Sumner County Archives

Sumner County Tax Lists 1802-1870 A

NameAcreagePageYearCompany or District
(/), Stephen6761810Captain Servor
(?)6161810Captain Blakemore
(?)2306181810Captain Cantrell
(?)1207051811Captain Cantrell
(?)16910371815Captain Lauderdale
(?)42913511820Captain Martin
(?)13561820Captain Ross
(?)21515561825Captain Keesee
(?)18115671825Captain Lawrey
(?) heirs20006471810Captain McCall
(?) ingham, Murrel6131810Captain Blakemore
(?),6131810Captain Blakemore
(?), (?)6621810Captain Montgomery
(?), (?)7011911816Captain White
(?), (?)14961823Captain Rutherford
(?), Alanson42716041825Captain Preston
(?), Allen1407111811Captain Green
(?), Allen9431813Captain Green
(?), Amy966321810Captain Cook
(?), Armstead4147091811Captain Green
(?), Daniel19116041825Captain Preston
(?), David12111817Captain Armfield
(?), Demsey1306761810Captain Servor
(?), Drury12516051825Captain Preston
(?), Edward6131810Captain Blakemore
(?), Fredrick9601813Captain Preston
(?), Geo24010021815Captain Alexander
(?), Greenberry6141810Captain Blakemore
(?), Hanery6513461820Captain Sarver
(?), Henry1366131810Captain Blakemore
(?), Henry64.56331810Captain Edwards
(?), Israel6761810Captain Servor
(?), Jacob7171811Captain McCall
(?), James806371810Captain Cowden
(?), James2006761810Captain Servor
(?), James2214871823Captain Meador
(?), Jarrot10271815Captain Green
(?), Jemes30515261825Captain Brown
(?), John13131820Captain Bates
(?), Joseph27410321815Captain Harris
(?), Josey83012391817Captain Hodge
(?), Josiah6141810Captain Blakemore
(?), King12561817Captain Rice
(?), Labon13421820Captain Hogan
(?), Lady9431813Captain Green
(?), Marmduke6141810Captain Blakemore
(?), Mical41811061816Captain Alderson
(?), Robert6151810Captain Blakemore
(?), Saml12731817Captain Vinson
(?), Samuel16211825
(?), Thomas13661820Captain Seawell
(?), Thos31010021815Captain Alexander
(?), Willam13815901825Captain McNeal
(?), William2708821812Captain Sowell
(?), William14221823Captain Blakemore
(?), William54014801823Captain McMurrey
(?), Wm9101812
(?), Woodf16510021815Captain Alexander
(?), Zacariah15221825Captain Branham
(?). Henry1346761810Captain Servor
(?)aferson, J Peter7571811Captain Straton
(?)avilstreet, Fredrick16151825Captain Troutt
(?)lling, Edward15881825Captain McNeal
(?)Swell, Anthony3014251823Captain Blakemore
..ddy, William3474911807Captain Wells
..on, John2004921807Captain Wells
?8311812Captain Lauderdale
?125621837District No 5
?66626531837District No 16
?13528291856District No. 16
?11928291856District No. 16
?4630021870District No. 2
?7330021870District No. 2
?8.7530021870District No. 2
? & Grum5819381830Captain Daniels
? 11 names hard to read13201820Captain Bate
? , ?33720861833Captain Baskerville
? , Caty heirs17871829Captain Fulton
? , Charles20361831Captain Turner
? , David21021833Captain Davis
? , Elinor40720871833Captain Baskerville
? , Giddeon20411831Captain Jackson
? , Isaac17561829Captain Anderson
? , John6717531829Captain Anderson
? , John10020481831Captain Keys
? , John B7720851833Captain Baskerville
? , Joseph16820861833Captain Baskerville
? , Readen21111833Captain Gray
? ells heirs1 lot24141836District No 4
? John?22801834Captain Turner
?, ?7217561829Captain Anderson
?, ?1 lot24141836District No 4
?, ?5328881868District No. 18
?, ? Brown33529101862District No. 6
?, Austin5021011833Captain Davis
?, Bengiman8271812Captain Lauderdale
?, Freeman8311812Captain Lauderdale
?, Mrs H L498.529101862District No. 6
?, R P028301856District No. 16
?, Robert18301829Captain Turner
?, Sanford F71018731830Captain Byrn
?, Will408341812Captain McCall
?, William12528321856District No. 16
?, Wm4022761834Captain Spradling
?,?8231812Captain Henry Hamilton
?,?2522761834Captain Spradling
??15517541829Captain Anderson
?Bewesons, John2607911812Captain Blythe
?Blakemore7881812Captain Blakemore
?Blowmont, Webb408001812Listed by John Cryer
?Kenbough, Marmaduke7871812Captain Blakemore
?Lepto, Simon7901812Captain Blakemore
?Letymeyer, George7871812Captain Blakemore
?Mohesras, Nathan8081812Captain Groves
?Saurie, Samuel8001812Listed by John Cryer
?Shelhorn, John7861812Captain Blakemore
?Strollow, James8001812Listed by John Cryer
?Trut, Isaac2007871812Captain Blakemore
?Winlers, ?7891812Captain Blakemore
…ttinbe, Barnabas4951807Captain Walton
A through E Names difficult to read03083-841870District No. 12
Aakerman, Jacob1006371810Captain Cowden
Ab? M31829941865District No. 18
Abbel, George808081812Captain Groves
Abbet, James5441809Captain Greer's old
Abbet, James806661810Captain Moore
Abbet, James808081812Captain Groves
Abbet, John2206661810Captain Moore
Abbetts, Wm14241823Captain Blakemore
Abbot, A(?)15841825Captain McGlothlin
Abbot, Alembee16351827Captain Bradley
Abbot, George8015831825Captain McGlothlin
Abbot, George8016351827Captain Bradley
Abbot, George17641829Captain Carr
Abbot, James307291811Captain Moore
Abbot, James6010311815Captain Harris
Abbot, John2207291811Captain Moore
Abbot, John22015841825Captain McGlothlin
Abbot, John14016351827Captain Bradley
Abbott, ?5330391870District No. 5
Abbott, George8191812Captain Grooves
Abbott, H H1 lot30391870District No. 5
Abbott, James26151837District No 11
Abbott, John8191812Captain Grooves
Abbott, John30019551830Captain Turner
Abbott, W P?5230391870District No. 5
Abbotts, George24011836District No 2
Abbut, George8011341816Captain Harris
Abbut, George8012291817Captain Harris
Abbut, James809371813Captain Graves
Abbut, John1408071812Captain Groves
Abbut, John14011351816Captain Harris
Abbut, John14012291817Captain Harris
Abbut, John14013551820Captain Ross
Abbutt, Alumber8016301826Captain McGlothlin
Abbutt, Geo8013551820Captain Ross
Abbutt, George809371813Captain Graves
Abbutt, George8014561823Captain Gwin
Abbutt, George8016301826Captain McGlothlin
Abbutt, James8011351816Captain Harris
Abbutt, James8013561820Captain Ross
Abbutt, John1409371813Captain Graves
Abbutt, John14014561823Captain Gwin
Abbutt, John14016301826Captain McGlothlin
Abel, James504801807Captain Mithel?
Abets, Mastin030951870District No. 14
Abitts, Martin029311869District No. 14
Ables, Jeremiah7527901856District No. 13
Abot, H H1 lot30121866District No. 5
Abot, James5571809Captain Moor
Abot, John2264801807Captain Mithel?
Abot, John4705571809Captain Moor
Abram, Martin43719551830Captain Turner
Absher, J P20030991870District No. 15
Absher, James M031281870District No. 16
Absher, Litle12528291856District No. 16
Absher, Litle18929401869District No. 16
Absher, Little19031281870District No. 16
Abshur, John R20029851865District No. 15
Abston & Douglass31828491856District No. 18
Abston, Charles C153.52898?District No. ?
Abston, Chasle153.529081862District No. 6
Abston, Joel10016941827Captain McKarns
Abston, M C decd02900?District No. ?
Abston, Marry Ann23329081862District No. 6
Abston, Mary10010251815Captain Green
Abston, Mary10012271817Captain Ferrell
Abston, Mary A21427871868District No. 6
Abston, Mary A23029111869District No. 6
Abston, Merris C17891829Captain Green
Abston, Merry18013221820Captain Ferrell
Abston, Merry18014951823Captain Rutherford
Abston, Merry18015741825Captain McCain
Abston, Merry C19021830Captain Green
Abston, Merry C394.522371834Captain Green
Abston, Merry C39323451835Captain Green
Abston, Merry C3932429-311836District No 6
Abston, Merry C40325891837District No 6
Abston, Merry C.394.521131833Captain Green
Abston, Mrs Mary Ann2332898?District No. ?
