. 4
Clark, Wm029011869District No. 4
Clark, Wm030421870District No. 5
Clark, Wm.4035611809Captain Preston
Clark,, Richard031001870District No. 15
Clark,. E P19401830Captain Daniels
Clark,William4441807Captain Ball
Clarke, David155511809Captain Mickbarey
Clarke, E P16441827Captain Blakemore
Clarke, Isaac22516601827Captain Dunn
Clarke, Mary11511141816Captain Anderson
Clarke, William5511809Captain Mickbarey
Clarkston, Joshua16781827Captain Jordan
Clarry, Elisha15012171817Captain Christan
Clarton, Joshua10813331820Captain Horsley
Clary, Elisha3004041802Captain Hankin
Clary, Elisha2304891807Captain E. Sanders
Clary, Elisha2807351811Captain Preston
Clary, Elisha2308521812Captain Preston
Clary, Elisha1679591813Captain Preston
Clary, Elisha14711581816Captain Preston
Clary, John2306601810Captain Montgomery
Clary, Johnathan03741802
Clary, Johnathan3203871802Captain Brownen
Claton, Richard14881823Captain Meador
Clatterbow, W E029161869District No. 7
Claxston, Anson257011811Captain Cook
Claxston, Jeremiah7011811Captain Cook
Claxtom, Joshua2746151810Captain Blakemore
Claxton, Ansole256871811Captain Barrot
Claxton, Anson256231810Captain Charlton
Claxton, Anson257911812Captain Blythe
Claxton, Anson9051812
Claxton, James3745261809Captain Blakemore
Claxton, James7891812Captain Blakemore
Claxton, John7891812Captain Blakemore
Claxton, Joshua2746941811Captain Blakemore
Claxton, Joshua7891812Captain Blakemore
Claxton, Joshua27410041815Captain Blakemore
Claxton, Joshua27411931816Captain White
Claxton, Joshua11991816
Claxton, Joshua25014981823Captain Taylor
Claxton, Joshua10015221825Captain Branham
Claxton, Joshua12518011829Captain Jordan
Clay, Coleman col027851868District No. 4
Clay, Henry col028321868District No. 11
Clay, Johnathan heirs4825991837District No 8
Clay, Johnathon15314651823Captain Kennedy
Clay, Johnathun15315991825Captain Perry
Clay, Jonathan heirs4824491836District No 8
Clay, Jonathen14512771817Captain Patton
Clay, Jonathen15313411820Captain Hogan
Clay, Martha5019221830Captain Joyner
Clay, Martha5024491836District No 8
Clay, Martha5025991837District No 8
Clay, Mrs5117791829Captain Dunn
Clay, Patsey5016731827Captain Joiner
Clay,John25851838District No 5
Clayon, Richerd12831817Captain Lauderdale
Clayton, Daniel1006131810Captain Blakemore
Clayton, Daniel1007861812Captain Blakemore
Clayton, Danl7891812Captain Blakemore
Clayton, Danul1006941811Captain Blakemore
Clayton, Lewis col028321868District No. 11
Clayton, Philip D22111834Captain Boyle
Clayton, Philip D23231835Captain Boyle
Clayton, Richard11431816Captain Lauderdale
Clayton, Richard16811827Captain Key
Clayton, Richd13261820Captain Fleming
Clayton, Richd18091829Captain Key
Clayton, Richd19171830Captain Jordan
Clayton, Thornton7891812Captain Blakemore
Clearey, Andrew13871820Captain Watkins
Cleary, Andrew15591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Cleary, Andrew16631827Captain Frazor
Cleavland, Joseph18471829Captain Winn
Cleborn, James5015911825Captain Martin
Cleman, by Wm Parr6405401809Captain Geo Black
Clemmons, Joel estate10028601856District No. 19
Clendenen, Charles229161869District No. 7
Clendening Sr, John24728171868District No. 10
Clendening, ? T ?030691870District No. 9
Clendening, A B17851829Captain Fulton
Clendening, A B18971830Captain Fulton
Clendening, A B23091835Captain Orman
Clendening, A B25451837District No 3
Clendening, Ab col030771870District No. 9
Clendening, Antony B22151834Captain Bill
Clendening, Charles1.527511856District No. 7
Clendening, Charles F9824531836District No 9
Clendening, Charles F9826031837District No 9
Clendening, Charles S9823921835Captain Watkins
Clendening, Charly1 & Lot27971868District No. 7
Clendening, Elizabeth5328171868District No. 10
Clendening, Elizabeth030691870District No. 9
Clendening, Elizabeth heirs12828181868District No. 10
Clendening, Fisher24531836District No 9
Clendening, J C029181862District No. 17
Clendening, J F030691870District No. 9
Clendening, James6549211813Captain Blythe
Clendening, James33410071815Captain Blythe
Clendening, James33412911817
Clendening, James C4029441869District No. 16
Clendening, James F028171868District No. 10
Clendening, John20721181833Captain Hollis
Clendening, John20722351834Captain Gray
Clendening, John25724531836District No 9
Clendening, John18426031837District No 9
Clendening, John27091844District No 9
Clendening, John31430691870District No. 9
Clendening, John col030771870District No. 9
Clendening, John S028171868District No. 10
Clendening, John S030691870District No. 9
Clendening, Margaret heirs4330691870District No. 9
Clendening, Margarett heirs25028171868District No. 10
Clendening, T B2830691870District No. 9
Clendening, Thomas15315591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Clendening, Thomas B15316631827Captain Frazor
Clendening, Thomas B29621321833Captain Jackson
Clendening, Thomas B15426031837District No 9
Clendening, Thomas B5027671856District No. 10
Clendening, Thomas B028171868District No. 10
Clendening, Thos B13424531836District No 9
Clendening, Thos B heirs12830691870District No. 9
Clendening, W T B028171868District No. 10
Clendening, William25181836District No 18
Clendening, William T028171868District No. 10
Clendening, Wm16471827Captain Brown
Clendening, Wm18171829Captain McCullough
Clendening, Wm T25030691870District No. 9
Clendenning, James6546871811Captain Barrot
Clendenning, James C4031321870District No. 16
Clendenning, Jerry031321870District No. 16
Clendenon, William21731833Captain Turner
Clending, James7911812Captain Blythe
Clending, Thomas B18618951830Captain Frazor
Clendinin, Charles F20261831Captain Frazor
Clendinin, John20720271831Captain Frazor
Clendinin, Thomas B18617811829Captain Frazor
Clendinin, Thomas B19620261831Captain Frazor
Clendining, A B24091836District No 3
Clendining, Charles20991833Captain Clindining
Clendining, James3345331809Captain Charlton
Clendining, James3205331809Captain Charlton
Clendining, James2675331809Captain Charlton
Clendining, James923.756231810Captain Charlton
Clendining, James3341297b1817
Clendining, Mary14031131870District No. 17
Clendinning, Ja4131802Captain Neelie
Clendinning, James334415b1802
Clendinning, James320415b1802
Clendinning, James320415b1802
Clendinning, Thos9051812
Clenney, Henery10923091835Captain Orman
Clenney, James23091835Captain Orman
Clenny, Henry5617311827Captain Vinson
Clenny, Henry5018381829Captain Vinson
Clenny, Henry9319771831Captain Allin
Clenny, henry10821101833Captain Gray
Clenny, Henry108.522571834Captain Ormands
Clenny, Henry029581865District No. 5
Clenny, James18381829Captain Vinson
Clenny, James19771831Captain Allin
Clenny, James21561833Captain Ormand
Clenny, James22571834Captain Ormands
Clenny, James24181836District No 5
Clenny, Martha3625641837District No 5
Clenny, Martha37.525851838District No 5
Clenny, Samuel6441810Captain McCall
Clenny, Samuel13771820Captain Vinson
Cleny, Henry030131866District No. 5
Clerk, David03731802
Clibern, Daniel26471837District No 15
Clibern, Gorge17226471837District No 15
Clibern, Jabell14026511837District No 15
Clibern, James26026471837District No 15
Cliborn, George29514831823Captain Martin
Cliborn, George17217031827Captain Marlin
Cliborn, James14831823Captain Martin
Cliborn, James2917031827Captain Marlin
Cliborn, Joel17031827Captain Marlin
Cliborne18771830Captain Carr
Clibourn, Daniel24971836District No 15
Clibourn, George23213591820Captain Rhoads
Clibourn, George17224971836District No 15
Clibourn, James11913591820Captain Rhoads
Clibourn, James26024971836District No 15
Clibourn, Joel2513591820Captain Rhoads
Clibourn, John19991831Captain Brown
Clibourn, John20031831Captain Brown
Clibourne, George37312141817Captain Carr
Cliburn, Baisl23731835Captain Peters
Cliburn, Daniel22591834Captain Pyles
Cliburn, George17218211829Captain Robertson
Cliburn, George17219451830Captain Robertson
Cliburn, George17220671831Captain Robertson
Cliburn, George17221511833Captain Meador
Cliburn, George17222591834Captain Pyles
Cliburn, George17223731835Captain Peters
Cliburn, James2918221829Captain Robertson
Cliburn, James2919451830Captain Robertson
Cliburn, James2920671831Captain Robertson
Cliburn, James14021511833Captain Meador
Cliburn, James14222591834Captain Pyles
Cliburn, James14223731835Captain Peters
Cliburn, John20671831Captain Robertson
Cliburn, John8322591834Captain Pyles
Cliburn, John M21511833Captain Meador
Cliburn, John M22591834Captain Pyles
Cliburn, John M23731835Captain Peters
Cliburn, Ousley19451830Captain Robertson
Cliburn, Ousley22591834Captain Pyles
Cliburn, R R26391837District No 14
Clim, Jno9101812
Clim, Merton9091812
Clim, Michael9101812
Clin, Mikel10013451820Captain Sarver
Clindinging, Charles9022921834Captain Watkins
Clindining, Jas M26891844District No 2
Clindinning, James334 1/24551807Captain Charlton
Clindinning, James3264551807Captain Charlton
Cline, Adam12915011823Captain Trout
Cline, Adam16016151825Captain Troutt
Cline, Addain16017081827Captain Rucker
Cline, Addam13451820Captain Sarver
Cline, Alfred10028191856District No. 15
Cline, Alfred10029861865District No. 15
Cline, Alfred10031001870District No. 15
Cline, Alfrod10028701868District No. 15
Cline, Andrew20411831Captain Jackson
Cline, Andrew21631833Captain Rider
Cline, Andrew22701834Captain Riden
Cline, Andrew8823631835Captain Morris
Cline, Andrew8825031836District No 16
Cline, Andrew8826551837District No 16
Cline, Andrew14329861865District No. 15
Cline, Andrew13828701868District No. 15
Cline, Andrew14331001870District No. 15
Cline, Andw14328191856District No. 15
Cline, Carrol029861865District No. 15
Cline, Carroll028701868District No. 15
Cline, Catharine13728191856District No. 15
Cline, Catharine10029861865District No. 15
Cline, Catherine10028701868District No. 15
Cline, Catherine10031011870District No. 15
Cline, F G031011870District No. 15
Cline, Isaac028701868District No. 15
Cline, Isaac031001870District No. 15
Cline, J C2031011870District No. 15
Cline, J W3328701868District No. 15
Cline, J W3331011870District No. 15
Cline, Jhon9171813Captain Blackemon
Cline, Jno8921812Captain Shy
Cline, Jno1329961815Captain Alderson
Cline, John4341802Captain Alderson
Cline, John4471807Captain Blakemore
Cline, John5151809Captain Alderson
Cline, John5261809Captain Blakemore
Cline, John6801810Captain Alderson
Cline, John6931811Captain Blakemore
Cline, John7871812Captain Blakemore
Cline, John1329741813Captain Shy
Cline, John10051815Captain Blakemore
Cline, John13211071816Captain Alderson
Cline, John11911816Captain White
Cline, John10012051817Captain Alderson
Cline, John10013451820Captain Sarver
Cline, John20015011823Captain Trout
Cline, John20016151825Captain Troutt
Cline, John23217091827Captain Rucker
Cline, John23718331829Captain Trout
Cline, John23919131830Captain Jackson
Cline, John30020411831Captain Jackson
Cline, John22531834Captain McGlothlin
Cline, John23551835Captain McGlothlin
Cline, John12425081836District No 17
Cline, John16026551837District No 16
Cline, John12426601837District No 17
Cline, John3329861865District No. 15
Cline, Joseph028701868District No. 15
Cline, Joseph031011870District No. 15
Cline, Marten1209961815Captain Alderson
Cline, Marten12916151825Captain Troutt
Cline, Martin1007511811Captain Shy
Cline, Martin12911061816Captain Alderson
Cline, Martin12912051817Captain Alderson
Cline, Martin12913451820Captain Sarver
Cline, Merlin1299741813Captain Shy
Cline, Mertin1006801810Captain Alderson
Cline, Merton1005131809Captain Alderson
Cline, Michael7511811Captain Shy
Cline, Michael8921812Captain Shy
Cline, Michael1009741813Captain Shy
Cline, Michael10425031836District No 16
Cline, Michael10426551837District No 16
Cline, Micheal1009961815Captain Alderson
Cline, Michel21631833Captain Rider
Cline, Michel23631835Captain Morris
Cline, Mik10012051817Captain Alderson
Cline, Mike10011061816Captain Alderson
Cline, Mikel18331829Captain Trout
Cline, Mikel16019141830Captain Jackson
Cline, Mikel22701834Captain Riden
Cline, Morton1004341802Captain Alderson
Cline, Morton1008921812Captain Shy
Cline, William21641833Captain Rider
Cline, William47.525031836District No 16
Cline, William47.526551837District No 16
Cline, Wilson029441869District No. 16
Cline, Wilson031321870District No. 16
Cline, Wm A029861865District No. 15
Cline,John40021631833Captain Rider
Clinny, Henry19091830Captain Hamilton
Clinny, James19091830Captain Hamilton
Clinny, Sam'l45301809Captain McCall
Clinny?, Samuel4681807Captain McCall
Clinton, Joshua2747861812Captain Blakemore
Cllary, Andrew14671823Captain Kirkpatrick
Cloak, Elijah8321812Captain Lauderdale
Cloak, William12528401856District No. 17
Cloar, Ann2014991823Captain Taylor
Cloar, Ann15221825Captain Branham
Cloar, Ann2016771827Captain Jordan
Cloar, Ann2018011829Captain Jordan
Cloar, Ann2019171830Captain Jordan
Cloar, Ann2020541831Captain McDaniel
Cloar, Ann7023861835Captain Taylor
Cloar, Ann7024091836District No 3
Cloar, Ann8025451837District No 3
Cloar, Anne2013111820Captain Bates
Cloar, Anne7513191820Captain Bate
Cloar, Anney10671815Captain Key
Cloar, Elijah20011731816Captain Swainey
Cloar, Hubbert7525451837District No 3
Cloar, Hubert7020531831Captain McDaniel
Cloar, Hubert23881835Captain Taylor
Cloar, Hubert7524091836District No 3
Cloar, J C25491837District No 4
Cloar, John4551807Captain Charlton
Cloar, John5701809Captain Turner
Cloar, John19413111820Captain Bates
Cloar, John14113191820Captain Bate
Cloar, John14991823Captain Taylor
Cloar, John15231825Captain Branham
Cloar, John16781827Captain Jordan
Cloar, John Snr16011731816Captain Swainey
Cloar, William4551807Captain Charlton
Cloar, William5701809Captain Turner
Cloar, William5213111820Captain Bates
Cloar, William5013191820Captain Bate
Cloar, William4 lots24131836District No 4
Cloar, William1 lot25491837District No 4
Cloar, William12528801849District No. 17
Cloar, Wm5411731816Captain Swainey
Cloas, Elijah1879651813Captain Lauderdale
Cloas, William9251813Captain Cook
Cloe(Cloc?), John4131802Captain Neelie
Cloer, Abselom7011811Captain Cook
Cloer, Absolon7961812Captain Cook
Cloer, John7961812Captain Cook
Cloer, William6301810Captain Cook
Cloer, William7961812Captain Cook
Cloes, Eligah7011811Captain Cook
Cloes, John7011811Captain Cook
Cloes, William7011811Captain Cook
Clolesbough, H E027971868District No. 7
Clollier, Abner6721810Captain Preston
Clopton, Reuben18025181836District No 18
Clopton, Reuben17026671837District No 18
Clopton, Reuben F24191836District No 5
Clough, Willim10031131870District No. 17
Clouth?, James1005331809Captain Charlton
Cloyd, W P24027601856District No. 8
Clrndening, Mary6329181862District No. 17
Clueny, Samuel11831816Captain Vinson
Clybour, George1508691812Captain Simpson
Clybourn, George1507551811Captain Simpson
Clybourn, George8951812Captain Simpson
Clybourn, George2339771813Captain Simpson
Clybourn, George23210111815Captain Carr
Clybourn, George37311171816Captain Carr
Clyne, John25181836District No 18
Coal027791856District No. 12
Coal, Joseph1414311823Captain Davis
Coal, Joseph1414341823Captain Davis
Coal, Sampson13722111834Captain Boyle
Coal, Sampson18724821836District No 13
Coal, Sampson13726261837District No 13
Coal, Samson14871823Captain Meador
Coal, William1816721827Captain Gillam
Coaley, William15671825Captain Lawrey
Coates, J15028191856District No. 15
Coats, A H25851838District No 5
Coats, A H1 lot27951856District No. 14
Coats, B E113.7527601856District No. 8
Coats, Beverley E3024531836District No 9
Coats, beverly C8724491836District No 8
Coats, James2028711868District No. 15
Coats, James8231001870District No. 15
Coats, James estate2029861865District No. 15
Coats, Presily E8725991837District No 8
Coats, Samuel10128711868District No. 15
Coats, Samuel10031001870District No. 15
Cobb, James H24491836District No 8
Cobb, James H25991837District No 8
Cobb, Lebius21521833Captain Meador
Coccle, Thomas2216811827Captain Key
Cochklelrise, Henry18881830Captain Duffer
Cochram, William6018131829Captain Lovell
Cochran Jnr, Saml10018651830Captain Brizendine
Cochran Jr, Saml10017571829Captain Brizenden
Cochran Jr, Saml10020051831Captain Brizendine
Cochran Jr, Saml18025181836District No 18
Cochran Jr, Samuel10022421834Captain Hodges
Cochran Junr, Samuel10016311826Captain McGlothlin
Cochran Junr, Samuel10016891827Captain McGlothlin
Cochran Sen, Samuel12416311826Captain McGlothlin
Cochran Senr, Samuel12416891827Captain McGlothlin
Cochran Snr, Saml12418651830Captain Brizendine
Cochran Sr, Saml12417571829Captain Brizenden
Cochran Sr, Saml27425181836District No 18
Cochran Sr, Samuel17422421834Captain Hodges
Cochran Sr, Samuel17423691835Captain Perdue
Cochran, Daniel15801825Captain McGlothlin
Cochran, Daniel16311826Captain McGlothlin
Cochran, Daniel16891827Captain McGlothlin
Cochran, Daniel20051831Captain Brizendine
Cochran, Daniel7020361831Captain Turner
Cochran, Daniel9021731833Captain Turner
Cochran, Daniel22411834Captain Hodges
Cochran, Daniel20023701835Captain Perdue
Cochran, Danl17571829Captain Brizenden
Cochran, Danl18671830Captain Brizendine
Cochran, David16301826Captain McGlothlin
Cochran, Harrison12471817Captain Martin
Cochran, Jane8031321870District No. 16
Cochran, Mary10028301856District No. 16
Cochran, Mary5031321870District No. 16
Cochran, S27071844District No 17
Cochran, Saml12420051831Captain Brizendine
Cochran, Samuel27415801825Captain McGlothlin
Cochran, Samuel10023691835Captain Perdue
Cochran, W B11531011870District No. 15
Cochran, William6016301826Captain McGlothlin
Cochran, William6020361831Captain Turner
Cochran, William6021731833Captain Turner
Cochrane, W B10528711868District No. 15
Cochren Jr, Samuel10021211833Captain Hodges
Cochren Sen, Samuel17421211833Captain Hodges
Cochren, Daniel21211833Captain Hodges
Cochron, Danel6813401820Captain Hodges
Cochron, Samuel22413401820Captain Hodges
Cochron, William6013381820Captain Hodges
Cock, Caesent6301810Captain Cook
Cock, Louis2.7529181862District No. 17
Cock, Thomas6403901802Captain Brownen
Cock, Thomas3846301810Captain Cook
Cockbrease, Jacob2913661820Captain Seawell
Cocke, C H1 lot28321868District No. 11
Cocke, Fleming13027441856District No. 3
Cocke, John K027441856District No. 3
Cocke, Thomas4671807Captain McCall
Cocke, Thomas845701809Captain Turner
Cocke, William027441856District No. 3
Cockelread, Jacob2916511827Captain Carr
Cockelreed, Jacob2915551825Captain Keesee
Cockelreese, Jacob11651816Captain Seawell
Cockelreese, Nicholas7911812Captain Blythe
Cockelrens, Henry20241831Captain Duffer
Cockelriea, Nicholas9051812
Cockelruf, Nicholas6871811Captain Barrot
Cockelrun, Henry11731816Captain Swainey
Cockelrun, Nicholas11731816Captain Swainey
Cockelrun, Nicholas12691817Captain Swainey
Cockeneuas, Nicholas1006231810Captain Charlton
Cockes, Dock col030171870District No. 3
Cockleread, Jacob2719971831Captain Brown
Cocklerias, Jacob10071815Captain Blythe
Cocklerias, Nicholas10071815Captain Blythe
Cockleridge, Jacob2914611823Captain Glover
Cockleridge, Nocholas9211813Captain Blythe
Cockleriece, Jacob2917621829Captain Carr
Cocklerus, Jacob2920011831Captain Brown
Cocklreece, Jacob2918781830Captain Carr
Cockram, Hirz17426611837District No 17
Cockran, Daniel5014491823Captain Freeland
Cockran, Daniel9019551830Captain Turner
Cockran, Daniel17425081836District No 17
Cockran, Daniel1025291836District No 20
Cockran, Daniel9025331836District No 20
Cockran, Daniel20029461862District No. 19
Cockran, Danl029391862District No. 19
Cockran, David20328601856District No. 19
Cockran, James23421835Captain Groves
Cockran, P H028601856District No. 19
Cockran, Perry029391862District No. 19
Cockran, Samuel22414491823Captain Freeland
Cockran, Simeon20541831Captain McDaniel
Cockran, Thos029391862District No. 19
Cockran, Thos029461862District No. 19
Cockran, William6015031823Captain Turner
Cockran, William6019551830Captain Turner
Cockran, William6022451834Captain Jackson
Cockran, William6023421835Captain Groves
Cockran, Wm8031131870District No. 17
Cockreham, Jane8029441869District No. 16
Cockreham, Mary5029441869District No. 16
Cockrell, William6012101817Captain Armfield
Cockron Junr, Samuel10026671837District No 18
Cockron Sen, Samuel17426671837District No 18
Cockron, William6316351827Captain Bradley
Coclelred, Nicholas5024821836District No 13
Cocren, Daniel16551827Captain Douglass
Coffee, John13351820Captain Horsley
Coffee, Martin13351820Captain Horsley
Cofman, Pavatt14514661823Captain Kennedy
Cogbell, Charles C8711651816Captain Seawell
Cohern, Wm6011361816Captain Harris
Coke, Anthony25491837District No 4
Coke, Daniel col028331868District No. 11
Coke, V B030161870District No. 3
Cokeley, Benjamin433.519561830Captain Turner
Cokely, William11131321870District No. 16
Coker, Charles027521868District No. 1
Coker, E M6229441869District No. 16
Coker, E M6231321870District No. 16
Coker, Jas15517031827Captain Marlin
Coker, Jesse12813591820Captain Rhoads
Coker, Jesse26726391837District No 14
Coker, Jessee12810111815Captain Carr
Coker, Jessee12811171816Captain Carr
Coker, Jessee12812141817Captain Carr
Coker, Jessee8014831823Captain Martin
Coker, Jessee8015911825Captain Martin
Coker, Jessee15018211829Captain Robertson
Coker, Jessee5019461830Captain Robertson