Abston, William12101817Captain Armfield
Abton, M C27031844District No 6
Academy, Female4 lots25571837District No 5
Achete, Alfred5731809Captain Walton
Achison, Adam14561823Captain Gwin
Achison, Peter39214561823Captain Gwin
Ackerman, Jacob1007551811Captain Simpson
Ackerman, Thomas P83 & 28 lots27971868District No. 7
Acre, Abram25211836District No 19
Acre, John8121812Captain D Green
Acrors, Elijah20241831Captain Duffer
Adam, James8661812Captain Sholders
Adam, Martha E7511921816Captain White
Adams Junr, William25491837District No 4
Adams Senr, William25491837District No 4
Adams, Archibald, T. Anderson Agt6404671807Captain McCall
Adams, Benjamin18141829Captain Lovell
Adams, Benjamon15431825Captain Gilliam
Adams, C C1 lot30121866District No. 5
Adams, Colin heirs6814191823Captain Blakemore
Adams, Collin2206911811Captain Blakemore
Adams, Collin7901812Captain Blakemore
Adams, Collin2209171813Captain Blackemon
Adams, Collin22010061815Captain Blakemore
Adams, Collin15011931816Captain White
Adams, Collin2618631830Captain Anderson
Adams, Collin heirs8413341820Captain Horsley
Adams, Collin heirs6814241823Captain Blakemore
Adams, Collin heirs6015521825Captain Haynie
Adams, Collins2206151810Captain Blakemore
Adams, Dudley7517231827Captain Turner
Adams, Dudley10017531829Captain Anderson
Adams, Dudley13122251834Captain Dickerson
Adams, Dudley13023861835Captain Taylor
Adams, Dudly11219171830Captain Jordan
Adams, Dudly13021681833Captain Smith
Adams, Elijah2517031827Captain Marlin
Adams, Elijah10028391856District No. 17
Adams, Elijah029171862District No. 17
Adams, Elijah12029781865District No. 13
Adams, Elijah13630411867District No. 13
Adams, Geo col030771870District No. 9
Adams, James7901812Captain Blakemore
Adams, James9171813Captain Blackemon
Adams, James10041815Captain Blakemore
Adams, James11931816Captain White
Adams, James7513351820Captain Horsley
Adams, James156.3314081823Captain Armfield
Adams, James7514211823Captain Blakemore
Adams, James7515511825Captain Haynie
Adams, James15616091825Captain Smith
Adams, James10017151827Captain Smith
Adams, James5017231827Captain Turner
Adams, James14017551829Captain Anderson
Adams, James13618491829
Adams, Jesse10023551835Captain McGlothlin
Adams, Jesse P6016391827Captain Alderson
Adams, Jesse P6017721829Captain Denning
Adams, Jesse P6018831830Captain Duffer
Adams, Jesse P10020571831Captain McGlothlin
Adams, Jesse P10021491833Captain McGlothlin
Adams, Jesse P10022541834Captain McGlothlin
Adams, Jesse P10026591837District No 17
Adams, Jessea P6015751825Captain McCraw
Adams, Jessee P10025071836District No 17
Adams, John col030491867District No. 13
Adams, L P19529451862District No. 19
Adams, Lewis13351820Captain Horsley
Adams, Lewis18011829Captain Jordan
Adams, Mat col030771870District No. 9
Adams, Moses col030771870District No. 9
Adams, R H10028391856District No. 17
Adams, Robert6404171802Captain Snoddy
Adams, Robt029611869District No. 19
Adams, Robt heirs2 lots24171836District No 5
Adams, Robt heirs2 lots25631837District No 5
Adams, W H029611869District No. 19
Adams, William506551810Captain McKleberrey
Adams, William8591811Captain Seual
Adams, William8301812Captain Lauderdale
Adams, William8321812Captain Lauderdale
Adams, William508811812Captain Sowell
Adams, William5011651816Captain Seawell
Adams, William5012631817Captain Seawell
Adams, William24131836District No 4
Adams, Wm4441807Captain Ball
Adams, Wm507411811Captain Seawell
Adams, Wm5919171830Captain Jordan
Adams,Jisse9331813Captain Edwards
Adams. Collin2207871812Captain Blakemore
Adcock, Barnet4541807Captain Charlton
Adcock, Jessee031111870District No. 17
Adcock, Lytle5529781865District No. 13
Adcock, Lytle5530411867District No. 13
Adcock, William030411867District No. 13
Adcock, William D029781865District No. 13
Addams, C C est1 lot30391870District No. 5
Addams, Dudley11219941831Captain Blakemore
Addams, Eligah10031111870District No. 17
Addams, James156.3314121823Captain Armfield
Addams, James13620341831Captain Guthrey
Addams, William5511809Captain Mickbarey
Addams, Wm5010631815Captain Seawell
Addcock, L16028181856District No. 15
Addison, John9091812
Agin, Hugh14081823Captain Armfield
Agin, Hugh14121823Captain Armfield
Agt for Even, Jones10003841802
Aicars, Jas029561865District No. 5
Aicars, John029561865District No. 5
Ainkins, John13012291817Captain Harris
Airs, Hartwell16813621820Captain Saurey
Akin, Richard029851865District No. 15
Akins, Richard16028691868District No. 15
Akins, Richard030991870District No. 15
Alaxander & Mentlow230131870District No. 3
Alaxander, James16317001827Captain McNeil
Alaxander, R030131870District No. 3
Albart, William2137301811Captain Moore
Alberet, Jessy23522071834Captain Baskerville
Alberson, William2509371813Captain Graves
Alberson, Wm8191812Captain Grooves
Albert, Jessee5018671830Captain Brizendine
Albert, Jessee5020071831Captain Brizendine
Albert, Wm4266661810Captain Moore
Albird, Jessee10021011833Captain Davis
Albird, Jessy13524731836District No 12
Albird, Jessy13526171837District No 12
Albright, Isaac N10024731836District No 12
Albright, Isaack15023181835Captain Baskerville
Albright, Lewis8921812Captain Shy
Albright, Lewis9091812
Albright, Lewis10010211815Captain Gilbert
Albright, Lewis12401817Captain Hodge
Albright, Lewis12313311820
Albright, Lewis12314801823Captain McMurrey
Albright, Lewis12315871825Captain McNeal
Albright, Lewis21017461826Captain McNeil
Albright, Lewis12316991827Captain McNeil
Albright, Lewis222.519141830Captain Jackson
Albright, Lewis12325171836District No 18
Albright, Lewis12026671837District No 18
Albright, Thomas26671837District No 18
Albright, Thomas H20028781849District No. 17
Albright, W L17029231869District No. 12
Albright, William17001827Captain McNeil
Albright, William15024731836District No 12
Albright, William27528781849District No. 17
Albright, Wm4026671837District No 18
Albright?, Jno030951870District No. 14
Albrite, Wm10023361835Captain Granger
Alby, Fielding17581829Captain Brizenden
Alby, Samuel9617691829Captain Denning
Alby, Willis17691829Captain Denning
Alderson030411867District No. 13
Alderson Jr, James23520061831Captain Brizendine
Alderson Jr, James10021231833Captain Hodges
Alderson Jr, James89.525071836District No 17
Alderson Jr, John6021231833Captain Hodges
Alderson Jun, James10023561835Captain McGlothlin
Alderson Sr, James21821231833Captain Hodges
Alderson Sr, James12025071836District No 17
Alderson Sr, John4021221833Captain Hodges
Alderson, ?4016891827Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, Elvin028291856District No. 16
Alderson, Isaac5021011833Captain Davis
Alderson, James1336791810Captain Alderson
Alderson, James1337511811Captain Shy
Alderson, James1338911812Captain Shy
Alderson, James9091812
Alderson, James1339731813Captain Shy
Alderson, James13310211815Captain Gilbert
Alderson, James13311051816Captain Alderson
Alderson, James13311491816Captain Mason
Alderson, James13391820Captain Hodges
Alderson, James10014491823Captain Freeland
Alderson, James16016211825
Alderson, James12017581829Captain Brizenden
Alderson, James10020061831Captain Brizendine
Alderson, James122.2522531834Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, James141.2523551835Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, James12026591837District No 17
Alderson, James10026771837District No 20
Alderson, James11928291856District No. 16
Alderson, James13529401869District No. 16
Alderson, James13531281870District No. 16
Alderson, James1335131809Captain Alderson
Alderson, James C6791810Captain Alderson
Alderson, James C.5131809Captain Alderson
Alderson, Jarimiah17581829Captain Brizenden
Alderson, Jas1334341802Captain Alderson
Alderson, Jeremiah20571831Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, Jeremiah139.521481833Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, Jeremiah20926591837District No 17
Alderson, Jerimiah4014501823Captain Freeland
Alderson, Jerrimiah139.522531834Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, Jerrimiah89.523551835Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, Jesey13391820Captain Hodges
Alderson, Jno6517581829Captain Brizenden
Alderson, Jno6518671830Captain Brizendine
Alderson, John25118841830Captain Duffer
Alderson, John19351830Captain McCullough
Alderson, John6020061831Captain Brizendine
Alderson, John6022421834Captain Hodges
Alderson, John10023561835Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, John6023701835Captain Perdue
Alderson, John10025071836District No 17
Alderson, John5025071836District No 17
Alderson, John10026591837District No 17
Alderson, John D5026771837District No 20
Alderson, Reuben10025071836District No 17
Alderson, Ruben10026591837District No 17
Alderson, William4171802Captain Snoddy
Alderson, William4514331802Captain Alderson
Alderson, William2517511811Captain Shy
Alderson, William2519731813Captain Shy
Alderson, William25113391820Captain Hodges
Alderson, William25114501823Captain Freeland
Alderson, William25116391827Captain Alderson
Alderson, William17391827
Alderson, William22431834Captain Hodges
Alderson, William10025071836District No 17
Alderson, William est25119331830Captain McCullough
Alderson, William Senr25111491816Captain Mason
Alderson, William Snr25110211815Captain Gilbert
Alderson, Wm2515131809Captain Alderson
Alderson, Wm2516791810Captain Alderson
Alderson, Wm25115751825Captain McCraw
Alderson, Wm17581829Captain Brizenden
Alderson, Wm18671830Captain Brizendine
Alderson, Wm10020061831Captain Brizendine
Alderson, Wm10021231833Captain Hodges
Alderson, Wm10023561835Captain McGlothlin
Alderson, Wm10026591837District No 17
Aldorson, William25112401817Captain Hodge
Aldorson,James62512401817Captain Hodge
Aldred, Matthew24313171820Captain Bandy
Aldredg, Milas030131870District No. 3
Aldrige, Miles027611868District No. 2
Alen & Cantrell1 lot30121866District No. 5
Alen, Daniel2394871807Captain E. Sanders
Alen, Daniel13922711834Captain Shannon
Alen, Edward20681831Captain Robertson
Alen, G W1 lot30121866District No. 5
Alen, G W & B1 lot30121866District No. 5
Alen, John6013371820Captain Hodges
Alen, John030121866District No. 5
Alen, T S030121866District No. 5
Alesten, Merry C8016941827Captain McKarns
Alexander heirs54028181856District No. 15
Alexander Jr, William L7525371837District No 1
Alexander Sr, William L63025371837District No 1
Alexander, Alfred25571837District No 5
Alexander, Andrew4241802Captain Vinson
Alexander, Aseriah4541807Captain Charlton
Alexander, Cawen3513531820Captain Martin
Alexander, Charles4329111869District No. 6
Alexander, Charles S4327871868District No. 6
Alexander, D heirs23024131836District No 4
Alexander, Daniel4541807Captain Charlton
Alexander, Daniel5691809Captain Turner
Alexander, Daniel6291810Captain Cook
Alexander, Daniel7011811Captain Cook
Alexander, Daniel9251813Captain Cook
Alexander, Daniel11381816Captain Key
Alexander, Danul50011691816Captain Smith
Alexander, David4131802Captain Neelie
Alexander, David7951812Captain Cook
Alexander, David7951812Captain Cook
Alexander, David22015301825Captain Byrns
Alexander, David Admn22016441827Captain Blakemore
Alexander, Edwin5691809Captain Turner
Alexander, Edwin7011811Captain Cook
alexander, Edwin7951812Captain Cook
Alexander, Edwin9251813Captain Cook
Alexander, Edwin3510671815Captain Key
Alexander, Edwin3511381816Captain Key
Alexander, Edwin3512471817Captain Martin
Alexander, Ephraim4131802Captain Neelie
Alexander, Hugh14061822Captain Ferrell
Alexander, Hugh16181825Captain Wallace
Alexander, Hugh20631831Captain Rascoe
Alexander, James5691809Captain Turner
Alexander, James6511810Captain McMurry
Alexander, James7011811Captain Cook
Alexander, James7951812Captain Cook
Alexander, James9251813Captain Cook
Alexander, James11131816Captain Anderson
Alexander, James17813291820Captain Bennet
Alexander, James16315901825Captain McNeal
Alexander, James16551827Captain Douglass
Alexander, James9018381829
Alexander, James24171836District No 5
Alexander, James25571837District No 5
Alexander, James25631837District No 5
Alexander, James3.525871838District No 5
Alexander, James10028391856District No. 17
Alexander, James5832898?District No. ?