Coker, Jessee25020671831Captain Robertson
Coker, Jessee27321521833Captain Meador
Coker, Jessee27322591834Captain Pyles
Coker, Jessee27323731835Captain Peters
Coker, Jessee27724961836District No 15
Coker, Jessey6661810Captain Moore
Coker, John T26401837District No 14
Coker, R M028301856District No. 16
Coker, William22591834Captain Pyles
Coker, William23731835Captain Peters
Coker, Wm E24961836District No 15
Cokes, Fleming13027721868District No. 3
Cokes, L? col027761868District No. 3
Cokes, Layton? Col027761868District No. 3
Cokes, Van027721868District No. 3
Cokley, William11129441869District No. 16
Colage Agusta Kentucky50026471837District No 15
Colbert, John8222311834Captain Gilliam
Colcamp, Wm col030421870District No. 5
Colclough, Benjamin22725261836District No 19
Colclough, Benjamin658.525291836District No 20
Colclough, Benjamin658.525331836District No 20
Colclough, W A9628501856District No. 18
Colclough, William9629941865District No. 18
Colde, Eudoxia M10015831825Captain McGlothlin
Coldwell, Hardy39525031836District No 16
Coldwell, Hardy est15028711868District No. 15
Coldwell, Scath8691812Captain Simpson
Coldwell, William30028711868District No. 15
Cole, ?18131829Captain Lovell
Cole, A J & C M17529941865District No. 18
Cole, A J & C M17528831868District No. 18
Cole, A J & M C030691870District No. 9
Cole, C M029941865District No. 18
Cole, Henry (col.)50718088th District
Cole, Henry col028031868District No. 7
Cole, Housen21881832Captain Hodges
Cole, Hugh2289771813Captain Simpson
Cole, Hugh22811051816Captain Alderson
Cole, Hughey2289951815Captain Alderson
Cole, J11728191856District No. 15
Cole, J H3527601856District No. 8
Cole, J R12028831868District No. 18
Cole, James2010711815Captain Thompson
Cole, James5011051816Captain Alderson
Cole, James11531816Captain Montgomery
Cole, James12331817Captain Henderson
Cole, James19221830Captain Joyner
Cole, James20441831Captain Jones
Cole, James H23821835Captain Shannon
Cole, James H24491836District No 8
Cole, James H25991837District No 8
Cole, James N21351833Captain Jones
Cole, Jas509951815Captain Alderson
Cole, Jno609951815Captain Alderson
Cole, John15031823Captain Turner
Cole, John8515971825Captain Parnell
Cole, John8716301826Captain McGlothlin
Cole, John15016351827Captain Bradley
Cole, John estate3329581865District No. 5
Cole, Joseph1413811820Captain Davis
Cole, Joseph23815451825Captain Gilliam
Cole, Martin4921807Captain Wells
Cole, Mrs E B3528051868District No. 8
Cole, Mrs. E.B.3550018088th District
Cole, S S029711865District No. 10
Cole, Sampson13718091829Captain Key
Cole, Sampson13719251830Captain Key
Cole, Sampson13721021833Captain Davis
Cole, Sampson13723221835Captain Boyle
Cole, Sampson11727901856District No. 13
Cole, Stephen (col.)50718088th District
Cole, Stephen col028031868District No. 7
Cole, Thos6671810Captain Payton
Cole, W C13029861865District No. 15
Cole, W C031011870District No. 15
Cole, William11511781816Captain Thompson
Cole, William11512771817Captain Patton
Cole, William11513421820Captain Hogan
Cole, William11514661823Captain Kennedy
Cole, William1817671829Captain Davis
Cole, William10119211830Captain Joyner
Cole, William10120441831Captain Jones
Cole, William1821061833Captain Gilliam
Cole, William10121351833Captain Jones
Cole, William6722731834Captain Shannon
Cole, William6723821835Captain Shannon
Cole, William72.524491836District No 8
Cole, William72.525991837District No 8
Cole, William T3515471825Captain Glover
Cole, Wm11515991825Captain Perry
Cole, Wm10118051829Captain Joyner
Cole, Wm C13028711868District No. 15
Cole, Wm T2514591823Captain Glover
Cole, Wm T25851838District No 5
Cole, Y H15227601856District No. 8
Colebeyh, Benjamin433.516301826Captain McGlothlin
Coleby, Benjamin433.516351827Captain Bradley
Colecugh, Benjamin43318131829Captain Lovell
Colelagh, Benjn658.523421835Captain Groves
Colelaugh, Benj441.521391833Captain McCullough
Colelough, Benjamin44515981825Captain Parnell
Colelough, Benjamin21726751837District No 19
Colelough, Benjn441.522451834Captain Jackson
Coleman6406101810Captain Black
Coleman An cold1 lot30131866District No. 5
Coleman,6406961811Captain Black
Coleman, Ann(colored)1 lot27951856District No. 14
Coleman, Aron col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Coleman, Burlin col030371870District No. 4
Coleman, Dawinen H22211834Captain Bryson
Coleman, Downing H5016471827Captain Brown
Coleman, Hal col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Coleman, Hardy25181836District No 18
Coleman, Hardy7428401856District No. 17
Coleman, Hardy74.7528801849District No. 17
Coleman, James16471827Captain Brown
Coleman, Josiah15020311831Captain Green
Coleman, Moris col027851868District No. 4
Coleman, Robt cold1 lot30131866District No. 5
Coleman, Seth25851838District No 5
Coleman, Stephen13701820Captain Looney
Colemon, Hardy26671837District No 18
Coleough, Benjamin43320791831
Coles, Ephraim13210491815Captain McCall
Coles, Heke col030281867District No. 5
Coles, Isaac14541823Captain Giles
Coles, Isaac G9827441856District No. 3
Coles, James9011812Captain William Alexander
Coles, John est3330131866District No. 5
Coles, William11513921820
Coles, Wm T3524191836District No 5
Coles, Wm T3525641837District No 5
Coles, Wm T F25641837District No 5
Coletharp, E heirs2049918088th District
Coletharp, Mrs C2028051868District No. 8
Coley, J F5031001870District No. 15
Coley, L5028191856District No. 15
Coley, Lucy heirs5031001870District No. 15
Coley, W5028191856District No. 15
Coley, W H10031001870District No. 15
Coley, William5018871830Captain Duffer
Coley, William5020481831Captain Keys
Coley, William5021021833Captain Davis
Coley, William5022111834Captain Boyle
Coley, William5023641835Captain Morris
Coley, William5025031836District No 16
Coley, William5026551837District No 16
Colier Jr, V L14827951856District No. 14
Colier Sr, V1 lot28321868District No. 11
Colier Sr, V L39627951856District No. 14
Colier, Isaac26971844District No 4
Colier, V L028321868District No. 11
Colins, Shadrick4411807Captain Baker
Coll, William10116731827Captain Joiner
Colledge, August447020301831Captain Green
College, Augusta, Ky50024971836District No 15
Coller, Isaac25491837District No 4
Colley, Seth5922781834Captain Turner
Colley, Seth5923411835Captain Groves
Colley, Seth W75.6725291836District No 20
Colley, Seth W75.6725331836District No 20
Colley, Seth W7526771837District No 20
Colley, W G029651869District No. 19
Colley, Wm G24181836District No 5
Colley, Wm G25641837District No 5
Colliar, Robert1009871813Captain Wallass
Colliar, Robt1006061810Captain Baker
Collier Jnr, V L G25851838District No 5
Collier Sen, V L44025851838District No 5
Collier Sr, V L1229081862District No. 6
Collier, Isaac23161835Captain Bell
Collier, Isaac24131836District No 4
Collier, Israel19391830Captain Daniels
Collier, Mrs Susan10830041866District No. 12
Collier, Mrs Susan10828541868District No. 12
Collier, Mrs Susan10829231869District No. 12
Collier, Robert1004421807Captain Baker
Collier, Robert1005191809Captain I. Baker
Collier, Robert1007471811Captain Shoulders
Collier, Robert1008621812Captain Sholders
Collier, Robert8661812Captain Sholders
Collier, Robert28710731815Captain Wallace
Collier, Robert28711881816Captain Wallace
Collier, Robert10012871817Captain Winham
Collier, Robert027791856District No. 12
Collier, Robert17529781865District No. 13
Collier, Robert H19771831Captain Allin
Collier, Robert H21551833Captain Ormand
Collier, Robt17530411867District No. 13
Collier, Robt H19091830Captain Hamilton
Collier, Thomas25851838District No 5
Collier, V L24625581837District No 5
Collier, V S36625641837District No 5
Collier, Vines L22571834Captain Ormands
Collier, Vines L932429-311836District No 6
Collier, W F7527791856District No. 12
Collin, Thomas22018951830Captain Frazor
Collins, Edmond6521810Captain McMurry
Collins, Edmond8461812Captain McMurry
Collins, Edward4681807Captain McCall
Collins, Edward7261811Captain McMurry
Collins, J H2529291862District No. 13
Collins, J H2529781865District No. 13
Collins, J H4530411867District No. 13
Collins, James13571820Captain Ross
Collins, James16091825Captain Smith
Collins, James22451834Captain Jackson
Collins, James25181836District No 18
Collins, James5026261837District No 13
Collins, James10026471837District No 15
Collins, John G14531823Captain Giles
Collins, John G19381830Captain Daniels
Collins, Thomas4441807Captain Ball
Collins, Thomas12016731827Captain Joiner
Collins, Thomas27021351833Captain Jones
Collins, Thos17020271831Captain Frazor
Colly, Mrs028011856District No. 14
Colman, Ann col1 lot29581865District No. 5
Colman, Hardy22751834Captain Spradling
Colmon, Hada23341835Captain Granger
Colnes, Wm20681831Captain Robertson
Cololough, Benjamin44126771837District No 20
Coltharp, Elizabeth2027601856District No. 8
Colwell Jr, Hardy20031011870District No. 15
Colwell Sr, Hardy5031011870District No. 15
Colwell, Hardy9522291834Captain Gilliam
Colwell, Hardy29523371835Captain Gilliam
Colwell, J W7531011870District No. 15
Colwell, John3407381811Captain Sarver
Colwell, John22510341815Captain Hamilton
Colwell, Rahab5722551834Captain McGlothlin
Colwell, William5022311834Captain Gilliam
Colwell, William5023391835Captain Gilliam
Colwell, William20031011870District No. 15
Coly, John F029861865District No. 15
Coly, John L5028711868District No. 15
Coly, Lucy5029861865District No. 15
Coly, Lucy est5028711868District No. 15
Coly, Wm15129861865District No. 15
Coly, Wm H10228711868District No. 15
Combs, David3614351823Captain Dickey
Combs, David8619591830Captain Vinsin
Combs, David86.520711831Captain Vinson
Combs, David86.2521171833Captain Hollis
Combs, David8622171834Captain Briggance
Combs, David86.3323251835Captain Brigance
Combs, David18624591836District No 10
Combs, David26126121837District No 10
Combs, David027671856District No. 10
Combs, David029711865District No. 10
Combs, David14728241868District No. 10
Combs, F13028051868District No. 8
Combs, G13049918088th District
Combs, Isaac027671856District No. 10
Combs, Isaac029711865District No. 10
Combs, Isaac028241868District No. 10
Combs, Richard6061810Captain Baker
Combs, T13049918088th District
Combs, William14722171834Captain Briggance
Combs, William14724591836District No 10
Combs, William14729711865District No. 10
Combs, William W14719591830Captain Vinsin
Combs, William W14721191833Captain Hollis
Combs, William W14723281835Captain Brigance
Combs, William W14727671856District No. 10
Combs, Wm W14720711831Captain Vinson
Comer, William2204891807Captain E. Sanders
Comes, David8615331825Captain Dickey