Alexander, James1213 & 1 lot29571865District No. 5
Alexander, James59427871868District No. 6
Alexander, James59429111869District No. 6
Alexander, Jas751 & 1 lot30121866District No. 5
Alexander, Jas167 & 1 lot30391870District No. 5
Alexander, Jos58329081862District No. 6
Alexander, Joseph Alford5023091835Captain Orman
Alexander, Joshua C32012141817Captain Carr
Alexander, Josiah A21551833Captain Ormand
Alexander, Josiah A5024171836District No 5
Alexander, Josiah A5025631837District No 5
Alexander, L Will6019011812Captain William Alexander
Alexander, Mathew5504131802Captain Neelie
Alexander, Mathew5889251813Captain Cook
Alexander, Mathew24212471817Captain Martin
Alexander, Matthew2504541807Captain Charlton
Alexander, Matthew2385691809Captain Turner
Alexander, Matthew3505691809Captain Turner
Alexander, Matthew105691809Captain Turner
Alexander, Matthew5866291810Captain Cook
Alexander, Matthew5867011811Captain Cook
Alexander, Matthew5767951812Captain Cook
Alexander, Matthew57710671815Captain Key
Alexander, Matthew57611381816Captain Key
Alexander, Matthew24014521823Captain Giles
Alexander, Owen6291810Captain Cook
Alexander, R027791868District No. 4
Alexander, R B & Wm L7523971836District No 1
Alexander, Rebeca20019391830Captain Daniels
Alexander, Richard3506551810Captain McKleberrey
Alexander, Richard3626951811Captain Black
Alexander, Richard3607411811Captain Seawell
Alexander, Richard36211691816Captain Smith
Alexander, Richard T W7622851834Captain Walton
Alexander, Richd3509011812Captain William Alexander
Alexander, Richd362.59131813Captain Alexander
Alexander, Richd & Wm7623571835Captain Walton
Alexander, Robert6404251802
Alexander, Robert2744251802
Alexander, Robert6406951811Captain Black
Alexander, Robert6409671813Captain Seawell
Alexander, Robt6406091810Captain Black
Alexander, Rody col030271867District No. 5
Alexander, Silas03741802
Alexander, Stephen5691809Captain Turner
Alexander, Stephen6291810Captain Cook
Alexander, Will5926091810Captain Black
Alexander, Will L6016951811Captain Black
Alexander, Will L6019131813Captain Alexander
Alexander, William3604541807Captain Charlton
Alexander, William754541807Captain Charlton
Alexander, William2005391809Captain Geo Black
Alexander, William L70012671817Captain Smith
Alexander, William L70014391823Captain Donoho
Alexander, William L70015391825Captain Duffer
Alexander, William L70019731831Captain Alexander
Alexander, William L70021751833Captain Walton
Alexander, William L62922851834Captain Walton
Alexander, William L62923571835Captain Walton
Alexander, William L63023971836District No 1
Alexander, Willm60011691816Captain Smith
Alexander, Wm3293811802
Alexander, Wm2003811802
Alexander, Wm754131802Captain Neelie
Alexander, Wm70013831820Captain Walton
Alexander, Wm L70017731829Captain Duffer
Alexander, Wm L18491829
Alexander, Wm L70018891830Captain Duffer
Alexandra?, heirs17916901827Captain McGlothlin
Alexandre, James100.2529171862District No. 17
Aley, E H030121866District No. 5
Alford, Andrew Junr11671816Captain Sarver
Alford, Andrew Senr20011671816Captain Sarver
Alhenson, William3008081812Captain Groves
Allan, Archd029861870District No. 1
Allan, John10011991816
Allan, Mrs Archd1 lot29861870District No. 1
Allay Jr, Samuel10021211833Captain Hodges
Allberd, Jessee5017591829Captain Brizenden
Allbright, Isaac8321401833Captain McCullough
Allbright, John030041866District No. 12
Allbright, John028531868District No. 12
Allbright, Lewis7531811Captain Shy
Allbright, Lewis9751813Captain Shy
Allbright, Lewis10011511816Captain Mason
Allbright, Lewis32219891831Captain Baskerville
Allbright, Lewis329.521401833Captain McCullough
Allbright, William5025171836District No 18
Allbright, Wm21219891831Captain Baskerville
Allbright, Wm L17028531868District No. 12
Allbright, Wm S030041866District No. 12
Allderson, S & F438.529081862District No. 6
Allem, Wm10591815Captain Sarver
Allen & Cantrel029081862District No. 6
Allen & Cantrell030391870District No. 5
Allen , Robert26171837District No 12
Allen B F25871838District No 5
Allen David5025211836District No 19
Allen James Sadams, C C1 lot29571865District No. 5
Allen Jr, Richard16811827Captain Key
Allen Jr, Richd25819251830Captain Key
Allen Jun, Richard18091829Captain Key
Allen Jun, Wm5018091829Captain Key
Allen Porter8651812Captain Sholders
Allen Sen, Richard25118091829Captain Key
Allen Sen, Richd25720471831Captain Keys
Allen, Albert21091833Captain Gray
Allen, Alford25871838District No 5
Allen, Alfred24171836District No 5
Allen, Alfred25571837District No 5
Allen, Alfred25631837District No 5
Allen, Archy027291856District No. 1
Allen, Archy1 lot27511868District No. 1
Allen, B F528291868District No. 11
Allen, B F668 & 1 lot30391870District No. 5
Allen, Benj F5.2527711856District No. 11
Allen, Clayton9148451812Captain McMurry
Allen, Clifton6403871802Captain Brownen
Allen, Clifton6404611807Captain Lauderdale
Allen, Clifton6405471809Captain Lauderdale
Allen, Clifton6406391810Captain Lauderdale
Allen, Clifton7251811Captain McMurry
Allen, Clifton9199551813Captain McMurry
Allen, Clifton40710411815Captain McMurry
Allen, Clifton77011481816Captain Lauderdale
Allen, Clifton46512211817Captain Dobbins
Allen, Daniel7571811Captain Straton
Allen, Daniel8831812Captain Straton
Allen, Daniel9841813Captain Thompson
Allen, Daniel13914651823Captain Kennedy
Allen, Daniel12515591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Allen, Daniel12718051829Captain Joyner
Allen, Daniel12919211830Captain Joyner
Allen, Daniel12921371833Captain Jones
Allen, Daniel12924491836District No 8
Allen, Danl12920431831Captain Jones
Allen, Danul10913411820Captain Hogan
Allen, Davice24731836District No 12
Allen, Davice26171837District No 12
Allen, David4171802Captain Snoddy
Allen, David133 1/34571807Captain Greene
Allen, David1004711807Captain McMurry
Allen, David2815431809Captain Greer's old
Allen, David6201810Captain Bradley
Allen, David8001812Listed by John Cryer
Allen, David9301813Captain Crocket
Allen, David5010131815Captain Crockett
Allen, David5011251816Captain Elliott
Allen, David5012441817Captain McElurath
Allen, David5014721823Captain Lowrey
Allen, David4017211827Captain Thompson
Allen, David5017501829Captain Anderson
Allen, David18091829Captain Key
Allen, David24731836District No 12
Allen, David26171837District No 12
Allen, David5026711837District No 19
Allen, Eleaner4016351827Captain Bradley
Allen, Elijah20481831Captain Keys
Allen, Elijah9720861833Captain Baskerville
Allen, Elijah16222071834Captain Baskerville
Allen, Elijah16223171835Captain Baskerville
Allen, Elijah15424731836District No 12
Allen, Elijah15426171837District No 12
Allen, Elizabeth4711807Captain McMurry
Allen, Elizabeth18021031833Captain Davis
Allen, Frank030331870District No. 4
Allen, G W3 lots25631837District No 5
Allen, G W2 lots25871838District No 5
Allen, G W1 lot29571865District No. 5
Allen, G W3 lots28291868District No. 11
Allen, G W2 lots30391870District No. 5
Allen, G W & B F1 lot29571865District No. 5
Allen, G W & B F1 lot30391870District No. 5
Allen, G Webb36030411867District No. 13
Allen, Geo W22351834Captain Gray
Allen, George W6 lots24171836District No 5
Allen, George W3 lots25571837District No 5
Allen, Grant21101833Captain Gray
Allen, Henery4411807Captain Baker
Allen, J C25871838District No 5
Allen, J F25871838District No 5
Allen, J S25871838District No 5
Allen, James H12927601856District No. 8
Allen, James W20021321833Captain Jackson
Allen, Jas64 1/249918088th District
Allen, Jas64528051868District No. 8
Allen, Jas P030391870District No. 5
Allen, Joesph col030271867District No. 5
Allen, John3605291809Captain McCall
Allen, John6431810Captain McCall
Allen, John7171811Captain McCall
Allen, John1567951812Captain Cook
Allen, John8421812Captain McCall
Allen, John1569251813Captain Cook
Allen, John19551813Captain McMurry
Allen, John10010411815Captain McMurry
Allen, John15610671815Captain Key
Allen, John11211816Captain Dobbins
Allen, John11831816Captain Vinson
Allen, John10012211817Captain Dobbins
Allen, John88013921820
Allen, John14761823Captain McCraw
Allen, John88017311827Captain Vinson
Allen, John88019091830Captain Hamilton
Allen, John028781849District No. 17
Allen, John029571865District No. 5
Allen, John & Gwin, Saml64019091830Captain Hamilton
Allen, John col027851868District No. 4
Allen, John col030371870District No. 4
Allen, John D1 lot28291868District No. 11
Allen, John R40029151869District No. 7
Allen, L P23221835Captain Boyle
Allen, Lewis1 lot27291856District No. 1
Allen, Luke22111834Captain Boyle
Allen, Luke P19311830Captain Peterson
Allen, Luke P20891833Captain Rickman
Allen, Luke P24811836District No 13
Allen, Luke P26261837District No 13
Allen, M S027971856District No. 14
Allen, Mrs Richard32030331870District No. 4
Allen, Ormon704281802Captain Whitsitt
Allen, Porter4671807Captain McCall
Allen, Porter7171811Captain McCall
Allen, Porter8611812Captain Sholders
Allen, Porter10461815Captain McCall
Allen, Rachel11831816Captain Vinson
Allen, Rhoad7010731815Captain Wallace
Allen, Rhodam6061810Captain Baker
Allen, Rhodam7471811Captain Shoulders
Allen, Rhodam Senr709871813Captain Wallass
Allen, Rhodeham Jr508611812Captain Sholders
Allen, Rhodeham Sr708621812Captain Sholders
Allen, Rhodham703771802Captain Black
Allen, Rhodham8651812Captain Sholders
Allen, Rhodham Sr8651812Captain Sholders
Allen, Rhody706061810Captain Baker
Allen, Rhody707471811Captain Shoulders
Allen, Rhody7011881816Captain Wallace
Allen, Richard3871802Captain Brownen
Allen, Richard4711807Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard5491809Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard6511810Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard7251811Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard8451812Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard9551813Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard10411815Captain McMurry
Allen, Richard11211816Captain Dobbins
Allen, Richard12211817Captain Dobbins
Allen, Richard36115901825Captain McNeal
Allen, Richard31116811827Captain Key
Allen, Richard dec38727791868District No. 4
Allen, Richard W5022141834Captain Boyle
Allen, Richard W5024731836District No 12
Allen, Richard W5026171837District No 12
Allen, Richd31113261820Captain Fleming
Allen, Richd36114801823Captain McMurrey
Allen, Richd decd est26024731836District No 12
Allen, Robert0.5 lot12951817
Allen, Robert20013591820Captain Rhoads
Allen, Robert20014831823Captain Martin
Allen, Robert20015911825Captain Martin
Allen, Robert18211829Captain Robertson
Allen, Robert19251830Captain Key
Allen, Robert20481831Captain Keys
Allen, Robert24731836District No 12
Allen, Robert2 lots27291856District No. 1
Allen, Robt17517031827Captain Marlin
Allen, Robt21091833Captain Gray
Allen, Samuel2004711807Captain McMurry
Allen, Samuel25331836District No 20
Allen, Sarah15018221829Captain Robertson
Allen, Shelt027511868District No. 1
Allen, Sher…, Administrator4671807Captain McCall
Allen, Susan5028491856District No. 18
Allen, Susan5029931865District No. 18
Allen, Susan5028811868District No. 18
Allen, Theophilius1004401807Captain Baker
Allen, Thomas col030371870District No. 4
Allen, Thos & Allen, John1015471825Captain Glover
Allen, Washington S17621829Captain Carr
Allen, Willaim407201811Captain McCall
Allen, William3871802Captain Brownen
Allen, William4711807Captain McMurry
Allen, William1715301809Captain McCall
Allen, William5491809Captain McMurry
Allen, William406431810Captain McCall
Allen, William6511810Captain McMurry
Allen, William6871811Captain Barrot
Allen, William8421812Captain McCall
Allen, William8451812Captain McMurry
Allen, William9551813Captain McMurry
Allen, William11461816Captain Lauderdale
Allen, William18013261820Captain Fleming
Allen, William13731820Captain Winham
Allen, William18014801823Captain McMurrey
Allen, William18016051825Captain Robertson
Allen, William5016841827Captain Key
Allen, william18018091829Captain Key
Allen, William5018731830Captain Byrn
Allen, William18019251830Captain Key
Allen, William18020481831Captain Keys
Allen, William5022071834Captain Baskerville
Allen, William5023171835Captain Baskerville
Allen, William5024731836District No 12
Allen, William5026171837District No 12
Allen, William15428781849District No. 17
Allen, Wm7251811Captain McMurry
Allen, Wm10411815Captain McMurry
Allen, Wm15012211817Captain Dobbins
Allen, Wm C24491836District No 8
Allen, Wm W24491836District No 8
Allexander, Danl30010001815Captain Alexander
Allexander, James10531111870District No. 17
Allexander, Richard8591811Captain Seual
Allexander, Richd36210001815Captain Alexander
Allexander, Wm60010001815Captain Alexander
Alley, Benj6431810Captain McCall
Alley, Benj.2005311809Captain McCall
Alley, Benjamen809471813Captain McCall
Alley, Benjamin6991811Captain Bradley
Alley, Daniel12916731827Captain Joiner
Alley, Dicey10026671837District No 18
Alley, Dicy10022411834Captain Hodges
Alley, Dicy10023551835Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Feelding22531834Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Fielding21481833Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Fielding5326671837District No 18
Alley, Fielding5228781849District No. 17
Alley, Fielding61.2529171862District No. 17
Alley, Joseph9471813Captain McCall
Alley, Josihh6491810Captain McCall
Alley, Neeling6231111870District No. 17
Alley, Peter8011812Listed by John Cryer
Alley, Peter10731815Captain Wallace
Alley, Peter11871816Captain Wallace
Alley, Peter12871817Captain Winham
Alley, Sam8001812Listed by John Cryer
Alley, Saml14622531834Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Saml15423551835Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Samuel6431810Captain McCall
Alley, Samuel6991811Captain Bradley
Alley, Samuel9311813Captain Crocket
Alley, Samuel9615761825Captain McCraw
Alley, Samuel14618841830Captain Duffer
Alley, Samuel21420571831Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Samuel21421481833Captain McGlothlin
Alley, samuel25291836District No 20
Alley, Samuel Jnr8014271823Captain Brown
Alley, Samuel Jur12011501816Captain Mason
Alley, Samuel Senr10131815Captain Crockett
Alley, Samul8015261825Captain Brown
Alley, Tho8011812Listed by John Cryer
Alley, Thomas6431810Captain McCall
Alley, Thomas26671837District No 18
Alley, Willis11501816Captain Mason
Alley, Willis20561831Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Willis21481833Captain McGlothlin
Alley, Willis22531834Captain McGlothlin
Allgood, ?028511868District No. 11
Allgood, Elie col030271867District No. 5
Allgood, Frank col030271867District No. 5
Allgood, Rolin1 lot30391870District No. 5
Allin William19771831Captain Allin
Allin, Alford23101835Captain Orman
Allin, Daniel5531809Captain Montgomery
Allin, Daniel12925991837District No 8
Allin, Danul12911531816Captain Montgomery
Allin, David6601810Captain Montgomery
Allin, J & Gwin, Saml64015471825Captain Glover
Allin, John10013311820
Allin, John88015471825Captain Glover
Allin, John88018381829
Allin, John36019771831Captain Allin
Allin, John66021551833Captain Ormand
Allin, John & Gwin, Samuel64018381829
Allin, Luke P18381829
Allin, Robt12911817
Allin, Rody704411807Captain Baker
Allin, Rody7012871817Captain Winham
Allin, William18016971827Captain McNeil
Allin, William17111827Captain Safforence
Allis?, Ashley505511809Captain Mickbarey
Allison, Andrew5391809Captain Geo Black
Allison, Andrew6951811Captain Black
Allison, Andrew9011812Captain William Alexander
Allison, Andrew9131813Captain Alexander
Allison, Andw6091810Captain Black
Allison, John R39627971868District No. 7
Allison, L B031111870District No. 17
Allison, Robert342?27971868District No. 7
Allison, William6406231810Captain Charlton
Allison, William6409211813Captain Blythe
Allison, William64010071815Captain Blythe
Allison, William by Jas Clindening6405331809Captain Charlton
Allison, Wm & J Denning?6404131802Captain Neelie
Allison, Wm, by Jas Clindening6404551807Captain Charlton
Alliston, John col030271867District No. 5
Allright, Lewis22018301829Captain Turner
Allright, William18301829Captain Turner
Allsup, Daniel12331817Captain Henderson
Allsup, David11061816Captain Alderson
Allsup, David12331817Captain Henderson
Allsup, David5017661829Captain Davis
Allsup, David5018861830Captain Duffer
Allsup, David5020231831Captain Duffer
Allsup, David5021051833Captain Gilliam
Allsup, Jeremiah5029851865District No. 15
Ally, Able16171825Captain Wallace
Ally, Benjmon6012391817Captain Hodge
Ally, Dicy10025171836District No 18
Ally, E H029571865District No. 5
Ally, Fielding5325171836District No 18
Ally, Jackson25071836District No 17
Ally, Jackson26591837District No 17
Ally, Joseph7201811Captain McCall
Ally, Saml8016471827Captain Brown
Ally, Saml8018171829Captain McCullough
Ally, Samuel97.514761823Captain McCraw
Ally, Samuel9616391827Captain Alderson
Ally, Samuel8019331830Captain McCullough
Ally, Samul8011671816Captain Sarver
Ally, Samul8012391817Captain Hodge
Ally, Samul cenr12012401817Captain Hodge
Ally, Willis12401817Captain Hodge
Almach, Joseph4042?8001812Listed by John Cryer
Alo ?, James22011833
Alois, Martha1007411811Captain Seawell
Aloist, Edmund18426471837District No 15
Aloris, Shadrack5171809Captain I. Baker
Alridge, Isom027431856District No. 3
Alridge, William M027431856District No. 3
Alsop, Daniel21414311823Captain Davis
Alsop, Daniel21414341823Captain Davis
Alsop, David5014311823Captain Davis
Alsop, David5014341823Captain Davis
Alsop, David5023371835Captain Gilliam
Alsup, Daniel11413811820Captain Davis
Alsup, Daniel decd21415441825Captain Gilliam
Alsup, David8691812Captain Simpson
Alsup, David8951812Captain Simpson
Alsup, David9771813Captain Simpson
Alsup, David9951815Captain Alderson
Alsup, David3013811820Captain Davis
Alsup, David10015441825Captain Gilliam
Alsup, David5022291834Captain Gilliam
Alsup, David5024971836District No 15
Alsup, David5026471837District No 15
Alsup, J R028181856District No. 15
Alsup, Jeremiah22301834Captain Gilliam
Alsup, Jeremiah5024971836District No 15
Alsup, Jerry15028181856District No. 15
Alsup, John8951812Captain Simpson
Alsup, Martha5028181856District No. 15
Alsup, Thomas030991870District No. 15
Alsup,Thomas029781865District No. 13
Alunton, Stephen7341811Captain Preston
Alves, Edmon5921511833Captain Meador
Alves, Edmond5918221829Captain Robertson
Alves, Shaderick6061810Captain Baker
Alves, Shadrick7471811Captain Shoulders
Alvice, Abraham20031831Captain Brown
Alvie, Abraham5018771830Captain Carr
Alvies, Edmund5917031827Captain Marlin
Alvis, Abraham5521809Captain Mickbarey
Alvis, Abraham6931811Captain Blakemore
Alvis, Abram19991831Captain Brown
Alvis, Ashley304441807Captain Ball
Alvis, Ashley10011651816Captain Seawell
Alvis, Ashley10012631817Captain Seawell
Alvis, Carrol W24971836District No 15
Alvis, David24811836District No 13
Alvis, Edmon5521809Captain Mickbarey
Alvis, Edmon18823731835Captain Peters
Alvis, Edmond5915911825Captain Martin
Alvis, Edmond5922591834Captain Pyles
Alvis, Edmund19924971836District No 15
Alvis, Edward14831823Captain Martin
Alvis, Martha506551810Captain McKleberrey
Alvis, Martha1008811812Captain Sowell
Alvis, Martha1009671813Captain Seawell
Alvis, Martha10010631815Captain Seawell
Amber, Israel5019021830Captain Green
Ambros, Isreal405651809Captain Rawling?
Ambros, Z(?)5014951823Captain Rutherford
Ambrose, Israel436671810Captain Payton
Ambrose, Israel8111812Captain D Green
Ambrose, Israel508151812Captain David Green
Ambrose, Israel5010261815Captain Green
Ambrose, Israel5011531816Captain Montgomery
Ambrose, Israel5012271817Captain Ferrell
Ambrose, Israel5013221820Captain Ferrell
Ambrose, Israel5014041822Captain Ferrell
Ambrose, Israel5020291831Captain Green
Ambrose, Israel10024371836District No 7
Ambrose, Israel7025931837District No 7
Ambrose, Joseph25871838District No 5
Ambrose, William25931837District No 7
Ambrose, Wm24371836District No 7
Ambrose?, Isn….3951802Captain Green
Ambrus, Eseral5015711825Captain McCain
Ambrus, Israel507091811Captain Green
Ambrus, Israel509431813Captain Green
Anday, Betsey10012601817Captain Sarver
Andersin, James G10015971825Captain Parnell
Andersom, Doct John61024131836District No 4
Anderson heirs12417471826Captain McNeil
Anderson Jr, P W029851865District No. 15
Anderson Senr, James10028491856District No. 18
Anderson, (?)32011481816Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, A H228491856District No. 18
Anderson, Alexander5184231802Captain Vinson
Anderson, And10028181856District No. 15
Anderson, Andrew10029851865District No. 15
Anderson, Andrew10028691868District No. 15
Anderson, Andrew029111869District No. 6
Anderson, Ann13019511830Captain Tinnen
Anderson, B John16511131816Captain Anderson
Anderson, B John12412371817Captain Hodge
Anderson, B John12913311820
Anderson, B William13012371817Captain Hodge
Anderson, C Wiliam59212371817Captain Hodge
Anderson, C William3426231810Captain Charlton
Anderson, D R028181856District No. 15
Anderson, Daniel19204251802
Anderson, Daniel, Ben Searcy, Agt6404671807Captain McCall
Anderson, Daniel, Ben Searcy, Agt6404671807Captain McCall
Anderson, Daniel, Ben Searcy, Agt6404671807Captain McCall
Anderson, Daniel, Ben Searcy, Agt6404671807Captain McCall
Anderson, Daniel, Ben Searcy, Agt6404671807Captain McCall
Anderson, David030391870District No. 5
Anderson, Ed32412221817Captain Dobbins
Anderson, Elijah24531836District No 9
Anderson, Elijah26031837District No 9
Anderson, Eliza630121866District No. 5
Anderson, Eliza col1230391870District No. 5
Anderson, G M60021111833Captain Gray
Anderson, George2006371810Captain Cowden
Anderson, George W10029401869District No. 16
Anderson, George W10031281870District No. 16
Anderson, Gorge7004371807Captain Anderson
Anderson, Gorge2005371809Captain Cowden
Anderson, H F22341834Captain Gray
Anderson, H F24171836District No 5
Anderson, H F438.52898?District No. ?
Anderson, H F38127871868District No. 6
Anderson, H F38429111869District No. 6
Anderson, Haley32010071815Captain Blythe
Anderson, Hoby3209581813Captain McMurry
Anderson, Isaac15671825Captain Lawrey
Anderson, Isaac17221827Captain Thompson
Anderson, Isaac col629571865District No. 5
Anderson, J A029611869District No. 19
Anderson, J E029781865District No. 13
Anderson, J F02898?District No. ?