Comes, David23317291827Captain Vinson
Comes, David23318411829Captain Vinson
Comes, William18431829Captain Vinson
Comings, David col030281867District No. 5
Commins, Wm6011351816Captain Harris
Commons, Jessee4026601837District No 17
Compbill, David4951807Captain Walton
Compilation of various Companies5211809Captain I. Baker
Compton, Ben027721868District No. 3
Compton, John027721868District No. 3
Coner, James Moany2409711813Captain Servor
Conger, Adem13529941865District No. 18
Conger, Asa5015331825Captain Dickey
Conger, Asa24591836District No 10
Conger, James11531816Captain Montgomery
Conger, John4831807Captain Montgomery
Conger, John5531809Captain Montgomery
Conger, John6601810Captain Montgomery
Conger, John7571811Captain Straton
Conger, John8831812Captain Straton
Conger, John9801813Captain Stratton
Conger, John10511815Captain Montgomery
Conger, John11531816Captain Montgomery
Conger, Kevin, heirs of5531809Captain Montgomery
Conger, Sephen heirs7571811Captain Straton
Conger, Stephen Hearn8831812Captain Straton
Conger, Stephen heirs6601810Captain Montgomery
Conger, Stephen heirs10511815Captain Montgomery
Conger, Steven decd heirs9801813Captain Stratton
Conil, David33.3313711820Captain Looney
Conley, Daniel13871820Captain Watkins
Conn, H Josefus2927011811Captain Cook
Conn, J H3109251813Captain Cook
Conn, Jo H10791815
Conn, Jo H1095B1815
Conn, Joh47010671815Captain Key
Conn, Joseph3067961812Captain Cook
Conn, Joseph H58411381816Captain Key
Conn, Josephus14681807Captain McCall
Conn, Josephus5701809Captain Turner
Conn, Samuel4551807Captain Charlton
Conn, Samuel2926301810Captain Cook
Conn, W B20 & 2 lots30421870District No. 5
Connada, Samel5931131870District No. 17
Connel, Enuch P13421820Captain Hogan
Connel, Giles19023821835Captain Shannon
Connel, Jas (col.)50718088th District
Connel, Margrith5031131870District No. 17
Connel, Mrs. M.22550018088th District
Connel, Ned (col.)50718088th District
Connell, E P31327601856District No. 8
Connell, E P24028051868District No. 8
Connell, E.H.24050018088th District
Connell, Giles19024491836District No 8
Connell, Jim col028031868District No. 7
Connell, Ned col028031868District No. 7
Connell, Oliver18027601856District No. 8
Connell, Siles17025991837District No 8
Connelly, John14571823Captain Glover
Conner, Charles20027791856District No. 12
Conner, Edward Williams3009711813Captain Servor
Conner, Jas S3507671811
Conner, Jerimiah20261831Captain Frazor
Conner, John3507911812Captain Blythe
Conner, Lewis3206231810Captain Charlton
Connet, Mrs. O.17050018088th District
Conniors, William heirs3204771807Captain Marlin
Conniors, William heirs3204771807Captain Marlin
Constadine030421870District No. 5
Conyer, (old man)10030421867District No. 13
Conyer, J A10028711868District No. 15
Conyer, J A10831011870District No. 15
Conyers & Nimmo7128201856District No. 15
Conyers, Boney14029651869District No. 19
Conyers, J A028191856District No. 15
Conyers, J A87.529861865District No. 15
Conyers, John19528191856District No. 15
Conyers, John10028191856District No. 15
Conyers, N B329861865District No. 15
Conyers, Wm heirs6405751809Captain Watkins
Cooje, Fedreck15261825Captain Brown
Cook, (?)7221811Captain McCall
Cook, A11531321870District No. 16
Cook, Abslom029441869District No. 16
Cook, Benjamin16051825Captain Preston
Cook, Dela16051825Captain Preston
Cook, Dempsey23891835Captain Watkins
Cook, Dempsey24531836District No 9
Cook, Dempsey26031837District No 9
Cook, Demsey22891834Captain Watkins
Cook, Dimsey20991833Captain Clindining
Cook, Henery5701809Captain Turner
Cook, Henery6301810Captain Cook
Cook, Henery7011811Captain Cook
Cook, Henry7951812Captain Cook
Cook, Henry & Co.709251813Captain Cook
Cook, J C34117981829Captain Haines
Cook, J? A139.522751834Captain Spradling
Cook, Jacob7011811Captain Cook
Cook, Jacob21211381816Captain Key
Cook, Jacob C7010671815Captain Key
Cook, Jacob C21312471817Captain Martin
Cook, Jacob C62014531823Captain Giles
Cook, Jacob C51316771827Captain Jordan
Cook, Jacob C319.7522831834Captain Taylor
Cook, Jacob C23881835Captain Taylor
Cook, Jacob C30924091836District No 3
Cook, Jacob C30925451837District No 3
Cook, James21531833Captain Meador
Cook, James22591834Captain Pyles
Cook, James3524961836District No 15
Cook, James2526391837District No 14
Cook, Joab C31613911820
Cook, Joel2749451813Captain Hamilton
Cook, Joel27410341815Captain Hamilton
Cook, Joel27412101817Captain Armfield
Cook, Joel27413091820Captain Armfield
Cook, Joel27414071823Captain Armfield
Cook, Joel27414111823Captain Armfield
Cook, Joel27416051825Captain Preston
Cook, Joel27417161827Captain Smith
Cook, L L4028321868District No. 11
Cook, L S027711856District No. 11
Cook, Lewis E11529441869District No. 16
Cook, M C027711856District No. 11
Cook, Matilda24701836District No 11
Cook, Matilda G19431830Captain Rascoe
Cook, Matilda G20791831
Cook, Moses34016471827Captain Brown
Cook, Rishert4004801807Captain Mithel?
Cook, Thomas029441869District No. 16
Cook, Thomas031321870District No. 16
Cook, Thomas G029441869District No. 16
Cook, Thomas J529441869District No. 16
Cook, Thomas J531321870District No. 16
Cook, Thomas J031321870District No. 16
Cook, Thos8371812Captain McCall
Cook, Thos8371812Captain McCall
Cook, Thos8411812Captain McCall
Cook, Thos8411812Captain McCall
Cook, Valentine18171829Captain McCullough
Cook, Washington029441869District No. 16
Cook, Washington9131321870District No. 16
Cook, Wiley9871813Captain Wallass
Cook, Wiley12101817Captain Armfield
Cook, Wiley13091820Captain Armfield
Cook, William14751823Captain McCraw
Cook, Wm15771825Captain McCraw
Cooke, James8017031827Captain Marlin
Cooke, Jemes10015261825Captain Brown
Cooke, Jessee7571811Captain Straton
Cooke, Moses34015281825Captain Brown
Cooke, Richard8003971802Captain Green
Cookes, Jacob C61415221825Captain Branham
Cooley, A028051868District No. 8
Cooley, Jas50018088th District
Cooley, S.50018088th District
Cooley, Stephen4350018088th District
Cooley, Stephen4327601856District No. 8
Cooley, Stephen4328051868District No. 8
Cooley, William14051822Captain Ferrell
Cooley, William14951823Captain Rutherford
Cooley, William15017511829Captain Anderson
Cooley, William18019871831Captain Anderson
Cooley, William20021291833Captain Ireland
Cooley, William18022051833
Cooley, William23023491835Captain Kirk
Cooley, William2302429-311836District No 6
Cooley, William23025891837District No 6
Cooley, William2702898?District No. ?
Cooley, William col030281867District No. 5
Cooley, Wm20022351834Captain Gray
Cooley, Wm26828241868District No. 10
Cooly, Stephen19871831Captain Anderson
Cooly, William16951827Captain McKarns
Cooly, Wm27031844District No 6
Coop, Richard8571812Captain Sarver
Coop, Richard39010591815Captain Sarver
Coop, Richard39011361816Captain Harris
Cooper & Frezell17422251834Captain Dickerson
Cooper, Arther508451812Captain McMurry
Cooper, Bennet15451825Captain Gilliam
Cooper, Edmund028711868District No. 15
Cooper, F028201856District No. 15
Cooper, George2205491809Captain McMurry
Cooper, George2206511810Captain McMurry
Cooper, George2207251811Captain McMurry
Cooper, George2208451812Captain McMurry
Cooper, George2209551813Captain McMurry
Cooper, George22010411815Captain McMurry
Cooper, George2211211816Captain Dobbins
Cooper, George22012211817Captain Dobbins
Cooper, Isaac405251809Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac406151810Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac406921811Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac407871812Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac7891812Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac4010031815Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac4011921816Captain White
Cooper, Isaac4012791817Captain White
Cooper, Isaac9013351820Captain Horsley
Cooper, Isaac4014191823Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac4014231823Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac4015521825Captain Haynie
Cooper, Isaac4017531829Captain Anderson
Cooper, Isaac4018611830Captain Anderson
Cooper, Isaac4019941831Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Isaac4021681833Captain Smith
Cooper, Isaac4022251834Captain Dickerson
Cooper, Isaac4025411837District No 2
Cooper, J24961836District No 15
Cooper, Jno2986511810Captain McMurry
Cooper, John4084711807Captain McMurry
Cooper, John2985491809Captain McMurry
Cooper, John2987251811Captain McMurry
Cooper, John2948451812Captain McMurry
Cooper, John9551813Captain McMurry
Cooper, John22010411815Captain McMurry
Cooper, John11211816Captain Dobbins
Cooper, John12211817Captain Dobbins
Cooper, John & his mother13151820Captain Bandy
Cooper, Lampton68.7524971836District No 15
Cooper, Langston4322301834Captain Gilliam
Cooper, Langston68.7526471837District No 15
Cooper, M028201856District No. 15
Cooper, Martin3881802Captain Brownen
Cooper, Martin32029861865District No. 15
Cooper, Martin40528711868District No. 15
Cooper, Martin35031011870District No. 15
Cooper, Thomas6921811Captain Blakemore
Cooper, Thomas21681833Captain Smith
Coopper, Isaac4017231827Captain Turner
Coopper, Isaac4024011836District No 2
Cope, A Jude10019331830Captain McCullough
Cope, Edw18525181836District No 18
Cope, Idda14021731833Captain Turner
Cope, J A26671837District No 18
Cope, J? A23431835Captain Groves
Cope, James215.516301826Captain McGlothlin
Cope, James B22801834Captain Turner
Cope, James R22516471827Captain Brown
Cope, James R10018171829Captain McCullough
Cope, James R10020611831Captain McCullough
Cope, James R21391833Captain McCullough
Cope, James R23411835Captain Groves
Cope, James R10025291836District No 20
Cope, James R10025331836District No 20
Cope, M…?1054801807Captain Mithel?
Cope, R James10119331830Captain McCullough
Cope, Rich8191812Captain Grooves
Cope, Richard2545571809Captain Moor
Cope, Richard2546761810Captain Servor
Cope, Richard5618071812Captain Groves
Cope, Richard5609371813Captain Graves
Cope, Richard25414271823Captain Brown
Cope, Richard26616181825Captain Wallace
Cope, Richard21516471827Captain Brown
Cope, Richard25618171829Captain McCullough
Cope, Richard32019331830Captain McCullough
Cope, Richard62020611831Captain McCullough
Cope, Richard35921721833Captain Turner
Cope, Richard40022781834Captain Turner
Cope, Richard30223421835Captain Groves
Cope, Richard20025291836District No 20
Cope, Richard23025331836District No 20
Cope, Richard23026771837District No 20
Cope, Ritchard6337291811Captain Moore
Copeland, James17821829Captain Frazor
Copeland, James10028401856District No. 17
Coplan, James18941830Captain Frazor
Copland, John1744801807Captain Mithel?