Anderson, J H5629851865District No. 15
Anderson, J K4028181856District No. 15
Anderson, J K5828691868District No. 15
Anderson, J M028491856District No. 18
Anderson, J M229931865District No. 18
Anderson, J M228811868District No. 18
Anderson, Jacob11618271829Captain Rasco
Anderson, Jacob col030271867District No. 5
Anderson, Jacob col030391870District No. 5
Anderson, James7181811Captain McCall
Anderson, James8391812Captain McCall
Anderson, James8411812Captain McCall
Anderson, James9471813Captain McCall
Anderson, James10451815Captain McCall
Anderson, James58.7511831816Captain Vinson
Anderson, James58.7512731817Captain Vinson
Anderson, James58.7513771820Captain Vinson
Anderson, James10015031823Captain Turner
Anderson, James206.516391827Captain Alderson
Anderson, James10019551830Captain Turner
Anderson, James10020361831Captain Turner
Anderson, James10021721833Captain Turner
Anderson, James21751833Captain Walton
Anderson, James10022801834Captain Turner
Anderson, James10023421835Captain Groves
Anderson, James10025291836District No 20
Anderson, James10025331836District No 20
Anderson, James33029931865District No. 18
Anderson, James10028811868District No. 18
Anderson, James E20851833Captain Baskerville
Anderson, Jas4028181856District No. 15
Anderson, Jas C030951870District No. 14
Anderson, Jno M Doctor61022341834Captain Gray
Anderson, John1305491809Captain McMurry
Anderson, John1306511810Captain McMurry
Anderson, John1007251811Captain McMurry
Anderson, John1308451812Captain McMurry
Anderson, John1309551813Captain McMurry
Anderson, John14571823Captain Glover
Anderson, John9015471825Captain Glover
Anderson, John517471826Captain McNeil
Anderson, John028581856District No. 19
Anderson, John029381862District No. 19
Anderson, John B16510411815Captain McMurry
Anderson, John B12314801823Captain McMurrey
Anderson, John B16121825Captain Tompkins
Anderson, John B516991827Captain McNeil
Anderson, John Sr.5473871802Captain Brownen
Anderson, John Sr.3871802Captain Brownen
Anderson, Joohn1304711807Captain McMurry
Anderson, Lemmy13014811823Captain McMurrey
Anderson, Lemuel13013311820
Anderson, Lijay22891834Captain Watkins
Anderson, Mary1608451812Captain McMurry
Anderson, Mary16512371817Captain Hodge
Anderson, Mary16013311820
Anderson, Mary16014801823Captain McMurrey
Anderson, Mary16016121825Captain Tompkins
Anderson, Mary16017471826Captain McNeil
Anderson, Mary16016991827Captain McNeil
Anderson, Mary13020661831Captain Rascoe
Anderson, Mary15026171837District No 12
Anderson, Mathew2644171802Captain Snoddy
Anderson, Mathew8030991870District No. 15
Anderson, Matthew1004921807Captain Wells
Anderson, Matthew4921807Captain Wells
Anderson, Matthew5271809Captain Bridger
Anderson, Matthew1006991811Captain Bradley
Anderson, Matthew Junr6201810Captain Bradley
Anderson, Matthew Senr1006201810Captain Bradley
Anderson, Matthew Sr.1005271809Captain Bridger
Anderson, Mebandr14015471825Captain Glover
Anderson, Mebane14013771820Captain Vinson
Anderson, Mebane19771831Captain Allin
Anderson, Mebane21571833Captain Ormand
Anderson, Mibane14014571823Captain Glover
Anderson, Mrs E1 lot25871838District No 5
Anderson, Neary13021121833Captain Gray
Anderson, P W3528181856District No. 15
Anderson, P W030951870District No. 14
Anderson, P. William1004251802
Anderson, Phebe4307181811Captain McCall
Anderson, Phebe34111831816Captain Vinson
Anderson, Phebe34112731817Captain Vinson
Anderson, Phebe20013771820Captain Vinson
Anderson, Phebe10021571833Captain Ormand
Anderson, Phebey4006431810Captain McCall
Anderson, Pheby4008391812Captain McCall
Anderson, Pheby4009471813Captain McCall
Anderson, Pheby20014571823Captain Glover
Anderson, Pheby11015471825Captain Glover
Anderson, Pheby10019771831Captain Allin
Anderson, Pheeby40010451815Captain McCall
Anderson, Philip4005321809Captain McCall
Anderson, Phoebe4004671807Captain McCall
Anderson, Phoebe10017311827Captain Vinson
Anderson, Pleasant13011131816Captain Anderson
Anderson, Pleasant5020361831Captain Turner
Anderson, Pleasant5022451834Captain Jackson
Anderson, Pleasant H5021731833Captain Turner
Anderson, Pleny21031833Captain Davis
Anderson, Plesent13010411815Captain McMurry
Anderson, Pliney19381830Captain Daniels
Anderson, Pliney23291835Captain Bryson
Anderson, Pliney24811836District No 13
Anderson, Pliney L26261837District No 13
Anderson, Pliny16441827Captain Blakemore
Anderson, Pliny17981829Captain Haines
Anderson, Plyna L22211834Captain Bryson
Anderson, Polly13019511830Captain Tinnen
Anderson, Polly13022341834Captain Gray
Anderson, Robert3871802Captain Brownen
Anderson, Robert1604711807Captain McMurry
Anderson, Robert1605491809Captain McMurry
Anderson, Robert1606511810Captain McMurry
Anderson, Robert1607251811Captain McMurry
Anderson, Robert13731820Captain Winham
Anderson, Robert18371829Captain Vinson
Anderson, Robert19231830Captain Joyner
Anderson, S R24701836District No 11
Anderson, S R1 lot25871838District No 5
Anderson, S R & C25871838District No 5
Anderson, Sam R18601830Captain Anderson
Anderson, Sam R25631837District No 5
Anderson, Saml R17521829Captain Anderson
Anderson, Saml R19861831Captain Anderson
Anderson, saml R25571837District No 5
Anderson, Samuel1847131811Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel1848281812Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel8311812Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel1849651813Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel18410371815Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel13411431816Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel13412861817Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Samuel R17201827Captain Thompson
Anderson, Samuel R21291833Captain Ireland
Anderson, Samuel R22491834Captain Kirk
Anderson, Samuel R23501835Captain Kirk
Anderson, Sarah13012371817Captain Hodge
Anderson, Sarah13016121825Captain Tompkins
Anderson, Sarah13019511830Captain Tinnen
Anderson, Sarah13019891831Captain Baskerville
Anderson, Sarah13020851833Captain Baskerville
Anderson, Sarah13022091834Captain Baskerville
Anderson, Stephen1604921807Captain Wells
Anderson, Stephen1655271809Captain Bridger
Anderson, Stephen1656201810Captain Bradley
Anderson, Stephen1646991811Captain Bradley
Anderson, Stinson17471826Captain McNeil
Anderson, Stinson H14811823Captain McMurrey
Anderson, T C10018371829Captain Vinson
Anderson, T C10019091830Captain Hamilton
Anderson, T H028811868District No. 18
Anderson, Thomas4231802Captain Vinson
Anderson, Thomas1504671807Captain McCall
Anderson, Thomas1508391812Captain McCall
Anderson, Thomas8411812Captain McCall
Anderson, Thomas1509471813Captain McCall
Anderson, Thomas15010491815Captain McCall
Anderson, Thomas15011831816Captain Vinson
Anderson, Thomas15012731817Captain Vinson
Anderson, Thomas15013771820Captain Vinson
Anderson, Thomas15014571823Captain Glover
Anderson, Thomas25015471825Captain Glover
Anderson, Thomas35018371829Captain Vinson
Anderson, Thomas46219771831Captain Allin
Anderson, Thomas37221551833Captain Ormand
Anderson, Thomas37222571834Captain Ormands
Anderson, Thomas37223101835Captain Orman
Anderson, Thomas20024171836District No 5
Anderson, Thomas27525171836District No 18
Anderson, Thomas19025571837District No 5
Anderson, Thomas77526671837District No 18
Anderson, Thomas029931865District No. 18
Anderson, Thomas & Robb, J20015471825Captain Glover
Anderson, Thornton col030271867District No. 5
Anderson, Thos1505321809Captain McCall
Anderson, Thos2906431810Captain McCall
Anderson, Thos2907221811Captain McCall
Anderson, Thos45019091830Captain Hamilton
Anderson, Thos19025631837District No 5
Anderson, Thos C10022571834Captain Ormands
Anderson, Thos. R24131836District No 4
Anderson, T-McElwrath, Wm4017311827Captain Vinson
Anderson, W C029851865District No. 15
Anderson, W H10017311827Captain Vinson
Anderson, W.P & Overton, John1280415a1801
Anderson, Wiley8281812Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Wiley8311812Captain Lauderdale
Anderson, Will H8411812Captain McCall
Anderson, William3871802Captain Brownen
Anderson, William1304711807Captain McMurry
Anderson, William3374711807Captain McMurry
Anderson, William2355331809Captain Charlton
Anderson, William1005331809Captain Charlton
Anderson, William1305491809Captain McMurry
Anderson, William1806511810Captain McMurry
Anderson, William2357911812Captain Blythe
Anderson, William1308451812Captain McMurry
Anderson, William9051812
Anderson, William409471813Captain McCall
Anderson, William1309551813Captain McMurry
Anderson, William10461815Captain McCall
Anderson, William11301816Captain Green
Anderson, William12271817Captain Ferrell
Anderson, William b13011131816Captain Anderson
Anderson, William B13013311820
Anderson, William B13014811823Captain McMurrey
Anderson, William B13016121825Captain Tompkins
Anderson, William B13017471826Captain McNeil
Anderson, William C59611131816Captain Anderson
Anderson, William C35013311820
Anderson, William H8421812Captain McCall
Anderson, William H158.7513781820Captain Vinson
Anderson, William H10014571823Captain Glover
Anderson, William Jr9471813Captain McCall
Anderson, Wm2304131802Captain Neelie
Anderson, Wm1607251811Captain McMurry
Anderson, Wm10251815Captain Green
Anderson, Wm B13010411815Captain McMurry
Anderson, Wm C10411815Captain McMurry
Anderson, Wm C53210791815
Anderson, Wm C53210871815
Anderson, Wm H10891815
Anderson, Wm H58.7511831816Captain Vinson
Anderson, Wm H58.7512731817Captain Vinson
Anderson, Wm H10015471825Captain Glover
Anderson, Wm H10018371829Captain Vinson
Anderson, Wm H10019091830Captain Hamilton
Anderson, Wm H10019771831Captain Allin
Anderson, Wm H10021551833Captain Ormand
Anderson, Wm H & Co10791815
Anderson, Wm H & Co10891815
Anderson, Wm H & Co11831816Captain Vinson
Anderson, Wm H (?)12731817Captain Vinson
Anderson,Mary1609571813Captain McMurry
Anderson,Mary13024731836District No 12
Anderson. Thomas22017311827Captain Vinson
Andison, James10016551827Captain Douglass
Andreas, David7341811Captain Preston
Andrew Blythe & (?) Blythe23616121825Captain Tompkins
Andrews Jr, Robt027511868District No. 1
Andrews Jr, Robt029861870District No. 1
Andrews Sr, Robt1 lot27511868District No. 1
Andrews Sr, Robt1 lot29861870District No. 1
Andrews, B F027291856District No. 1
Andrews, Benj19381830Captain Daniels
Andrews, Benj F029861870District No. 1
Andrews, David8521812Captain Preston
Andrews, David9601813Captain Preston
Andrews, David10561815Captain Preston
Andrews, J A1 lot27291856District No. 1
Andrews, J A8727611868District No. 2
Andrews, J L027291856District No. 1
Andrews, James13831820Captain Walton
Andrews, James18891830Captain Duffer
Andrews, James19731831Captain Alexander
Andrews, James C K22851834Captain Walton
Andrews, Jas A170 & 3 lots27511868District No. 1
Andrews, Jas A2 lots29861870District No. 1
Andrews, Jno col027581868District No. 1
Andrews, Jno D029861870District No. 1
Andrews, R W027291856District No. 1
Andrews, R W31 & 1 lot27511868District No. 1
Andrews, Robert027291856District No. 1
Andrews, Robt W31 & 1 lot29861870District No. 1
Andrews, W F1 lot27291856District No. 1
Andrews, Wm25371837District No 1
Andrews, Wm027291856District No. 1
Andrews, Wm F1 lot27511868District No. 1
Andrews, Wm F1 lot29861870District No. 1
Angel, Andrew33.7513111820Captain Bates
Angel, Andrew33.7513191820Captain Bate
Angel, Birton20029401869District No. 16
Angel, Burton8828181856District No. 15
Angel, Burton10031281870District No. 16
Angel, C T20730991870District No. 15
Angel, Charles17528691868District No. 15
Angel, E H30029401869District No. 16
Angel, E H30031281870District No. 16
Angel, G L B10028181856District No. 15
Angel, George est7528691868District No. 15
Angel, George heirs7530991870District No. 15
Angel, J H23028181856District No. 15
Angel, J W029401869District No. 16
Angel, J W031281870District No. 16
Angel, John5331809Captain Charlton
Angel, M R13128691868District No. 15
Angel, Marcus F029401869District No. 16
Angel, Marcus F031281870District No. 16
Angel, Marcus guar029401869District No. 16
Angel, Robert11528181856District No. 15
Angel, Robert15528691868District No. 15
Angel, Robert15530991870District No. 15
Angel, Sarah E32028691868District No. 15
Angel, Sarah E17230991870District No. 15
Angel, William10828691868District No. 15
Angel, William6830991870District No. 15
Angel, Wm W8028181856District No. 15
Angell, Walthall13341820Captain Horsley
Angle, J F027791856District No. 12
Anglea, Andrew6614981823Captain Taylor
Anglea, Andrew6315221825Captain Branham
Anglea, Andrew16771827Captain Jordan
Anglea, Andrew18011829Captain Jordan
Anglea, Andrew19171830Captain Jordan
Anglea, Andrew20521831Captain McDaniel
Anglea, Andrew24091836District No 3
Anglea, Andrew25451837District No 3
Anglea, C T17529851865District No. 15
Anglea, D B027711868District No. 3
Anglea, D B92.630021870District No. 2
Anglea, J M4730131870District No. 3
Anglea, James14531823Captain Giles
Anglea, James15211825Captain Branham
Anglea, James16771827Captain Jordan
Anglea, James18011829Captain Jordan
Anglea, James19171830Captain Jordan
Anglea, James20511831Captain McDaniel
Anglea, James22831834Captain Taylor
Anglea, James24091836District No 3
Anglea, James25451837District No 3
Anglea, James030021870District No. 2
Anglea, Jas M027711868District No. 3
Anglea, Jno7119171830Captain Jordan
Anglea, John3514531823Captain Giles
Anglea, John7517231827Captain Turner
Anglea, John7118021829Captain Jordan
Anglea, John20521831Captain McDaniel
Anglea, Mrs Mary7524091836District No 3
Anglea, Mrs Mary7525451837District No 3
Anglea, Susan3327611868District No. 2
Anglea, Susan3330021870District No. 2
Anglea, W R1.7527711868District No. 3
Anglea, W R130131870District No. 3
Anglea, Walten25441837District No 2
Anglea, Watthal24091836District No 3
Anglea, William R027431856District No. 3
Angles, Robert15529851865District No. 15
Angles, Sarah E31229851865District No. 15
Angles, Wm8029851865District No. 15
Anom, Joseph1527711856District No. 11
Anteney, Geen1878811812Captain Sowell
Anthoney, Henry T10022691834Captain Riden
Anthoney, Jean18610111815Captain Carr
Anthony & Ebanks4030121866District No. 5
Anthony & Eubanks4029571865District No. 5
Anthony & Eubanks4030391870District No. 5
Anthony, Ben col030271867District No. 5
Anthony, Elijah4611807Captain Lauderdale
Anthony, Elijah2005471809Captain Lauderdale
Anthony, Elijah2006791810Captain Alderson
Anthony, G J13027611868District No. 2
Anthony, Gean1879671813Captain Seawell
Anthony, Gean18713591820Captain Rhoads
Anthony, H J?30021870District No. 2
Anthony, Heneretta A17829401869District No. 16
Anthony, Heneretta A17831281870District No. 16
Anthony, Henry10019131830Captain Jackson
Anthony, Henry S10020411831Captain Jackson
Anthony, Henry S10021641833Captain Rider
Anthony, Henry S10023641835Captain Morris
Anthony, J G1 lot30391870District No. 5
Anthony, J W027611868District No. 2
Anthony, J W030021870District No. 2
Anthony, Jacob18714831823Captain Martin
Anthony, Jacob24515911825Captain Martin
Anthony, Jacob187.517031827Captain Marlin
Anthony, Jacob31817541829Captain Anderson
Anthony, Jacob31718611830Captain Anderson
Anthony, Jacob31721691833Captain Smith
Anthony, Jacob31722251834Captain Dickerson
Anthony, Jacob31824011836District No 2
Anthony, Jacob34825411837District No 2
Anthony, Jane187.511171816Captain Carr
Anthony, Jane11991816
Anthony, Jane187.512141817Captain Carr
Anthony, Jane5015921825Captain Martin
Anthony, Jos est2530111866District No. 5
Anthony, Joseph13831820Captain Walton
Anthony, Joseph J14831823Captain Martin
Anthony, Josiah13831820Captain Walton
Anthony, Josiah14391823Captain Donoho
Anthony, Josiah14831823Captain Martin
Anthony, Josiah18891830Captain Duffer
Anthony, Josiah23591835Captain Walton
Anthony, Josiah1 lot23971836District No 1
Anthony, Josiah10024011836District No 2
Anthony, Josiah1 lot25371837District No 1
Anthony, Josiah10025411837District No 2
Anthony, Jseph15391825Captain Duffer
Anthony, Mrs E T?30021870District No. 2
Anthony, Susen13411820Captain Hogan
Anthony, Suson10711815Captain Thompson
Anthony, W P22827611868District No. 2
Anthony, W T & J G22328291856District No. 16
Anthony, William11171816Captain Carr
Anthony, William B6601810Captain Montgomery
Anthony, William Banks5531809Captain Montgomery
Anthony, Wm B769a
Anthony, Wm B Estate11991816
Anthony, Wm col030391870District No. 5
Antoney, Wm B9841813Captain Thompson
Antony, Josiah17731829Captain Duffer
Antony, Josiah19731831Captain Alexander
Antony, Wm B8981812Captain Cantrell
Antony, Wm B9001812Captain Cantrell
Aplen, J F13028491856District No. 18
Aplin, J F13029931865District No. 18
Apple, Wilson col030391870District No. 5
Apples, Wilson col030271867District No. 5
Applin, William21721833Captain Turner
Appling, J L13028811868District No. 18
Arbuthnol, Frances27412691817Captain Swainey
Arbuthnol, Ranuz27411731816Captain Swainey
Arbuthnot, Fanny2747911812Captain Blythe
Arbuthnot, Francis27410071815Captain Blythe
Arch, Eli col030271867District No. 5
Archamon, Thomas P2.529151869District No. 7
Arche, Hardy5527901856District No. 13
Archey, E030391870District No. 5
Archi(?) Co Murfee2747351811Captain Preston
Ares, Thomas24961836District No 15
Armfield, Isaac8231812Captain Henry Hamilton
Armfield, Isaac11101816Captain Armfield
Armfield, J25014081823Captain Armfield
Armfield, J25014111823Captain Armfield
Armfield, Jno2706011810Captain Allen
Armfield, John277451811Captain Shaw
Armfield, John2708211812Captain Henry Hamilton
Armfield, John8231812Captain Henry Hamilton
Armfield, John2709451813Captain Hamilton
Armfield, John27010341815Captain Hamilton
Armfield, John17011101816Captain Armfield
Armfield, John22012101817Captain Armfield
Armfield, John27013091820Captain Armfield
Armfield, John27016091825Captain Smith
Armfield, John27017151827Captain Smith
Armfield, John27017941829Captain Guthrey
Armfield, John27019051830Captain Guthrie
Armfield, John27020341831Captain Guthrey
Armfield, John027511856District No. 7
Armfield, John dec27021321833Captain Jackson
Armfield, Robt25631837District No 5
Armistead, Jno T029111869District No. 6
Armon, David1204701807Captain McCall
Armstron, Mathew2921171833Captain Hollis
Armstrong, A C16441827Captain Blakemore
Armstrong, A C1 lot26971844District No 4
Armstrong, A E23161835Captain Bell
Armstrong, Arch2827611868District No. 2
Armstrong, Archable8330021870District No. 2
Armstrong, Archd25491837District No 4
Armstrong, Archibald14531823Captain Giles
Armstrong, Archibald24131836District No 4
Armstrong, Elias028491856District No. 18
Armstrong, Elias028811868District No. 18
Armstrong, Eliz1329561865District No. 5
Armstrong, James030331870District No. 4
Armstrong, Jno027511868District No. 1
Armstrong, Jo029711865District No. 10
Armstrong, Joseph?27971868District No. 7
Armstrong, Joseph G027511856District No. 7
Armstrong, Joseph G2 lots29151869District No. 7
Armstrong, Josiah12527611868District No. 2
Armstrong, Josiah12530021870District No. 2
Armstrong, Kennady5731809Captain Walton
Armstrong, Liga1630121866District No. 5
Armstrong, M V027611868District No. 2
Armstrong, M V54.330021870District No. 2
Armstrong, Magdalen4711807Captain McMurry
Armstrong, Martin4204211802Captain Vinson
Armstrong, Martin2284211802Captain Vinson
Armstrong, Martin3004211802Captain Vinson
Armstrong, Martin10004211802Captain Vinson
Armstrong, Mathem10271815Captain Green
Armstrong, Mathew7101811Captain Green
Armstrong, Mathew12511817Captain Montgomery
Armstrong, Mathew2915331825Captain Dickey
Armstrong, Mathew2917271827Captain Vinson
Armstrong, Mathew2917951829Captain Guthrey
Armstrong, Mathew2919611830Captain Vinsin
Armstrong, Mathew2920731831Captain Vinson
Armstrong, Mathew2923281835Captain Brigance
Armstrong, Mathew2924591836District No 10
Armstrong, Mathew2926121837District No 10
Armstrong, Matthew5671809Captain Rawling?