Coppage, E B heirs21028501856District No. 18
Coram, Nehimiah B18651830Captain Brizendine
Coram, Robert19401830Captain Daniels
Corathers, Hugh10010671815Captain Key
Corathers, James decd10010671815Captain Key
Corathers, Jane10010671815Captain Key
Corathers, Mary10010671815Captain Key
Corathers, Thomas10010671815Captain Key
Corbit, Joseph25451837District No 3
Corbitt, Joseph24091836District No 3
Cord, Wm M12411501816Captain Mason
Cordale, Thomas5214881823Captain Meador
Cordale, Thomas2216051825Captain Robertson
Cordel, Thomas12831817Captain Lauderdale
Cordel, Thos5213281820Captain Fleming
Corder, James18341829Captain Trout
Corder, John7411811Captain Seawell
Corder, Luis18341829Captain Trout
Corder, William12051817Captain Alderson
Corder, William5018331829Captain Trout
Corder, William5018341829Captain Trout
Corder, William5021631833Captain Rider
Cordle, Thos11431816Captain Lauderdale
Corem, Adline3227721868District No. 3
Corem, Eli12527721868District No. 3
Corem, William5027721868District No. 3
Corenton, Wm5020601831Captain McCullough
Corethern, James1004681807Captain McCall
Corethers, Hugh1004231802Captain Vinson
Corethers, Robert5004241802Captain Vinson
Corethers, Robert3714681807Captain McCall
Corethers, Thomas1004681807Captain McCall
Corithers, R L22429161869District No. 7
Corkium, Willm6013081820Captain Armfield
Corkram, James25211836District No 19
Corkram, William6025211836District No 19
Corkran, D G20029651869District No. 19
Corkran, Daniel9026771837District No 20
Corkran, James26711837District No 19
Corkran, Perry19029651869District No. 19
Corkran, W L7729651869District No. 19
Corkran, William6026711837District No 19
Corlelough, Benjamin233.515031823Captain Turner
Corleu, Jno T33.7515121823Captain Weathered
Corley, Nancy5029461862District No. 19
Cornealous, James6171810Captain Cantrell
Corneleus, James11581816Captain Preston
Cornell, Elie col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Cornelous, James11771816Captain Thompson
Cornelus, J F22951834Captain Wilkerson
Cornelus, James7341811Captain Preston
Cornelus, James8511812Captain Preston
Cornelus, James10010561815Captain Preston
Cornwell, E S027441856District No. 3
Cornwell, Francis5524971836District No 15
Cornwell, Francis4526471837District No 15
Cornwell, Francis M3022291834Captain Gilliam
Cornwell, Francis M3023371835Captain Gilliam
Cornwell, Henry18526771837District No 20
Cornwell, Jesse26391837District No 14
Cornwell, Peter16441827Captain Blakemore
Corrum, William7430171870District No. 3
Corthran, John11911816Captain White
Corum, Adalin3230161870District No. 3
Corum, Eli21451833Captain McDaniels
Corum, Eli22831834Captain Taylor
Corum, Eli15030161870District No. 3
Corum, Henry030161870District No. 3
Corum, Robert366.511831816Captain Vinson
Corum, Robert30015001823Captain Taylor
Corum, Robert32015211825Captain Branham
Corum, Robert20016441827Captain Blakemore
Corum, Robt17981829Captain Haines
Corum, Wm027441856District No. 3
Corwin, Robt35012491817Captain Martin
Cosby, Alexander027291856District No. 1
Cosley?, William6404221802Captain Vinson
Coslow, John028701868District No. 15
Cotham, Wm26851844District No 7
Cother, Reuben M19025291836District No 20
Cother, Reuben M19025331836District No 20
Cothern & Wright6928831868District No. 18
Cothern, A22251834Captain Dickerson
Cothran & Wright6729941865District No. 18
Cothran, A J028501856District No. 18
Cothran, A T heirs10029941865District No. 18
Cothran, Alexandr25411837District No 2
Cothran, Hudson10041815Captain Blakemore
Cothran, Hudson13811820Captain Davis
Cothran, John10051815Captain Blakemore
Cothran, John10225411837District No 2
Cothran, William24191836District No 5
Cothran, Wm21671833Captain Smith
Cothren, A T heirs4028831868District No. 18
Cothren, Alexander24021836District No 2
Cothren, Robert12801817Captain White
Cothren, Sarah6028831868District No. 18
Cothren, William17561829Captain Anderson
Cothren, Wm19931831Captain Blakemore
Cothren, Wm22251834Captain Dickerson
Cothron heirs by Wm Hubbart1035711809Captain Turner
Cothron, Wm decd heirs1037041811Captain Cook
Cottan, John M2 lots28321868District No. 11
Cotten, Benjamin8811812Captain Sowell
Cotten, John5028501856District No. 18
Cotton Factory16771827Captain Jordan
Cotton heirs027711856District No. 11
Cotton, (?)12013731820Captain Winham
Cotton, Alexander4415381825Captain Dickey
Cotton, Alexander027671856District No. 10
Cotton, Alexd13701820Captain Looney
Cotton, Allen10171815Captain Edwards
Cotton, Arther4761807Captain Marlin
Cotton, Arther17522171834Captain Briggance
Cotton, Arthur6061810Captain Baker
Cotton, Arthur7471811Captain Shoulders
Cotton, Arthur1008041812Captain Edward
Cotton, Arthur1009871813Captain Wallass
Cotton, Arthur11810731815Captain Wallace
Cotton, Arthur11811261816Captain Elliott
Cotton, Arthur12015381825Captain Dickey
Cotton, Arthur12017271827Captain Vinson
Cotton, Arthur17518491829
Cotton, Arthur17519411830Captain Rascoe
Cotton, Arthur17520711831Captain Vinson
Cotton, Arthur17521271833Captain Ireland
Cotton, Arthur17524701836District No 11
Cotton, Arthurr17526151837District No 11
Cotton, Athur12012871817Captain Winham
Cotton, Bengeman8591811Captain Seual
Cotton, Benjamin9011812Captain William Alexander
Cotton, Eli15331825Captain Dickey
Cotton, Elizabeth19329711865District No. 10
Cotton, Elizabeth19328241868District No. 10
Cotton, Henry F24591836District No 10
Cotton, Hugh5020711831Captain Vinson
Cotton, Hugh8621181833Captain Hollis
Cotton, Hugh16622171834Captain Briggance
Cotton, Hugh16623251835Captain Brigance
Cotton, Hugh11624591836District No 10
Cotton, Hugh5025211836District No 19
Cotton, Hugh3626121837District No 10
Cotton, Hugh5026711837District No 19
Cotton, J L4028241868District No. 10
Cotton, J M heirs24928241868District No. 10
Cotton, James027671856District No. 10
Cotton, James22531131870District No. 17
Cotton, Jane12027671856District No. 10
Cotton, Jane & John13029181862District No. 17
Cotton, Jas L4029711865District No. 10
Cotton, Jno26151837District No 11
Cotton, John1004761807Captain Marlin
Cotton, John1005761809Captain Watkins
Cotton, John1006341810Captain Edwards
Cotton, John1007081811Captain Edwards
Cotton, John1008041812Captain Edward
Cotton, John9011812Captain William Alexander
Cotton, John1009331813Captain Edwards
Cotton, John12410171815Captain Edwards
Cotton, John12411631816Captain Rice
Cotton, John12412561817Captain Rice
Cotton, John12413701820Captain Looney
Cotton, John11614351823Captain Dickey
Cotton, John11615331825Captain Dickey
Cotton, John15116941827Captain McKarns
Cotton, John15118411829Captain Vinson
Cotton, John29518411829Captain Vinson
Cotton, John15119591830Captain Vinsin
Cotton, John15020711831Captain Vinson
Cotton, John18121191833Captain Hollis
Cotton, John15022171834Captain Briggance
Cotton, John161.523271835Captain Brigance
Cotton, John16124591836District No 10
Cotton, John16226121837District No 10
Cotton, John156.7527671856District No. 10
Cotton, John16029711865District No. 10
Cotton, John5029941865District No. 18
Cotton, John5028831868District No. 18
Cotton, John col028331868District No. 11
Cotton, John M027671856District No. 10
Cotton, John M26029711865District No. 10
Cotton, Lemuel heirs1254171802Captain Snoddy
Cotton, Lovey5026711837District No 19
Cotton, M heirs27171844District No 11
Cotton, Merry L15671825Captain Lawrey
Cotton, Moore112 1/24081802Captain Latimer
Cotton, Moore1124761807Captain Marlin
Cotton, Moorecotton gin4771807Captain Marlin
Cotton, Moore1595761809Captain Watkins
Cotton, Moore1606341810Captain Edwards
Cotton, Moore1607081811Captain Edwards
Cotton, Moore1808041812Captain Edward
Cotton, Moore1809331813Captain Edwards
Cotton, Moore18010191815Captain Edwards
Cotton, Moore18011631816Captain Rice
Cotton, Moore18012551817Captain Rice
Cotton, Moore20015381825Captain Dickey
Cotton, Moore44917271827Captain Vinson
Cotton, Moore44618411829Captain Vinson
Cotton, Moore461.519591830Captain Vinsin
Cotton, Moore46120711831Captain Vinson
Cotton, Moore46121181833Captain Hollis
Cotton, Moore43223251835Captain Brigance
Cotton, Moore49924591836District No 10
Cotton, Moore5025211836District No 19
Cotton, Moose18013691820Captain Looney
Cotton, More20014351823Captain Dickey
Cotton, More49122171834Captain Briggance
Cotton, More57926121837District No 10
Cotton, Mrs Sarah1729741865District No. 10
Cotton, Noah8041812Captain Edward
Cotton, Noah3013701820Captain Looney
Cotton, Noah14351823Captain Dickey
Cotton, Noah484.515331825Captain Dickey
Cotton, Noah484.517271827Captain Vinson
Cotton, Noah417.518411829Captain Vinson
Cotton, Noah484.519591830Captain Vinsin
Cotton, Noah284.520711831Captain Vinson
Cotton, Noah484.521171833Captain Hollis
Cotton, Noah484.522171834Captain Briggance
Cotton, Noah484.523261835Captain Brigance
Cotton, Noah48424591836District No 10
Cotton, Noah484.526121837District No 10
Cotton, Noah49027671856District No. 10
Cotton, P(?)1609331813Captain Edwards
Cotton, Preacy20020711831Captain Vinson
Cotton, Precilla16018411829Captain Vinson
Cotton, Precilla20021171833Captain Hollis
Cotton, Prentiss1604761807Captain Marlin
Cotton, Presilla16014351823Captain Dickey
Cotton, Presillee20022171834Captain Briggance
Cotton, Pressela1607081811Captain Edwards
Cotton, Pressilla16016941827Captain McKarns
Cotton, Pricella16013701820Captain Looney
Cotton, Pricilla1608031812Captain Edward
Cotton, Pricilla20023261835Captain Brigance
Cotton, Pricilla20024591836District No 10
Cotton, Pricilla20026121837District No 10
Cotton, Priscilla1604081802Captain Latimer
Cotton, Priscilla1605761809Captain Watkins
Cotton, Priscilla20019591830Captain Vinsin
Cotton, Prisella16010171815Captain Edwards
Cotton, Prisilla16011631816Captain Rice
Cotton, Prissilly1606341810Captain Edwards
Cotton, Pruslla16015381825Captain Dickey
Cotton, Sander16012551817Captain Rice
Cotton, Thomas4027671856District No. 10
Cottron, Christley10014351823Captain Dickey
Couch, P J5830171870District No. 3
Couen, Golston2349381813Captain Graves
Couen, Zachariah1009381813Captain Graves
Couferd, C L24029181862District No. 17
Cougar, Adam10028501856District No. 18
Coughron, William4011681816Captain Gwin
Coughron, William6012401817Captain Hodge
Counce, D col028031868District No. 7
Counce, D. (col.)50718088th District
Covenson, William A14681807Captain McCall
Coventon, Asy10015251825Captain Brown
Coventon, William4911807Captain Wells
Coventon, William5271809Captain Bridger
Covington, Asa15116471827Captain Brown
Covington, Asa28425291836District No 20
Covington, Asa29425331836District No 20
Covington, Asa29426771837District No 20
Covington, George col030421870District No. 5
Covington, Gorge col030281867District No. 5
Covington, Washington19021830Captain Green
Covington, William6431810Captain McCall
Covington, William11024191836District No 5
Covington, William5025181836District No 18
Covington, William10325641837District No 5
Covington, William A7211811Captain McCall
Covington, William A.3605291809Captain McCall
Covington, Wm16471827Captain Brown
Covington, Wm18171829Captain McCullough
Covington, Wm25581837District No 5
Covitt, George8231812Captain Henry Hamilton
Cowan, John030701870District No. 9
Cowan, Mathew1 lot25851838District No 5
Cowdan, Wm17512141817Captain Carr
Cowden, James2134371807Captain Anderson
Cowden, James2135371809Captain Cowden
Cowden, James2136371810Captain Cowden
Cowden, Josiah704371807Captain Anderson
Cowden, Josiah1005371809Captain Cowden
Cowden, Josiah13710221815Captain Gilbert
Cowden, Josiah17411511816Captain Mason
Cowden, Josiah16012401817Captain Hodge
Cowden, William2147551811Captain Simpson
Cowden, William2148691812Captain Simpson
Cowden, William8951812Captain Simpson
Cowden, William1869771813Captain Simpson
Cowden, William16210111815Captain Carr
Cowden, William17011171816Captain Carr
Cowden, William17514831823Captain Martin
Cowden, William17517031827Captain Marlin
Cowden, Wm17513591820Captain Rhoads
Cowden, Wm17515911825Captain Martin
Cowden, Wm Jr5371809Captain Cowden
Cowden, Wm Jun7551811Captain Simpson
Cowden, Wm Junr6371810Captain Cowden
Cowden, Wm Senr2136371810Captain Cowden
cowden, Wm, Sr.2135371809Captain Cowden
Cowell, Robert5513571820Captain Ross
Cowen, Margarett6219411830Captain Rascoe
Cowen, Margerat6021591833Captain Rascoe
Cowens, Robert3413511820Captain Martin
Cowger, Adam13328831868District No. 18
Cowger, Asa5017271827Captain Vinson
Cowger, Asa7518411829Captain Vinson
Cowger, Asa21191833Captain Hollis
Cowgill, Daniel24701836District No 11
Cowgill, Daniel26161837District No 11
Cowgill, Marlin18251829Captain Rasco
Cowgill, Martin15101823Captain Wallace
Cowgill, Martin16551827Captain Douglass
Cowgill, Martin19411830Captain Rascoe
Cowoden, William Sr.2134371807Captain Anderson
Cowsill, Martin16171825Captain Wallace
Cox, Carroll1 lot30421870District No. 5
Cox, Henry5391809Captain Geo Black
Cox, Henry6091810Captain Black
Cox, Henry927621868District No. 2
Cox, Henry5827721868District No. 3
Cox, Will11027721868District No. 3
Cozbell, Charls8712631817Captain Seawell
Crab, John7517271827Captain Vinson
Crab, John7518411829Captain Vinson
Crab, Knight5018411829Captain Vinson
Crab, Night5017271827Captain Vinson
Crabb, E5028831868District No. 18
Crabb, Frank028251868District No. 10
Crabb, J F028501856District No. 18
Crabb, John2513701820Captain Looney
Crabb, John2514351823Captain Dickey
Crabb, William10028501856District No. 18
Crabb, William15029941865District No. 18
Crabb, William5028831868District No. 18
Crable, Knigh7520731831Captain Vinson
Craddock, John6404251802
Craferd, C L24031131870District No. 17
Craften & Wright029461862District No. 19
Crafton, A G7529651869District No. 19
Crag, E T702898?District No. ?
Crage, E T3827701856District No. 10
Craig, C F7129081862District No. 6
Craighead, William4401807Captain Baker
Crain, Ezakiel10011291816Captain Green
Crain, Ezekiel10012261817Captain Ferrell
Crain, Ezekiel19513871820Captain Watkins
Crain, Lewis7706671810Captain Payton
Crain, Lewis8111812Captain D Green
Crain, Lewis12478161812Captain David Green
Crain, Lewis60611291816Captain Green
Crain, Lewis57212261817Captain Ferrell
Crain, Lewis70613211820Captain Ferrell
Crain, Lewis65615721825Captain McCain
Crain, Louis65614951823Captain Rutherford
Crain, Lowes? [Louis]7403951802Captain Green
Crain, Thom50018088th District
Crain, Thomas028051868District No. 8
Crain, William6671810Captain Payton
Crain, William8111812Captain D Green
Crain, William8171812Captain David Green
Crain, William5011301816Captain Green
Crale, John7515331825Captain Dickey
Crand, William5661809Captain Rawling?
Crand?, Lewis7755661809Captain Rawling?
Crane, B William21131833Captain Green
Crane, Caleb18271829Captain Rasco
Crane, Caleb12019021830Captain Green
Crane, Caleb21131833Captain Green
Crane, Calob12020301831Captain Green
Crane, Ezekial14515591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Crane, Ezekiel10010261815Captain Green
Crane, John20291831Captain Green
Crane, John21131833Captain Green
Crane, Lewis64010261815Captain Green
Crane, Lewis70614041822Captain Ferrell
Crane, Luis7007101811Captain Green
Crane, Luis8689421813Captain Green
Crane, William7111811Captain Green
Crane, William9421813Captain Green
Crane, William7020301831Captain Green
Crane, William B7019011830Captain Green
Crane, William heirs5018271829Captain Rasco
Crane, Wm5010261815Captain Green
Crane, Wm16951827Captain McKarns
Cranes, Ezakel14014911823Captain Preston
Crank Jr, Wm027521868District No. 1
Crank, J S030031870District No. 2
Crank, Jno L027521868District No. 1
Crank, John030031870District No. 2
Crank, Lipscomb30123971836District No 1
Crank, R A027521868District No. 1
Crank, William23971836District No 1
Crank, William130031870District No. 2
Crann, B Nehemiah16891827Captain McGlothlin
Cranshaw, Aleridearth9641813Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, David15021521833Captain Meador
Cranshaw, J C1 lot25851838District No 5
Cranshaw, John26310381815Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, John26012831817Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, John72322071834Captain Baskerville
Cranshaw, John52723181835Captain Baskerville
Cranshaw, John22424741836District No 12
Cranshaw, Nathan8271812Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, Nathan8311812Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, Nathan4512841817Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, Nathan7016871827Captain Lauderdale
Cranshaw, Nathan7023291835Captain Bryson
Cranshaw, Nathanel31012801817Captain White
Cranshaw, Nathaniel26118611830Captain Anderson
Crartwright, Jacob96.7514751823Captain McCraw
Crashaw, Nathan2011411816Captain Lauderdale
Cravate, John3941802Captain Bruce
Crawford, C L29928401856District No. 17
Crawford, Hugh5144071802Captain Latimer
Crawford, Hugh518 1/24761807Captain Marlin
Crawford, Hugh566.55751809Captain Watkins
Crawford, Hugh566.56341810Captain Edwards
Crawford, Hugh4928031812Captain Edward
Crawford, Hugh493.59341813Captain Edwards
Crawford, Hugh50010181815Captain Edwards
Crawford, Hugh50011611816Captain Rice
Crawford, Hugh50012561817Captain Rice
Crawford, Hugh50013731820Captain Winham
Crawford, Hugh50014351823Captain Dickey
Crawford, Hugh50615331825Captain Dickey
Crawford, Hugh31117271827Captain Vinson
Crawford, Hugh30018411829Captain Vinson
Crawford, Hugh30019591830Captain Vinsin
Crawford, Hugh30020711831Captain Vinson
Crawford, Peter18141829Captain Lovell
Crawford, William48 1/24761807Captain Marlin
Crawford, William11611816Captain Rice
Crawford, William32612561817Captain Rice
Crawford, William21013701820Captain Looney
Crawford, William23014351823Captain Dickey
Creacy, Joseph5031011870District No. 15
Creacy, Luisa est24031011870District No. 15
Creasey, Thos16028201856District No. 15
Creasy, John029581865District No. 5
Creasy, Louisa24529861865District No. 15
Creasy, Louisa est24428711868District No. 15
Crebbins10010561815Captain Preston
Crebins, Thos1004031802Captain Hankin
Crebins, Thos for Milis heirs1004031802Captain Hankin
Crekrom, Wm6011491816Captain Mason
Crenchaw, David25024971836District No 15
Crenshaw, ?028511868District No. 11
Crenshaw, A J7029311869District No. 14
Crenshaw, A J6630951870District No. 14
Crenshaw, Allen col028331868District No. 11
Crenshaw, An J26261837District No 13
Crenshaw, Andrew24821836District No 13
Crenshaw, Carland C29523971836District No 1
Crenshaw, Cate6130951870District No. 14
Crenshaw, Charles col027581868District No. 1
Crenshaw, David22411701816Captain Smith
Crenshaw, David40412671817Captain Smith
Crenshaw, David18461829Captain Winn
Crenshaw, David15022591834Captain Pyles
Crenshaw, David15026471837District No 15
Crenshaw, G C41622851834Captain Walton
Crenshaw, G C29523571835Captain Walton
Crenshaw, G C29525371837District No 1
Crenshaw, G C500 & 1 lot27291856District No. 1
Crenshaw, G C1 lot27951856District No. 14
Crenshaw, Garland C30013831820Captain Walton
Crenshaw, Garland C41514391823Captain Donoho
Crenshaw, Garland C41515391825Captain Duffer
Crenshaw, Garland C41617731829Captain Duffer
Crenshaw, Garland C41618891830Captain Duffer
Crenshaw, Garland C41621751833Captain Walton
Crenshaw, Gus col027581868District No. 1
Crenshaw, Isaac col030491867District No. 13
Crenshaw, J C10027521868District No. 1
Crenshaw, J C admin18027521868District No. 1
Crenshaw, J R1 lot27521868District No. 1
Crenshaw, J R24829311869District No. 14
Crenshaw, J R1 lot29871870District No. 1
Crenshaw, James24061836District No 2
Crenshaw, James027291856District No. 1
Crenshaw, James029781865District No. 13
Crenshaw, Jas030411867District No. 13
Crenshaw, Jas C10029871870District No. 1
Crenshaw, Jo R027301856District No. 1
Crenshaw, Joel38011701816Captain Smith
Crenshaw, Joel38012671817Captain Smith
Crenshaw, Joel34513831820Captain Walton
Crenshaw, Joel9615391825Captain Duffer
Crenshaw, John26311431816Captain Lauderdale
Crenshaw, John29013281820Captain Fleming
Crenshaw, John27314851823Captain Meador
Crenshaw, John29616051825Captain Robertson
Crenshaw, John52617001827Captain McNeil
Crenshaw, John59018301829Captain Turner
Crenshaw, John53019281830Captain Fulton
Crenshaw, John53019911831Captain Baskerville
Crenshaw, John56720871833Captain Baskerville
Crenshaw, John29824821836District No 13
Crenshaw, John22226181837District No 12
Crenshaw, John29726281837District No 13
Crenshaw, John20027611868District No. 2
Crenshaw, John20030031870District No. 2
Crenshaw, Josep030951870District No. 14
Crenshaw, Joseph029311869District No. 14
Crenshaw, Joseph Dr4030951870District No. 14
Crenshaw, Joseph M027431856District No. 3
Crenshaw, Martha24061836District No 2
Crenshaw, Mary13027791856District No. 12
Crenshaw, Mat26022251834Captain Dickerson
Crenshaw, Meredith G3212751817Captain Vinson
Crenshaw, Mrs Elizabeth5027441856District No. 3
Crenshaw, Mrs Elizabeth7329871870District No. 1
Crenshaw, Mrs Mary12030041866District No. 12
Crenshaw, Mrs Mary12028531868District No. 12
Crenshaw, Mrs Mary10829231869District No. 12
Crenshaw, Nathan4756151810Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nathan9641813Captain Lauderdale
Crenshaw, Nathan4513261820Captain Fleming
Crenshaw, Nathan4515121823Captain Weathered
Crenshaw, Nathan18016051825Captain Robertson
Crenshaw, Nathan7018461829Captain Winn
Crenshaw, Nathan7020191831Captain Byrn
Crenshaw, Nathan7024821836District No 13
Crenshaw, Nathanel26113331820Captain Horsley
Crenshaw, Nathaniel173.56921811Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nathaniel507131811Captain Lauderdale
Crenshaw, Nathaniel1707851812Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nathaniel7901812Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nathaniel1609171813Captain Blackemon
Crenshaw, Nathaniel26114231823Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nathaniel26115531825Captain Haynie
Crenshaw, Nathaniel26119931831Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nathaniel26121691833Captain Smith
Crenshaw, Nathaniel33324011836District No 2
Crenshaw, Nathaniel33325411837District No 2
Crenshaw, Nathanl7026261837District No 13
Crenshaw, Nathen7020961833Captain Bryson
Crenshaw, Nathl26114201823Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Nath'l1755251809Captain Blakemore
Crenshaw, Polly53214391823Captain Donoho
Crenshaw, R T18027791856District No. 12
Crenshaw, R T16030411867District No. 13
Crenshaw, Richard17129311869District No. 14
Crenshaw, Richard17130951870District No. 14
Crenshaw, Robt16029791865District No. 13
Crenshaw, Thos10027521868District No. 1
Crenshaw, Thos J10029871870District No. 1
Crenshaw, William48911701816Captain Smith
Crenshaw, William53212671817Captain Smith
Crenshaw, William53213831820Captain Walton
Crery, Moses22891834Captain Watkins
Crestman, J029581865District No. 5
Creswell, Will8381812Captain McCall
Creswell, Will8411812Captain McCall
Crewdson, Wm18171829Captain McCullough
Crewes, Pleasant5271809Captain Bridger
Crews James15029791865District No. 13
Crews, (?)2011451816Captain Lauderdale
Crews, (?)6713251820Captain Fleming
Crews, Benjamin15121823Captain Weathered
Crews, Benjamin2016051825Captain Robertson
Crews, Benjamin16811827Captain Key
Crews, Benjamin2018091829Captain Key
Crews, Benjamin2019261830Captain Key
Crews, Benny7901812Captain Blakemore
Crews, Drewry18471829Captain Winn
Crews, Drewry5023291835Captain Bryson
Crews, Druary15121823Captain Weathered
Crews, Drury5016871827Captain Lauderdale
Crews, Drury5026261837District No 13
Crews, Edmond16771827Captain Jordan
Crews, Edward19171830Captain Jordan
Crews, Edward20521831Captain McDaniel
Crews, Edward22831834Captain Taylor
Crews, Edward23851835Captain Taylor
Crews, Edwin24091836District No 3
Crews, F P heirs11529291862District No. 13
Crews, G B029791865District No. 13
Crews, Isaac5261809Captain Blakemore
Crews, James5026281837District No 13
Crews, James7627901856District No. 13
Crews, James15029291862District No. 13
Crews, James15030411867District No. 13
Crews, Jane2015351825Captain Dickey
Crews, John15351825Captain Dickey
Crews, Joseph029781865District No. 13
Crews, Rainney209171813Captain Blackemon
Crews, Renny5251809Captain Blakemore
Crews, Samuel506021810Captain Allen
Crews, T P heirs11529781865District No. 13
Crews, Tal P heirs11530411867District No. 13