Armstrong, Matthew6681810Captain Payton
Armstrong, Matthew11301816Captain Green
Armstrong, Matthew13871820Captain Watkins
Armstrong, Matthew14041822Captain Ferrell
Armstrong, Matthew2514351823Captain Dickey
Armstrong, Matthew2922171834Captain Briggance
Armstrong, N B5627611868District No. 2
Armstrong, Robert23171835Captain Baskerville
Armstrong, Robert57.7527711856District No. 11
Armstrong, T L17228491856District No. 18
Armstrong, T L17229931865District No. 18
Armstrong, T L17228811868District No. 18
Armstrong, Tenus10016991827Captain McNeil
Armstrong, Thomas12018131829Captain Lovell
Armstrong, Thomas12019071830Captain Guthrie
Armstrong, Thomas12822791834Captain Turner
Armstrong, Thomas12025291836District No 20
Armstrong, Thomas12025331836District No 20
Armstrong, Thomas L12020391831Captain Guthrey
Armstrong, Thos L12016491827Captain Brown
Armstrong, Thos L12026771837District No 20
Armstrong, William L12320391831Captain Guthrey
Armstrong, Wm L12014071823Captain Armfield
Armstrong, Wm L12014111823Captain Armfield
Armstrong, Wm L12015971825Captain Parnell
Armstrong, Wm L12016491827Captain Brown
Armstrong, Wm L12018131829Captain Lovell
Armstrong, Wm L12019051830Captain Guthrie
Arnmstrong, Thos L12022021833
Arno, Josiah14801823Captain McMurrey
Arnol, Ebeneser6422931834Captain Wilkerson
Arnold, E6418701830Captain Butler
Arnold, E6420151831Captain Butler
Arnold, E6421951833Captain Wilkerson
Arnold, Ebenezar13221820Captain Ferrell
Arnold, Ebenezar14671823Captain Kirkpatrick
Arnold, Ebenezer14041822Captain Ferrell
Arnold, Ebenezer15591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Arnold, Ebenezer6422391834Captain Green
Arnold, Ebenezer6425931837District No 7
Arnold, Ebinezer6416601827Captain Dunn
Arnold, Ebinezer6424371836District No 7
Arnold, Eligah23541835Captain McGlothlin
Arnold, Elijah21711833Captain Turner
Arnold, Elijah22781834Captain Turner
Arnold, Elincezer6417781829Captain Dunn
Arnold, H T53027791868District No. 4
Arnold, H T53330331870District No. 4
Arnold, James5021711833Captain Turner
Arnold, T R53329011869District No. 4
Arrenton, John12522781834Captain Turner
Arrington, Bengemin9171813Captain Blackemon
Arrinton, Benjamin10051815Captain Blakemore
Aruana, ?uray4217201827Captain Thompson
As ? , William15020411831Captain Jackson
Asbly, John Sen16414881823Captain Meador
Asbly, William2014881823Captain Meador
Asby, John7571811Captain Straton
Ascue, John3026031837District No 9
Ascue, Washington26031837District No 9
Ascum, Abr'4603811802
Ascum, Wm3811802
Asecu, Allen8611812Captain Sholders
Asecu, James758611812Captain Sholders
Ash?, George48823431835Captain Groves
Ashbach, Philip8271812Captain Lauderdale
Ashford Sr, Demsey7131111870District No. 17
Ashford, D15620601831Captain McCullough
Ashford, Demcy10015261825Captain Brown
Ashford, Demey15022761834Captain Spradling
Ashford, Dempcy10012871817Captain Winham
Ashford, Dempsey15019331830Captain McCullough
Ashford, Dempsey37026671837District No 18
Ashford, Dempsey28028781849District No. 17
Ashford, Dempsy10010601815Captain Sarver
Ashford, Dempsy10011361816Captain Harris
Ashford, Dempsy10014271823Captain Brown
Ashford, Dempsy20016471827Captain Brown
Ashford, Dempsy20018171829Captain McCullough
Ashford, Dempsy11021391833Captain McCullough
Ashford, Dempsy17729171862District No. 17
Ashford, Demsy15011681816Captain Gwin
Ashford, Demsy10013491820Captain Kirby
Ashford, Demsy17023341835Captain Granger
Ashford, Demsy37025171836District No 18
Ashford, J P43229171862District No. 17
Ashford, J P36231111870District No. 17
Ashford, Joseph26671837District No 18
Ashford, Joseph P25171836District No 18
Ashford, Josiah P22628391856District No. 17
Ashford, Josiah P20028781849District No. 17
Ashford,Dimcy17028391856District No. 17
Ashlock, Isaac13027791856District No. 12
Ashlock, Isaac M10029781865District No. 13
Ashlock, Isaac M10030411867District No. 13
Ashlock, James8311812Captain Lauderdale
Ashlock, Philip8311812Captain Lauderdale
Ashlock, Phillip26171837District No 12
Ashue, John2112511817Captain Montgomery
Ashy, John4331802Captain Alderson
Aska, John13026971844District No 4
Askew028691868District No. 15
Askew, Alen9871813Captain Wallass
Askew, Allen8651812Captain Sholders
Askew, Allen12751817Captain Vinson
Askew, Elisha14671823Captain Kirkpatrick
Askew, Elisha15591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Askew, James756061810Captain Baker
Askew, James756991811Captain Bradley
Askew, James7471811Captain Shoulders
Askew, James8651812Captain Sholders
Askew, John9801813Captain Stratton
Askew, John2114671823Captain Kirkpatrick
Askew, John2115591825Captain Kirkpatrick
Askew, John2116631827Captain Frazor
Askew, John2117811829Captain Frazor
Askew, John3819811831Captain Andrews
Askew, John27120251831Captain Frazor
Askew, John12225491837District No 4
Askew, Leonard0.7515101823Captain Wallace
Askew, William635771809Captain Watkins
Askew, William62.56601810Captain Montgomery
Askew, William15016631827Captain Frazor
Askew, William heirs15017811829Captain Frazor
Askew, Wm heirs15020251831Captain Frazor
Askew?, John5531809Captain Montgomery
Askey, John2113871820Captain Watkins
Askey, John2120991833Captain Clindining
Askey, John8122891834Captain Watkins
Askey, John2123891835Captain Watkins
Askey, John3024531836District No 9
Askey, John heirs8030691870District No. 9
Askey, Polly8028171868District No. 10
Askey, Washington22891834Captain Watkins
Askey, Washington23891835Captain Watkins
Askey, Washington24531836District No 9
Askey, William028171868District No. 10
Askey, William030691870District No. 9
Asky, John8831812Captain Straton
Asm?yd, Mathew8051812Captain Edward
Aspby, John1649631813Captain Lauderdale
Aspey, James5204541807Captain Charlton
Aspey, James5206291810Captain Cook
Asplay, John18412831817Captain Lauderdale
Aspley, F M & H R229851865District No. 15
Aspley, Hugh030411867District No. 13
Aspley, James48010671815Captain Key
Aspley, John1648281812Captain Lauderdale
Aspley, John8311812Captain Lauderdale
Aspley, John16410381815Captain Lauderdale
Aspley, John18411451816Captain Lauderdale
Aspley, John22413281820Captain Fleming
Aspley, John10022111834Captain Boyle
Aspley, Samuel5422111834Captain Boyle
Aspley, Samuel10823211835Captain Boyle
Aspley, Samuel5024811836District No 13
Aspley, Samuel5026261837District No 13
Aspley, William8311812Captain Lauderdale
Aspley, William8022111834Captain Boyle
Aspley, William12424811836District No 13
Aspley, William12426261837District No 13
Aspley, Wm12423211835Captain Boyle
Aspley,John1147131811Captain Lauderdale
Asply, Jno10021011833Captain Davis
Asply, John1144611807Captain Lauderdale
Asply, John1145471809Captain Lauderdale
Asply, John1146391810Captain Lauderdale
Asply, John14851823Captain Meador
Asply, John16416051825Captain Robertson
Asply, John16416811827Captain Key
Asply, John10018091829Captain Key
Asply, John10019251830Captain Key
Asply, John10020471831Captain Keys
Asply, Samuel16051825Captain Robertson
Asply, Samuel16811827Captain Key
Asply, Samuel5018091829Captain Key
Asply, Samuel19251830Captain Key
Asply, Samuel20471831Captain Keys
Asply, Samuel5421011833Captain Davis
Asply, William6016051825Captain Robertson
Asply, William7016811827Captain Key
Asply, William13019251830Captain Key
Asply, William16020471831Captain Keys
Asply, William8021011833Captain Davis
Asply, Wm8018091829Captain Key
Aspy, Alexander4041802Captain Hankin
Aspy, James6804131802Captain Neelie
Aspy, John03741802
Aspy, John4131802Captain Neelie
Assman, Vogal029571865District No. 5
Asten, Thos35012291817Captain Harris
Astine, Vallentine189.2525031836District No 16
Atchenson, Adam12291817Captain Harris
Atchenson, John13561820Captain Ross
Atchenson, Nathan3012291817Captain Harris
Atchenson, Peter22612291817Captain Harris
Atchenson, William12291817Captain Harris
Atchenson, Willis12291817Captain Harris
Atcherson, John18841830Captain Duffer
Atcherson, John21481833Captain McGlothlin
Atcherson, Nathen9371813Captain Graves
Atcherson, Petter42213561820Captain Ross
Atcherson, William9381813Captain Graves
Atchesion, Nathen7291811Captain Moore
Atcheson, Adam1707291811Captain Moore
Atcheson, Adam10011521816Captain Mason
Atcheson, Adam13561820Captain Ross
Atcheson, B F029381862District No. 19
Atcheson, J G029451862District No. 19
Atcheson, John22551834Captain McGlothlin
Atcheson, John23541835Captain McGlothlin
Atcheson, Nathen13551820Captain Ross
Atcheson, Peter1747291811Captain Moore
Atcheson, Wash029381862District No. 19
Atcheson, William7291811Captain Moore
Atcheson, William13551820Captain Ross
Atcheson, Willis7301811Captain Moore
Atcheson, Willis10013561820Captain Ross
Atchesson, B F028291856District No. 16
Atchesson, Nathan028291856District No. 16
Atchison, Adam10010221815Captain Gilbert
Atchison, B F7429611869District No. 19
Atchison, D W2829611869District No. 19
Atchison, John25071836District No 17
Atchison, John26591837District No 17
Atchison, Nathan3014551823Captain Gwin
Atchison, Nathan029401869District No. 16
Atchison, Nathan031281870District No. 16
Atchison, Peter1748071812Captain Groves
Atchison, Susan10026591837District No 17
Atchison, Willis10015751825Captain McCraw
Atchon, Nathan11341816Captain Harris
Atchon, Rubin22611341816Captain Harris
Atchon, William11341816Captain Harris
Atchon, Willis11341816Captain Harris
Atchor, Adam3006661810Captain Moore
Atchor, Nathon6661810Captain Moore
Atchor, Peter1746661810Captain Moore
Atchor, Wm6661810Captain Moore
Atchson, Axasu8191812Captain Grooves
Atchson, Nathan8191812Captain Grooves
Atchson, Petr8191812Captain Grooves
Atchson, Wilber8191812Captain Grooves
Atchson, Wm8191812Captain Grooves
Atehor, Adam5441809Captain Greer's old
Atehor, Peator1745441809Captain Greer's old
Atehor, Wm5441809Captain Greer's old
Ates, John col030271867District No. 5
Athens, Isaac4005451809Captain Greer's old
Athens, Isaac4006661810Captain Moore
Atheson, Adam2004801807Captain Mithel?
Atheson, Adam3005571809Captain Moor
Atheson, Nathan4801807Captain Mithel?
Atheson, Nathan5571809Captain Moor
Atheson, Peter1744801807Captain Mithel?
Atheson, Peter1705571809Captain Moor
Atheson, William4801807Captain Mithel?