Crews, William7901812Captain Blakemore
Crews, William10041815Captain Blakemore
Crews, William11931816Captain White
Crews, William14201823Captain Blakemore
Crews, Willis16811827Captain Key
Crews, Willis89118461829Captain Winn
Crews, Willis29118741830Captain Byrn
Crews, Willis8022111834Captain Boyle
Crews, Willis8023231835Captain Boyle
Crews, Willis8026261837District No 13
Crews, Wm8030421867District No. 13
Crews, Wrenney7622111834Captain Boyle
Crews, Wrenny6141810Captain Blakemore
Crews, Wrenny6911811Captain Blakemore
Crews, Wrenny7016811827Captain Key
Crews, Wrenny7018451829Captain Winn
Crews, Wrenny923221835Captain Boyle
Crews, Wreny7621031833Captain Davis
Crews, Wrinny7626261837District No 13
Criar, H M10023101835Captain Orman
Cribbins, ---10011581816Captain Preston
Cribbins, Thomas1004961807Captain Walton
Crim, William030171870District No. 3
Crinshaw, Nathaniel26117231827Captain Turner
Cripshaw, Garland C41619731831Captain Alexander
Crisman, Thomas027951856District No. 14
Criswell, Mrs M17028051868District No. 8
Crocet, David10461815Captain McCall
Crocet, George10461815Captain McCall
Crocet, Robert10461815Captain McCall
Crocker, J L028501856District No. 18
Crocker, M3328321868District No. 11
Crocket & Parks1 lot25641837District No 5
Crocket, David11831816Captain Vinson
Crocket, G F25581837District No 5
Crocket, Geo21121833Captain Gray
Crocket, George6431810Captain McCall
Crocket, George7171811Captain McCall
Crocket, George8371812Captain McCall
Crocket, George8411812Captain McCall
Crocket, George11831816Captain Vinson
Crocket, George13771820Captain Vinson
Crocket, Robert8371812Captain McCall
Crocket, Robert8411812Captain McCall
Crocket, Robert16111825Captain Tompkins
Crocket, Robt11831816Captain Vinson
Crocket, Willia91521291833Captain Ireland
Crocket, William159301813Captain Crocket
Crocket, William14.511261816Captain Elliott
Crocket, William14.512431817Captain McElurath
Crocket, William14.514711823Captain Lowrey
Crocket, William1515681825Captain Lawrey
Crocket, William21517211827Captain Thompson
Crocket, William21517501829Captain Anderson
Crocket, William91518601830Captain Anderson
Crocket, William1519861831Captain Anderson
Crocket, William91522491834Captain Kirk
Crocket, William411523491835Captain Kirk
Crocket, William1524701836District No 11
Crocket, William110026711837District No 19
Crocket, Wm14.513911820
Crockett, A J17729161869District No. 7
Crockett, G W28529941865District No. 18
Crockett, G W28528831868District No. 18
Crockett, George9471813Captain McCall
Crockett, Giles col028331868District No. 11
Crockett, John28629941865District No. 18
Crockett, John28628831868District No. 18
Crockett, Robert9471813Captain McCall
Crockett, Thos45329941865District No. 18
Crockett, William8001812Listed by John Cryer
Crockett, William1510131815Captain Crockett
Crockett, William110025211836District No 19
Crockett, William100028501856District No. 18
Crockit, William6201810Captain Bradley
Crofford, Hugh453.57451811Captain Shaw
Croi…, Geo5291809Captain McCall
Crokett, Wm1526161837District No 11
Croley, W27029081862District No. 6
Cron, Esom25371837District No 1
Cron, Esom028801849District No. 17
Cron, Isom027441856District No. 3
Cron, J H34112471817Captain Martin
Cron, James Chas25412471817Captain Martin
Cron, Nehemiah20851833Captain Baskerville
Cron, Nehemiah B4628801849District No. 17
Cronk, Lipscume30023571835Captain Walton
Cronk, William23571835Captain Walton
Cronn, E Joseph030041866District No. 12
Cronn, Easom5028531868District No. 12
Cronn, Esom027791856District No. 12
Cronn, Esom5030041866District No. 12
Cronn, Esom5029231869District No. 12
Cronn, John028531868District No. 12
Cronn, John029231869District No. 12
Cronn, Joseph028531868District No. 12
Cronn, Joseph029231869District No. 12
Crook, Esbey6161810Captain Blakemore
Crook, Gearby?5261809Captain Blakemore
Crook, James4451807Captain Blakemore
Crook, Yearby156941811Captain Blakemore
Croplin, W W21951833Captain Wilkerson
Cross, A028541868District No. 12
Cross, Arter5011211816Captain Dobbins
Cross, Arther6521810Captain McMurry
Cross, Arther907251811Captain McMurry
Cross, Arthur9551813Captain McMurry
Cross, John6301810Captain Cook
Cross, John P19851831Captain Anderson
Crossley, N6328051868District No. 8
Crosswy?, J. (col.)50718088th District
Crosthrait, D P30028321868District No. 11
Croswy, N6349918088th District
Crothers, Thomas1007951812Captain Cook
Crots, Felty5661809Captain Rawling?
Crots, Felty7101811Captain Green
Crotts, Felty6201810Captain Bradley
Crotts, Felty9871813Captain Wallass
Crotts, Fetty4761807Captain Marlin
Crottz, Fitty10131815Captain Crockett
Crouder, Harlend5029181862District No. 17
Crouder, Larkin24531836District No 9
Crouder, Molley205191809Captain I. Baker
Crouders, James10029181862District No. 17
Croughton, Able18301829Captain Turner
Crow, William14581823Captain Glover
Crowden, Thomas13731820Captain Winham
Crowder, Dorothy5016181825Captain Wallace
Crowder, Harbet3431131870District No. 17
Crowder, James10031131870District No. 17
Crowder, Lafayette027901856District No. 13
Crowder, Larkin26031837District No 9
Crowder, Mary20771b1811
Crowder, Mary145945b1813Captain Green
Crowder, Mary2010731815Captain Wallace
Crowder, Molly206061810Captain Baker
Crowder, Molly7471811Captain Shoulders
Crowsivy, Jake col028031868District No. 7
Cruchfield, Thomas16971827Captain McNeil
Cruis, Samuel25945b1813Captain Green
Cruise, Samuel257451811Captain Shaw
Crump & Wallace1 lot28321868District No. 11
Crump, Adam25291809Captain McCall
Crump, Adam6431810Captain McCall
Crump, Adam7171811Captain McCall
Crump, Adam8391812Captain McCall
Crump, Adam8411812Captain McCall
Crump, Adam9481813Captain McCall
Crump, Adam10461815Captain McCall
Crump, Balard9030031870District No. 2
Crump, Charles M027951856District No. 14
Crump, F E P027291856District No. 1
Crump, F E P027521868District No. 1
Crump, F E P029871870District No. 1
Crump, Geo029581865District No. 5
Crump, George25851838District No 5
Crump, George030131866District No. 5
Crump, Gorge W027951856District No. 14
Crump, Jno030421870District No. 5
Crump, L W10325851838District No 5
Crump, Lewis8125581837District No 5
Crump, Lewis W15471825Captain Glover
Crump, Lewis W58.521551833Captain Ormand
Crump, Lewis W11022571834Captain Ormands
Crump, Lewis W7124181836District No 5
Crump, Lewis W93.525641837District No 5
Crump, Mrs Mary1 lot27521868District No. 1
Crump, Mrs Mary1 lot29871870District No. 1
Crump, Terrel col030281867District No. 5
Crump, Terrel col2 lots28331868District No. 11
Crump, U H10930131866District No. 5
Crump, W C1 lot30131866District No. 5
Crump, W H1 lot30421870District No. 5
Crump, W M5025851838District No 5
Crump, Wm H7027951856District No. 14
Crump, Wm H10929581865District No. 5
Crumpler, Asa15471825Captain Glover
Crumpler, John14571823Captain Glover
Crumpler, John15471825Captain Glover
Crumpler, John17311827Captain Vinson
Crumpler, John21571833Captain Ormand
Crumpley, John13771820Captain Vinson
Crumpley, John24191836District No 5
Crumply, John25641837District No 5
Crun, William027721868District No. 3
Cruniplen, Asy14901823Captain Preston
Crunk Jun, R027301856District No. 1
Crunk W. John4951807Captain Walton
Crunk, B John46.522711834Captain Shannon
Crunk, Ben W027601856District No. 8
Crunk, Edward col030771870District No. 9
Crunk, Elizabeth4727601856District No. 8
Crunk, G.C28850018088th District
Crunk, George11571816Captain Preston
Crunk, George12181817Captain Christan
Crunk, George13161820Captain Bandy
Crunk, George14151822Captain Bandy
Crunk, George14891823Captain Preston
Crunk, George13927611868District No. 2
Crunk, J L027611868District No. 2
Crunk, J.B.23550718088th District
Crunk, J.S.49918088th District
Crunk, James B14627601856District No. 8
Crunk, Jerry (col.)50718088th District
Crunk, Jerry col028031868District No. 7
Crunk, Jno A028051868District No. 8
Crunk, Jno B46.524491836District No 8
Crunk, John11571816Captain Preston
Crunk, John12181817Captain Christan
Crunk, John14151822Captain Bandy
Crunk, John14891823Captain Preston
Crunk, John B4618061829Captain Joyner
Crunk, John B4619221830Captain Joyner
Crunk, John B4620441831Captain Jones
Crunk, John B46.521361833Captain Jones
Crunk, John B46.523811835Captain Shannon
Crunk, John B46.525991837District No 8
Crunk, Lipscomb30025371837District No 1
Crunk, Ned (col.)50718088th District
Crunk, Ned col028031868District No. 7
Crunk, Richard H027431856District No. 3
Crunk, T C28828051868District No. 8
Crunk, W B028051868District No. 8
Crunk, W.B.50018088th District
Crunk, William6181810Captain Cantrell
Crunk, William7061811Captain Cantrell
Crunk, William027301856District No. 1
Crunk, Wm25371837District No 1
Cruse, Drury5020191831Captain Byrn
Cruse, Drury5020961833Captain Bryson
Cruse, Drury5024821836District No 13
Cruse, Edwin25451837District No 3
Cruse, James24821836District No 13
Cruse, Reney2010371815Captain Lauderdale
Cruse, William12801817Captain White
Cruse, Willis29120181831Captain Byrn
Cruse, Willis40820961833Captain Bryson
Cruse, Willis8024821836District No 13
Cruse, Winney7624821836District No 13
Cruse, Winny6620191831Captain Byrn
Crutcher, ….3951802Captain Green
Crutcher, H030421870District No. 5
Crutcher, Thos25851838District No 5
Crutcher, W H1 lot25851838District No 5
Crutcher, Wm H4 & 1 lot27951856District No. 14
Crutchfield, Thos14521823Captain Giles
Cruthers, Robert heirs10013771820Captain Vinson
Cryder, George11831816Captain Vinson
Cryer, H M3625891837District No 6
Cryer, Hardy12911817
Cryer, Hardy M12911817
Cryer, Hardy M1297c1817
Cryer, Hardy M10014731823Captain Lowrey
Cryer, Hardy M10015671825Captain Lawrey
Cryer, Hardy M10017211827Captain Thompson
Cryer, Hardy M10018491829
Cryer, Hardy M10020661831Captain Rascoe
Cryer, Hardy M10021271833Captain Ireland
Cryer, Hardy M10022051833
Cryer, Hardy M382429-311836District No 6
Cryer, james2044911807Captain Wells
Cryer, James3006201810Captain Bradley
Cryer, James3007001811Captain Bradley
Cryer, James4538011812Listed by John Cryer
Cryer, James4609311813Captain Crocket
Cryer, James6310131815Captain Crockett
Cryer, James56311251816Captain Elliott
Cryer, James1 lot29581865District No. 5
Cryer, James decd3961297c1817
Cryer, Jas decd39612911817
Cryer, Jno10026151837District No 11
Cryer, John97 1/24171802Captain Snoddy
Cryer, John1004181802Captain Snoddy
Cryer, John974911807Captain Wells
Cryer, John976201810Captain Bradley
Cryer, John37.256991811Captain Bradley
Cryer, John9478001812Listed by John Cryer
Cryer, John909301813Captain Crocket