Atheson, William5571809Captain Moor
Athison, Nathon10311815Captain Harris
Athison, Peter17410311815Captain Harris
Atkerson, William3.7529781865District No. 13
Atkinson, Wm24961836District No 15
Atkinson, Wm26391837District No 14
Atkison, William23751835Captain Peters
Atterson, Thomas21181833Captain Hollis
Atwood, James9816991827Captain McNeil
Augusta College600016471827Captain Brown
Augusta College443019571830Captain Turner
Augusta College443023491835Captain Kirk
Augusta College50501819Kentucky Lands
Aukerman, Jacob1005371809Captain Cowden
Ausborn, Benjamin F3329401869District No. 16
Ausbroocks, William7715811825Captain McGlothlin
Ausbrook, Wm W12018651830Captain Brizendine
Ausbrooks Jr, W C20831111870District No. 17
Ausbrooks Sr, W C20831111870District No. 17
Ausbrooks, ?2016891827Captain McGlothlin
Ausbrooks, ? C10028391856District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Asa028391856District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Asa029171862District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Asa A028781849District No. 17
Ausbrooks, B H11231111870District No. 17
Ausbrooks, C A33631111870District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Daniel10329781865District No. 13
Ausbrooks, Danl P15330411867District No. 13
Ausbrooks, L G27528391856District No. 17
Ausbrooks, P H10029171862District No. 17
Ausbrooks, P M10028391856District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Pleasant H15028781849District No. 17
Ausbrooks, S G35229171862District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Sandy G22528781849District No. 17
Ausbrooks, W C10029171862District No. 17
Ausbrooks, W W30028391856District No. 17
Ausbrooks, W W38229171862District No. 17
Ausbrooks, W W16231111870District No. 17
Ausbrooks, William W3214491823Captain Freeland
Ausbrooks, William W12022431834Captain Hodges
Ausbrooks, William W30028781849District No. 17
Ausbrooks, Wm12023701835Captain Perdue
Ausbrooks, Wm W16321826Captain McGlothlin
Ausbrooks, Wm W12017581829Captain Brizenden
Ausbrooks, Wm W12020071831Captain Brizendine
Ausbrooks, Wm W12025171836District No 18
Ausbrooks, Wm W17026671837District No 18
Ausburn, Benjamin F3.531281870District No. 16
Aust, Joseph26021481833Captain McGlothlin
Aust, Joseph22561834Captain McGlothlin
Aust, Joseph21022791834Captain Turner
Aust, Joseph26023411835Captain Groves
Aust, Joseph26025291836District No 20
Aust, Joseph26025331836District No 20
Aust, Joseph22526771837District No 20
Austen Jr, James029381862District No. 19
Austen Sr, James029381862District No. 19
Austen Thomas51825331836District No 20
Austen, Allen029381862District No. 19
Austen, Allen33029451862District No. 19
Austen, Ashley18731830Captain Byrn
Austen, Ashley20961833Captain Bryson
Austen, Dickeson029381862District No. 19
Austen, Dickeson26029451862District No. 19
Austen, Henrey18021451833Captain McDaniels
Austen, Henry10013191820Captain Bate
Austen, Henry12826971844District No 4
Austen, John029381862District No. 19
Austen, John23029451862District No. 19
Austen, Saml029381862District No. 19
Austen, Saml35029451862District No. 19
Austen, Thos15029451862District No. 19
Austen, Valentine14016051825Captain Robertson
Austen, Valentine9018091829Captain Key
Austen, W W029381862District No. 19
Austen, W W029451862District No. 19
Austen, William19412861817Captain Lauderdale
Austen, William35016051825Captain Robertson
Austen, William34618091829Captain Key
Austin John17025331836District No 20
Austin, Allen33028581856District No. 19
Austin, Allen25029611869District No. 19
Austin, Asby23291835Captain Bryson
Austin, Ashley22211834Captain Bryson
Austin, Ashley24811836District No 13
Austin, Ashley10025411837District No 2
Austin, Ashley L20181831Captain Byrn
Austin, D D26029611869District No. 19
Austin, David S23291835Captain Bryson
Austin, David S24811836District No 13
Austin, Dicerson51026771837District No 20
Austin, Dickenson52022791834Captain Turner
Austin, Dickerson51023421835Captain Groves
Austin, dickerson51025291836District No 20
Austin, Dickerson51025331836District No 20
Austin, Dickerson26028581856District No. 19
Austin, Dickinson52021721833Captain Turner
Austin, Dickison16351827Captain Bradley
Austin, Dickson14561823Captain Gwin
Austin, E F36329781865District No. 13
Austin, E F36330411867District No. 13
Austin, Egg16029851865District No. 15
Austin, Eggleston15021011833Captain Davis
Austin, Eggleston20024811836District No 13
Austin, Eggleston23526261837District No 13
Austin, Eggleston46527901856District No. 13
Austin, Eggleston F15531825Captain Haynie
Austin, Eggleston F13022111834Captain Boyle
Austin, Eglesten10023221835Captain Boyle
Austin, Egleston028691868District No. 15
Austin, Egleston16030991870District No. 15
Austin, F col027751868District No. 3
Austin, Fleming24131836District No 4
Austin, Fleming25491837District No 4
Austin, Fleming26971844District No 4
Austin, Fleming6027431856District No. 3
Austin, Fount030131870District No. 3
Austin, H M030391870District No. 5
Austin, H S029851865District No. 15
Austin, H S028691868District No. 15
Austin, H S9430991870District No. 15
Austin, Henery10012801817Captain White
Austin, Henry9211813Captain Blythe
Austin, Henry10011911816Captain White
Austin, Henry10013111820Captain Bates
Austin, Henry10015001823Captain Taylor
Austin, Henry10015531825Captain Haynie
Austin, Henry10016771827Captain Jordan
Austin, Henry10019171830Captain Jordan
Austin, Henry18019811831Captain Andrews
Austin, Henry13022151834Captain Bill
Austin, Henry10023151835Captain Bell
Austin, Henry12824131836District No 4
Austin, Henry12825491837District No 4
Austin, Henry029781865District No. 13
Austin, Henry030411867District No. 13
Austin, J T029611869District No. 19
Austin, Jackson20018151829Captain Lovell
Austin, James16019561830Captain Turner
Austin, James16020361831Captain Turner
Austin, James16021721833Captain Turner
Austin, James16022801834Captain Turner
Austin, James16023421835Captain Groves
Austin, James16025291836District No 20
Austin, James16025331836District No 20
Austin, James16026771837District No 20
Austin, James16029451862District No. 19
Austin, James16029611869District No. 19
Austin, Jas16028581856District No. 19
Austin, Jno A20029611869District No. 19
Austin, John16019561830Captain Turner
Austin, John16020361831Captain Turner
Austin, John16021721833Captain Turner
Austin, John16022801834Captain Turner
Austin, John17023421835Captain Groves
Austin, John17025291836District No 20
Austin, John11026771837District No 20
Austin, John23028581856District No. 19
Austin, John23029611869District No. 19
Austin, Jordan24131836District No 4
Austin, Jourdan25491837District No 4
Austin, L14021011833Captain Davis
Austin, Mrs Mary22827431856District No. 3
Austin, Samuel35728581856District No. 19
Austin, Theodore027901856District No. 13
Austin, Tho82015971825Captain Parnell
Austin, Thomas82013571820Captain Ross
Austin, Thomas82014561823Captain Gwin
Austin, Thomas82016301826Captain McGlothlin
Austin, Thomas84016351827Captain Bradley
Austin, Thomas83818151829Captain Lovell
Austin, Thomas51819561830Captain Turner
Austin, Thomas31820361831Captain Turner
Austin, Thomas51821721833Captain Turner
Austin, Thomas51822791834Captain Turner
Austin, Thomas51823421835Captain Groves
Austin, Thomas51825291836District No 20
Austin, Thomas51826771837District No 20
Austin, Thos15028581856District No. 19
Austin, V D9020471831Captain Keys
Austin, Valentine238.7522701834Captain Riden
Austin, Valentine238.7523631835Captain Morris
Austin, Valuntine9016811827Captain Key
Austin, Valuntine D9019251830Captain Key
Austin, Voluntine189.2526551837District No 16
Austin, Wilkerson18731830Captain Byrn
Austin, Wilkerson22231834Captain Bryson
Austin, Wilkerson26261837District No 13
Austin, Wilkerson D20181831Captain Byrn
Austin, Wilkerson D20961833Captain Bryson
Austin, Wilkerson D24811836District No 13
Austin, William30314881823Captain Meador
Austin, William30916811827Captain Key
Austin, William15819261830Captain Key
Austin, Wm & brother028581856District No. 19
Austin,William19410371815Captain Lauderdale
Auston Z, heirs5621521833Captain Meador
Auston, Thomas9211813Captain Blythe
Auston, W D23751835Captain Peters
Avaritt, A heirs027331856District No. 1
Avaritt, P S027331856District No. 1
Avent, Dolly5318251829Captain Rasco
Avent, Harbert5171809Captain I. Baker
Avent, Harbert6061810Captain Baker
Avent, Harbert7471811Captain Shoulders
Avent, Harbert1158611812Captain Sholders
Avent, Harbert1009871813Captain Wallass
Avent, Hasbert8651812Captain Sholders
Avent, John8611812Captain Sholders
Avent, John8651812Captain Sholders
Avent, William5171809Captain I. Baker
Avent, William1156061810Captain Baker
Avent, William1157471811Captain Shoulders
Avent, William1918611812Captain Sholders
Avent, William8651812Captain Sholders
Avent, William1919871813Captain Wallass
Avent, William10731815Captain Wallace
Avent, William11101816Captain Armfield
Avent, William1296b1817
Averet, Joel21751833Captain Walton
Averet, John25371837District No 1
Averet, McEntosh25371837District No 1
Averet, Peter16025371837District No 1
Averett & Bennett1 lot27291856District No. 1
Averett, Dick col030371870District No. 4
Averett, Joel19731831Captain Alexander
Averett, M?027291856District No. 1
Averett, Martha76.7527291856District No. 1
Averett, P T200 & 1 lot30331870District No. 4
Averett, Peter20027791868District No. 4
Averett, Richard13527291856District No. 1
Averett, T J1 lot27291856District No. 1
Averett's son1 lot27291856District No. 1
Averil, Washington409011812Captain William Alexander
Averit, Harry8001812Listed by John Cryer
Averitt & Bennett1 lot29861870District No. 1
Averitt Bennett & Head1 lot27511868District No. 1
Averitt, & Bennett1 lot27511868District No. 1
Averitt, C W029861870District No. 1
Averitt, Dick col027851868District No. 4
Averitt, Jas D1 lot27511868District No. 1
Averitt, Jas D1 lot29861870District No. 1
Averitt, Joel18891830Captain Duffer
Averitt, Mary23971836District No 1
Averitt, P J1 lot27511868District No. 1
Averitt, Peter16023571835Captain Walton
Averitt, Peter16023971836District No 1
Averitt, Peter20029011869District No. 4
Averitt, Peter J1 lot29861870District No. 1
Averitt, R22827511868District No. 1
Averitt, Richd228 & 1 lot29861870District No. 1
Averitt, Washington18891830Captain Duffer
Avery, Henry027971868District No. 7
Avery, Henry029151869District No. 7
Avery, Washington17731829Captain Duffer
Avirson, Joseph25871838District No 5
Avist, Herbert77.57171811Captain McCall
Avritt, Washington6091810Captain Black
Awsbrook, Wm W12021221833Captain Hodges
Axum, Jo2528291868District No. 11
Ayer, Hartin W. by David Shelby, Agt.20005321809Captain Charlton
Ayers, Eliza027791868District No. 4
Ayers, Hartwell20007221811Captain McCall
Ayers, Hartwell135011991816
Ayers, Hartwell80024971836District No 15
Ayers, Hartwelle200010811815
Ayers, Luny027791868District No. 4
Ayers, W M dec027791868District No. 4
Ayres, Eliza1 lot30331870District No. 4
Ayres, Lunyan1 lot30331870District No. 4
Ayres, W H1 lot30331870District No. 4
Ayrs, Eliza029011869District No. 4
Ayrs, H029011869District No. 4
Ayrs, Mrs Lunyan029011869District No. 4

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