Cryer, John9510131815Captain Crockett
Cryer, John94.511251816Captain Elliott
Cryer, John94.512431817Captain McElurath
Cryer, John9914731823Captain Lowrey
Cryer, John10015681825Captain Lawrey
Cryer, John10017221827Captain Thompson
Cryer, John10017501829Captain Anderson
Cryer, John10019851831Captain Anderson
Cryer, John10021281833Captain Ireland
Cryer, John10022051833
Cryer, John10022501834Captain Kirk
Cryer, John10023501835Captain Kirk
Cryer, John10024701836District No 11
Cryer, John4225851838District No 5
Cryer, John27171844District No 11
Cryes, John975271809Captain Bridger
Ctyer, H M10023061834
Cuffman Gravatt14516731827Captain Joiner
Cuffman, Pavatt4831807Captain Montgomery
Cuffman, Pavatt9831813Captain Thompson
Cuffman, Pavatt14511531816Captain Montgomery
Cuffman, Pavatt14515991825Captain Perry
Cuffman, Pavatt14520441831Captain Jones
Cuffman, Pavatt14524491836District No 8
Cuffmon, Pavatt14522711834Captain Shannon
Cuffmon, Pavatt14525991837District No 8
Cuffmon, Pavatte14523821835Captain Shannon
Cufman, Eavatt8851812Captain Straton
Cufman, Joseph129741865District No. 10
Cufman, Joseph9028831868District No. 18
Cufman, Pavatt14512771817Captain Patton
Cufman, Robt029161869District No. 7
Cufman, Thomas8831812Captain Straton
Cufmon, Pavalt14513411820Captain Hogan
Cukkum, Alex col030421870District No. 5
Culberson, David19381830Captain Daniels
Culbert, George8001812Listed by John Cryer
Culbert, George9301813Captain Crocket
Culbert, T Thomas6201810Captain Bradley
Culbert, Thomas6431810Captain McCall
Culbert, Thomas8371812Captain McCall
Culbert, Thomas8411812Captain McCall
Culbert, Thomas9471813Captain McCall
Culbert, Thomas T9301813Captain Crocket
Culbert, Thos T.8001812Listed by John Cryer
Culbreath, J R028831868District No. 18
Culbreath, John20361831Captain Turner
Culbreath, John13322781834Captain Turner
Culbreath, John13323421835Captain Groves
Culbreath, John13325291836District No 20
Culbreath, John13325331836District No 20
Culbreath, John13326771837District No 20
Culbreath, John029391862District No. 19
Culbreath, John R10029461862District No. 19
Culbreath, Thomas14991823Captain Taylor
Culbreth, Andrew7520671831Captain Robertson
Culdwell, John decd19513081820Captain Armfield
Culley, Joseph1107251811Captain McMurry
Culley, Joseph1109551813Captain McMurry
Culley, Joseph11010411815Captain McMurry
Culley, Joseph11011211816Captain Dobbins
Culley, Joseph11012211817Captain Dobbins
Culley, Thomas507261811Captain McMurry
Culley, Thomas9551813Captain McMurry
Culley, Thomas10411815Captain McMurry
Cullum, George col030911870District No. 12
Cully, Joseph1006521810Captain McMurry
Cully, Joseph1008451812Captain McMurry
Cully, Thomas506521810Captain McMurry
Cully, Thomas8451812Captain McMurry
Culone, Elie col030281867District No. 5
Culp, Alex col1 lot30421870District No. 5
Culp, Ellick col028331868District No. 11
Culwell Jr, H028191856District No. 15
Culwell Jr, Hardy029861865District No. 15
Culwell Sen, Hardy estate15029861865District No. 15
Culwell, Hardy5015431825Captain Gilliam
Culwell, Hardy39526551837District No 16
Culwell, Hardy Esq029861865District No. 15
Culwell, J W26529861865District No. 15
Culwell, William5524971836District No 15
Culwell, William5526471837District No 15
Culwell, Wm20028191856District No. 15
Culwell, Wm30029861865District No. 15
Cuming, Margret6619061830Captain Guthrie
Cuming, Rodrick11619061830Captain Guthrie
Cumings, A. Jr.4321802
Cumings, Wm57019061830Captain Guthrie
Cumins, George2004041802Captain Hankin
Cumins, Moses62 2/34571807Captain Greene
Cumming, Margaret8517291827Captain Vinson
Cumming, William57617291827Captain Vinson
Cummingham, Thomas18611830Captain Anderson
Cummings heirs10027711856District No. 11
Cummings heirs10028321868District No. 11
Cummings, Frank031321870District No. 16
Cummings, G A029651869District No. 19
Cummings, H028601856District No. 19
Cummings, Harley029391862District No. 19
Cummings, James8629451862District No. 19
Cummings, James029651869District No. 19
Cummings, Jessee029651869District No. 19
Cummings, John26031837District No 9
Cummings, John029651869District No. 19
Cummings, John031321870District No. 16
Cummings, Lark col030771870District No. 9
Cummings, M206 & 1 lot29651869District No. 19
Cummings, M ?029391862District No. 19
Cummings, Mord11029461862District No. 19
Cummings, R15029461862District No. 19
Cummings, R15029651869District No. 19
Cummings, Rich029391862District No. 19
Cummings, Silas027711856District No. 11
Cummings, Silas028321868District No. 11
Cummings, V M029651869District No. 19
Cummings, W P8529461862District No. 19
Cummings, Wm029651869District No. 19
Cummins, Asa10016391827Captain Alderson
Cummins, Bosman17151827Captain Smith
Cummins, E028601856District No. 19
Cummins, Elizabeth17629941865District No. 18
Cummins, Francis029441869District No. 16
Cummins, James028501856District No. 18
Cummins, James029941865District No. 18
Cummins, Jefferson24701836District No 11
Cummins, John029441869District No. 16
Cummins, Margaret166.676021810Captain Allen
Cummins, Margaret66.511101816Captain Armfield
Cummins, Margaret182.6715331825Captain Dickey
Cummins, Margaret7118411829Captain Vinson
Cummins, Margaret7120721831Captain Vinson
Cummins, Margaret7121311833Captain Jackson
Cummins, Margaret20029941865District No. 18
Cummins, Margarett71028501856District No. 18
Cummins, Margret166.6710191815Captain Edwards
Cummins, Margrett18213091820Captain Armfield
Cummins, Mathew027671856District No. 10
Cummins, Mordica11028601856District No. 19
Cummins, Moses664111802Captain McKee
Cummins, Moses66.675771809Captain Watkins
Cummins, Moses028501856District No. 18
Cummins, R R11620721831Captain Vinson
Cummins, Richd15028601856District No. 19
Cummins, Roderick11617271827Captain Vinson
Cummins, Thomas J23501835Captain Kirk
Cummins, Thos13921820
Cummins, W P7028601856District No. 19
Cummins, William56615331825Captain Dickey
Cummins, William69418411829Captain Vinson
Cummins, William57020721831Captain Vinson
Cummins, William70121311833Captain Jackson
Cummins, William77222451834Captain Jackson
Cummins, William82323261835Captain Brigance
Cummins, William11624591836District No 10
Cummins, William68625211836District No 19
Cummins, William16626121837District No 10
Cummins, William68626711837District No 19
Cummins, Willm62013091820Captain Armfield
Cummons, Elizabeth5028831868District No. 18
Cummons, Margaret20214351823Captain Dickey
Cummons, Margret20028831868District No. 18
Cummons, William42014351823Captain Dickey
Cumons, John9912291817Captain Harris
Cumons, William6012291817Captain Harris
Cumpton, Ben030161870District No. 3
Cumpton, John030161870District No. 3
Cumpton, William027441856District No. 3
CUN(?), William16211825
Cunenig, James6151810Captain Blakemore
Cuningham, Alexander4891807Captain E. Sanders
Cuningham, Alexander8991812Captain Cantrell
Cuningham, Avriel50010051815Captain Blakemore
Cuningham, Jas7027721868District No. 3
Cuningham, Jas030161870District No. 3
Cuningham, Murrel5004471807Captain Blakemore
Cuningham, Murrel5251809Captain Blakemore
Cuningham, Murril7861812Captain Blakemore
Cuningham, Murril7891812Captain Blakemore
Cunningham, Alexander6181810Captain Cantrell
Cunningham, Alexander8981812Captain Cantrell
Cunningham, Alexander9831813Captain Thompson
Cunningham, Alexander11771816Captain Thompson
Cunningham, Allexander10721815Captain Thompson
Cunningham, Allison5731809Captain Walton
Cunningham, Exiphrastitus13820441831Captain Jones
Cunningham, Josiah5741809Captain Walton
Cunningham, Nathaniel36117531829Captain Anderson
Cunningham, Robert14727601856District No. 8
Cunningham, Robert20429711865District No. 10
Cunningham, Robt23028241868District No. 10
Cunningham, Thomas17231827Captain Turner
Cunningham, Zosiah4951807Captain Walton
Cuppen, Isaac409171813Captain Blackemon
Curl, David R26121837District No 10
Curle, James H26711837District No 19
Curle, John M26711837District No 19
Currey, John13611820Captain Saurey
Curry, (?)22013731820Captain Winham
Curry, Benjamin16171825Captain Wallace
Curry, Benjamin16551827Captain Douglass
Curry, Catharine25016171825Captain Wallace
Curry, Catharine25018261829Captain Rasco
Curry, Catherina25021611833Captain Rascoe
Curry, Catherine25019411830Captain Rascoe
Curry, Catherine25020641831Captain Rascoe
Curry, James13651820Captain Seawell
Curry, James18261829Captain Rasco
Curry, James19411830Captain Rascoe
Curry, James20651831Captain Rascoe
Curry, James21611833Captain Rascoe
Curry, James22631834Captain Rascoe
Curry, James25023651835Captain Parker
Curry, James25024701836District No 11
Curry, James25026151837District No 11
Curry, Jno12871817Captain Winham
Curry, John8631812Captain Sholders
Curry, John8651812Captain Sholders
Curry, John13731820Captain Winham
Curry, John16415091823Captain Wallace
Curry, John28016181825Captain Wallace
Curry, John27616551827Captain Douglass
Curry, John16018271829Captain Rasco
Curry, John34519411830Captain Rascoe
Curry, John47620651831Captain Rascoe
Curry, John366.521591833Captain Rascoe
Curry, John38122631834Captain Rascoe
Curry, John39623651835Captain Parker
Curry, Katharine25015091823Captain Wallace
Curry, Katherine25016551827Captain Douglass
Curry, Margaret263.524701836District No 11
Curry, Margarete288.526151837District No 11
Curry, Thomas2504411807Captain Baker
Curry, Thomas2505181809Captain I. Baker
Curry, Thomas2506061810Captain Baker
Curry, Thomas2507471811Captain Shoulders
Curry, Thomas2508631812Captain Sholders
Curry, Thomas8651812Captain Sholders
Curry, Thomas2509871813Captain Wallass
Curry, Thomas25012871817Captain Winham
Curry, Wiliam23651835Captain Parker
Curry, William15091823Captain Wallace
Curry, William16171825Captain Wallace
Curry, William16551827Captain Douglass
Curry, William18261829Captain Rasco
Curry, William19411830Captain Rascoe
Curry, William20651831Captain Rascoe
Curry, William21611833Captain Rascoe
Curry, William25022631834Captain Rascoe
Curry, William24701836District No 11
Curry, William9527711856District No. 11
Curry, William7528321868District No. 11
Curry, Wm26151837District No 11
Curtes, James11029161869District No. 7
Curtis, Benj030951870District No. 14
Curtis, J R027981868District No. 7
Curtis, Mary7217561829Captain Anderson
Cury, F120017851829Captain Fulton
Cusman, Pavatte14521361833Captain Jones
Cusman, Pravat14518941830Captain Frazor
Cussmon, Barnat14510711815Captain Thompson
Cutbert, Thos5291809Captain McCall
Cwden, Josiar17013381820Captain Hodges
Cys?, Anderson7911812Captain Blythe

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